Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stephen

Today Stephen turned 39. I'm sitting here shaking my head thinking THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. I still remember the day they placed this cute little guy in my arms. It was a difficult time in my life--raising him alone was going to be a challenge, but I knew I could do it.

So here are a few pictures of him through the years.

Stephen was quite athletic and I have always been a bit of a tomboy--I loved sports growing up, so it was great for me when he took such a liking to every sport. I watched the end of "The Rookie" last night and sat there crying when I thought of all my years of Little League. Such great memories of Little League with this young man. I was the scorekeeper for every team he played on--it kept me from being one of those crazy mom's on the field ; )

Kind of fitting that he would play on the Montreal Expos ; )

And then he played on the Dodgers!!!!

He played soccer for a few years.

He was 12 when Allan and I got married. He was so happy.

He also enjoyed skiing--but on one ski trip dislocated his shoulder.

In high school he played football and ran track. Daphne was a cheerleader.

Stephen and Daphne got married a few months before he graduated from high school.

One of my favorite pictures of Stephen and Brent.

I love this picture of these three guys--taken right around Father's Day 1989.

Stephen graduated from U of Missouri in May 94.

At Wendy and Tony's Wedding September 1994

The kids always love having time in the pool so whenever we got together we had to make sure there was a pool. Kiah getting her floaties on so she can swim with her dad.

Family in 1998

Shortly after Hannah was born in 2000.

Drew's blessing May 2005.

Jason's high school graduation June 2006.

The day of the sealing in Hawaii, 2006.

Kiah's high school Graudation June 2008

Our trip to Hawaii last July.

At Grandma's burial in Reno last month.

SIDENOTE #1--EXPLANATION OF THE SIGNAL ON MY LAST POST--the red light is for turning left. So, no, you DO NOT STOP and look and then go--unless you want to be rear-ended!!!! As I mentioned, IT IS VERY CONFUSING.

SIDENOTE #2--I just talked to Wendy and she is doing fine after her surgery. She's home. This is another one of those--I wish I lived closer times.

SIDENOTE #3--I survived the workshop today. Tried to show the Mormon Messages "I Hope You Know We Had a Hard Time", but couldn't figure out how to hook my Mac to the projector. (That's why the phone call, Neal ; ) Turned out the classes were small enough that just using the Mac worked.

See you all soon--I'm taking a break. I feel like I need to re-group.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Some "Lasts"

I have to post something FIRST--by far, my FAVORITE and one of the most confusing traffic light you'll ever see. The first time I saw this I WAS SO CONFUSED.

Now for my "lasts"--

1) Wednesday we had our last lunch here in Winnipeg with our MP and his wife. They will be heading home the end of June after serving here for 3 years. It has been wonderful spending time with them. It's nice to know it really wasn't goodbye because we will see them again when we make trips to Utah.

2) Last night I attended my last band concert. When the school principal commented that "some of you parents may shed a tear or two because this is your Grade 12 student's last concert", Allan's blackberry buzzed--Kyle's message, "Try and hold back the tears".

By the way, at that concert, Kyle was awarded the Grade 12 award for Jazz Band.

Think he was a little surprised ; )

3) Yesterday I bought what I would like to think was my LAST cell phone--Yes, I lost another one. (At least my last one while I'm tied into my current contract) When we were in Texas I "think" I left mine in a restaurant. BTW, would anyone like to join me in a fight with cell phone companies for what they charge for texting--especially when you are a Canadian visiting in the U.S. (It would be cheaper for me to make calls than text--A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER.

4) Today is my "last" day of getting up for Seminary. I have been getting up for Seminary or making sure someone was up for the last ten years and (even before that when my older kids went to Seminary).

5) Also, today was my last day of TEACHING Seminary--I THINK. I really haven't made a final decision.

6) One thing's for sure--it was my last day of teaching this guy ; ((((( It has been so fun teaching him these past four years--he really is a great young man.

Sidenote #1: I'm trying to finish up my presentation for tomorrow's Single Adult Conference. I'm doing a workshop entitled "Being Anxiously Engaged". Sure hope it comes together.

Sidenote #2: Thinking a lot about Wendy today who is going into the hospital for back surgery. She has been in such pain--I'm hoping and praying that the surgery gives her some relief.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have hesitated doing this post because I just do not have many great pictures of the bride and groom. I love taking pictures, but when there is a professional photographer, it is tough because you NEVER want to interfere with their lighting or their photos. It's easy to get pictures of everyone else, but not very easy to get pictures of them.

I guess I should back up a little and talk about the weekend. The wedding rehearsal was early Friday evening. Chris and Heather had asked Allan to perform the wedding and he was so honored. The ceremony was to take place at a beautiful old Church in Frisco, Texas. (Shame on me for not getting pictures of the Church.) I did get this one, though, of the beautiful stained glass.

When we were all together in Utah for Grandma's funeral, Heather and Chris had spent time talking with Allan about what they wanted, and I have to say that they had everything pretty well laid out--and it was wonderful. On Friday night Allan didn't go through everything he was going to say, and I hope they were comfortable knowing Grandpa knew what he was doing.

There were 4 bridesmaids, 1 maid of honor, and 3 groomsmen and 2 guys who were each a best man--there is no way I'm going to grammatical butcher that!!!! Chris's nephew, Matthew, and his little brother, Garrett were ring bearers and they were adorable. Chris's niece, Abigail--who is such a beautiful little girl, was the flower girl.

We ran through walking down the aisle, the music, the unity candle, etc., twice. I think everyone was pretty confident that all would go off without any trouble.

We then headed for the Italian restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. It was a lovely meal and a lot of fun. A few people stood and made toasts to the bride and groom. The most touching for me was the sister of Chris's mom, Jennifer. She talked about how much she loved Chris and then how much Heather meant to her.

We took Wendy to Jennifer and Steve's around 10:00 because she was doing the hair of the bride and the bridesmaids--she also did a couple of other girl's hair as well. (Wish she had time TO DO MINE ; ((((((

We were at the Church at 4:30 and the wedding started at 5:30. The photographer was quite busy taking lots of pictures--of course, having my picture taken is right up there for me with gong to the dentist. I hate thinking I will ruin every group picture because I will blink--which makes me probably blink more. (People have given me every trick in the book and they don't help--I'm ready to use toothpicks)

When I was seated and realized my camera case (which had my kleenex) was in the back row, I knew I was in trouble, so it was a constant trying to fight back tears (tears of joy; )

The bridesmaids looked beautiful as they walked down being escorted by the handsome young men. Then came little Garrett and Matthew. Now, I am Garrett's grandma, so I have to gush a little here about how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE he was--need proof--CHECK THIS OUT.

When Heather walked down the aisle she looked so gorgeous (and poised--not the least bit nervous). Chris was fixed on her--and I couldn't help thinking of 27 dresses when both Katherine Heigel and James Marsden's characters comment on how their favorite part of the wedding is watching the groom look at the bride when she walks down the aisle. I had to bite my lip as I watched him look at her--it's the only thing that kept me from really crying.

I know he's my husband, but I thought Allan did a fantastic job. He amazes me--he never gets nervous. I know performing this marriage meant so much to him and yet he remained so composed. He gave great advice. It was a great ceremony.

Me, Wendy, Heidi, Amanda, Bev, and Macy.

We took pictures after and then headed for the reception. (We had a stop to make so we got there a little late (we missed the appetizers ; ( but we were there before the bride and groom. The Country Club where the reception was held was beautiful.

The dinner at the reception was amazing--Caesar salad, Tournedo of Beef and Sauteed Breast of Chicken, Bearnaise and Wild Mushroom Sauces, Asparagus, Mashed potatoes, and rolls. They had the cutest little candy table. (I should add here that Macy did a lot of the printing for a lot of the wedding and reception--programs, menus, name cards, etc. I wish you could see the beautiful job she did with the invitations. It was a tri-fold invitation with lots of pictures--it was very clever.

Dancing was a big part of the celebration.

I love this picture of Heather and the flower girl, Abigail.

A little cast on the foot isn't going to keep Heidi off the dance floor ; )

Never let it be said that Allan is a party pooper ; )

Here's a picture of the whole gang.

On Sunday we headed off to Church and then after breakfast went to Jennifer and Steve's for a barbeque. It was a great weekend.

Next up: Another wedding in July for these guys.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Special Treat

When I realized I would be heading to Texas for Chris and Heather's wedding (I should have a post ready on Tuesday ; ), I knew I had to do all I could to meet up with one of my favorite blogging buddies, txmommy. When we arrived and everything was so crazy busy I was a little worried. But fortunately for me, she had a Primary activity at the Dallas Temple on Saturday morning and we made arrangements to meet.

We had a wonderful time visiting. She is so sweet. I have always felt that if we lived in the same neighborhoods we would be friends. After meeting her, I really know how true that statement is. I would have loved to have had more time visiting, but I was grateful we did have the time we had. She commented on how nice it is to meet people and feel like you already know them--such a true statement.

I also got a chance to meet some of her children and her husband. They are a terrific family. The girls are beautiful and E is very handsome.

I also had a chance to meet one of txmommy's friends--nikko. I have seen her comments on a few blogs, so it was fun to meet her, too.

As we were driving back to the hotel, Allan asked if all of my blogging friends are as nice as those he has met--and I told him OF COURSE!!!!! I've mentioned before that each time he meets a blogging friend, he has a greater appreciation of why I love to blog and especially why it's so important for me to meet up with these women. Thank you.

SIDENOTE: The wedding was WONDERFUL. The bride looked gorgeous and the groom was so handsome. We had a blast at the reception. I'll write all about it in my post on Monday or Tuesday.