Friday, May 29, 2009

Some "Lasts"

I have to post something FIRST--by far, my FAVORITE and one of the most confusing traffic light you'll ever see. The first time I saw this I WAS SO CONFUSED.

Now for my "lasts"--

1) Wednesday we had our last lunch here in Winnipeg with our MP and his wife. They will be heading home the end of June after serving here for 3 years. It has been wonderful spending time with them. It's nice to know it really wasn't goodbye because we will see them again when we make trips to Utah.

2) Last night I attended my last band concert. When the school principal commented that "some of you parents may shed a tear or two because this is your Grade 12 student's last concert", Allan's blackberry buzzed--Kyle's message, "Try and hold back the tears".

By the way, at that concert, Kyle was awarded the Grade 12 award for Jazz Band.

Think he was a little surprised ; )

3) Yesterday I bought what I would like to think was my LAST cell phone--Yes, I lost another one. (At least my last one while I'm tied into my current contract) When we were in Texas I "think" I left mine in a restaurant. BTW, would anyone like to join me in a fight with cell phone companies for what they charge for texting--especially when you are a Canadian visiting in the U.S. (It would be cheaper for me to make calls than text--A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER.

4) Today is my "last" day of getting up for Seminary. I have been getting up for Seminary or making sure someone was up for the last ten years and (even before that when my older kids went to Seminary).

5) Also, today was my last day of TEACHING Seminary--I THINK. I really haven't made a final decision.

6) One thing's for sure--it was my last day of teaching this guy ; ((((( It has been so fun teaching him these past four years--he really is a great young man.

Sidenote #1: I'm trying to finish up my presentation for tomorrow's Single Adult Conference. I'm doing a workshop entitled "Being Anxiously Engaged". Sure hope it comes together.

Sidenote #2: Thinking a lot about Wendy today who is going into the hospital for back surgery. She has been in such pain--I'm hoping and praying that the surgery gives her some relief.


Melissa said...

Those are some good/sad lasts :) You've got some big changes going on! Probably exciting and scary all at the same time. Good luck with everything!!

Janice said...

wow, you have been busy with "lasts". Tell Wendy hello for me and happy recovery!:)

ShEiLa said...

That is a very confusing sign.

I am glad we don't get mixed messages like that one in the scriptures.

You really are having a lot of lasts. I hope this one is your last cell phone. Esp. the losing them part. Now if it wears out or its time for an upgrade... thats ok.


ps. back surgery doesn't sound fun... neither does back pain. I hope Wendy has a successful surgery.

Neal said...

Awesome post - way to go, Kyle!!

Lauren said...

Congrats to Kyle for the award! How awesome is that!

What phone did you end up buying?

JustRandi said...

Ok, that is the world's most confusing sign!

But to balance it out, that may be the world's cutest sweater. (With the mission president)

Where did you find it, and do you care if you have a long distance twin?

Magirk said...

Wow. What a list of lasts!

It sounds like you have/have had some changes going on. Changes are generally tough on me - I have a hard time adapting sometimes. But I'm sure you will weather changes so beautifully.

Congratulations to Kyle!

I'm curious what that sign means as well. ;-S

Best of luck on your Anxiously Engaged presentation! I wish I could sit through it. I have no doubt that you are a fabulous teacher, and I'm sure that anyone you've ever taught misses you (or will miss you!) greatly.

Tori :) said...

I loved the idea of this post. I know not teaching seminary anymore can be bittersweet. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you.

Natalie said...

Congrats to Kyle. Way to go!

Wish I could go to your class. I'm sure it will be great.

I think lasts are so hard.

Good luck to Wendy. Hope she recovers quickly.

Heffalump said...

Wow, you are about to be an empty nester!
I'm curious about that traffic light. I would interpret it as come to a stop, look for other traffic and then proceed if the way is clear, but I could be totally wrong!

Klin said...

Yvonne you are so amazing. I'd love to come to a class you were teaching.

I think that driving to seminary might be less enjoyable with out your sidekick and traveling partner. I'm pretty sure the other kids will love you as much.

Klin said...

One more thing. I'll keep Wendy in my prayers. Back surgery can be a blessing or a curse and I'm hoping for a blessing for her.

Nancy Face said...

What in the world are you supposed to do at that traffic light? :P

I cried at Ty and Lauren's last choir concerts! How awesome that Kyle earned that award...he looks great, too! :)

I hope Wendy's surgery went well and will make a difference for her.

Tonya said...

Alot of wonderful things coming to an end. I can't wait to see the post with all the new first you'll be heaing into.

That's so neat that you were able to teach your son for all those years.

Valerie said...

You were Kyle's seminary teacher all 4 years? That is very cool. What great memories you will have forever!
I'm sure all your seminary kids appreciate all the early mornings, all the scripture chases and donuts. Congratulations on completing the 4 years!
So, did you cry at the band concert? I'm sure I will... next year at the last choir concert.

Suzanne said...

Lasts can be so nostalgic! At least some of them were by choice!

chellie said...

That was a lot of good stuff! It could do you some good taking a break from teaching! I am amazed by how much you do.
I hope I don't lose any more cell phones either, 2 already this year is my limit. :)