Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have hesitated doing this post because I just do not have many great pictures of the bride and groom. I love taking pictures, but when there is a professional photographer, it is tough because you NEVER want to interfere with their lighting or their photos. It's easy to get pictures of everyone else, but not very easy to get pictures of them.

I guess I should back up a little and talk about the weekend. The wedding rehearsal was early Friday evening. Chris and Heather had asked Allan to perform the wedding and he was so honored. The ceremony was to take place at a beautiful old Church in Frisco, Texas. (Shame on me for not getting pictures of the Church.) I did get this one, though, of the beautiful stained glass.

When we were all together in Utah for Grandma's funeral, Heather and Chris had spent time talking with Allan about what they wanted, and I have to say that they had everything pretty well laid out--and it was wonderful. On Friday night Allan didn't go through everything he was going to say, and I hope they were comfortable knowing Grandpa knew what he was doing.

There were 4 bridesmaids, 1 maid of honor, and 3 groomsmen and 2 guys who were each a best man--there is no way I'm going to grammatical butcher that!!!! Chris's nephew, Matthew, and his little brother, Garrett were ring bearers and they were adorable. Chris's niece, Abigail--who is such a beautiful little girl, was the flower girl.

We ran through walking down the aisle, the music, the unity candle, etc., twice. I think everyone was pretty confident that all would go off without any trouble.

We then headed for the Italian restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. It was a lovely meal and a lot of fun. A few people stood and made toasts to the bride and groom. The most touching for me was the sister of Chris's mom, Jennifer. She talked about how much she loved Chris and then how much Heather meant to her.

We took Wendy to Jennifer and Steve's around 10:00 because she was doing the hair of the bride and the bridesmaids--she also did a couple of other girl's hair as well. (Wish she had time TO DO MINE ; ((((((

We were at the Church at 4:30 and the wedding started at 5:30. The photographer was quite busy taking lots of pictures--of course, having my picture taken is right up there for me with gong to the dentist. I hate thinking I will ruin every group picture because I will blink--which makes me probably blink more. (People have given me every trick in the book and they don't help--I'm ready to use toothpicks)

When I was seated and realized my camera case (which had my kleenex) was in the back row, I knew I was in trouble, so it was a constant trying to fight back tears (tears of joy; )

The bridesmaids looked beautiful as they walked down being escorted by the handsome young men. Then came little Garrett and Matthew. Now, I am Garrett's grandma, so I have to gush a little here about how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE he was--need proof--CHECK THIS OUT.

When Heather walked down the aisle she looked so gorgeous (and poised--not the least bit nervous). Chris was fixed on her--and I couldn't help thinking of 27 dresses when both Katherine Heigel and James Marsden's characters comment on how their favorite part of the wedding is watching the groom look at the bride when she walks down the aisle. I had to bite my lip as I watched him look at her--it's the only thing that kept me from really crying.

I know he's my husband, but I thought Allan did a fantastic job. He amazes me--he never gets nervous. I know performing this marriage meant so much to him and yet he remained so composed. He gave great advice. It was a great ceremony.

Me, Wendy, Heidi, Amanda, Bev, and Macy.

We took pictures after and then headed for the reception. (We had a stop to make so we got there a little late (we missed the appetizers ; ( but we were there before the bride and groom. The Country Club where the reception was held was beautiful.

The dinner at the reception was amazing--Caesar salad, Tournedo of Beef and Sauteed Breast of Chicken, Bearnaise and Wild Mushroom Sauces, Asparagus, Mashed potatoes, and rolls. They had the cutest little candy table. (I should add here that Macy did a lot of the printing for a lot of the wedding and reception--programs, menus, name cards, etc. I wish you could see the beautiful job she did with the invitations. It was a tri-fold invitation with lots of pictures--it was very clever.

Dancing was a big part of the celebration.

I love this picture of Heather and the flower girl, Abigail.

A little cast on the foot isn't going to keep Heidi off the dance floor ; )

Never let it be said that Allan is a party pooper ; )

Here's a picture of the whole gang.

On Sunday we headed off to Church and then after breakfast went to Jennifer and Steve's for a barbeque. It was a great weekend.

Next up: Another wedding in July for these guys.


Neal said...

Great post, Mom. It was a blast to have you guys there. Thank goodness we have great pictures from you...

ShEiLa said...

Yvonne it looks like it was a beautiful reception and quality family time.

It is hard when a professional photographer is taking photographs it does seem like interference but you do good.

I can't believe your Heidi was out there dancing... I guess she gonna live life to to fullest... just like her Momma.


Heffalump said...

It's so great that you will have these kinds of memories written down in your blog. I hope you are copying the posts and saving them somewhere as well!

Klin said...

This makes me look forward to our July wedding so much more. I'm just about to start ordering up a storm for the whole event. The planning is almost done. I just need to figure out table centerpieces.

Corrine said...

looks and sounds like a beautiful wedding, and how special for them to have Allen perform the service.

Chel said...

Very lovely! What a fantastic recap! Love all of the pictures and Heather is beautiful!

Natalie said...

Lovely wedding. Looks like everyone had so much fun.

Garrett is just adorable.

Can't believe Heidi dancing. She is such a pretty girl and I can tell that she has a great personality.

Dh has performed many a wedding too, just like Allan. At one point we had the Latin American branch integrated into our ward and quite a few couples got married just prior to being baptized.

TxMommy loved meeting both of you.

Nancy Face said...

I loved reading this post! You gave such fantastic details, and with the pictures, it all came to life! How wonderful that your sweet hubby performed the wedding! I'm glad you had such a great and memorable time! :)

aurora said...

What a lovely wedding!

I wish that I would have known that you were in DFW. I am here too and would have loved to met you!


Lauren said...

What the?! I commented yesterday and it must have not shown up. Anyway...I loved the recap. Everything looked so amazing!

sweetpea said...

What a beautiful wedding, and a lovely day overall. I love weddings!!

Janice said...

look at all these comments! looks like a great day. I'm just curious, but how did Allan get the honors? Is he a bishop or something to where he can? that's great though. I'[m hoping that our son Michael will want his dad to do it when he and his little catholic girlfriend get married in a year or two:) Did anyone get pictures of Jennifer and Steve? I haven't seen her in years!:)

Chelli said...

This post made me smile. Weddings are wonderful. And this one was especially so since Allan was able to perform the ceremony!!
Loved the picture of him dancing! Were you dancing with him?

JustRandi said...

It looks like it was wonderful! I wish I had your husband's talent for public speaking. I just CAN'T do it. Also I don't want to.

Tonya said...

Looks like it was a great wedding. The wedding cake was beautiful.

You grandson did look so adorable.

Suzanne said...

What a fun post to read! I LOVE wedding posts! Yvonne, it doesn't look like you blinked in any of the photos so all is good! And how funny that Heidi's cast was color coordinated for the wedding! The bride looks beautiful and it looks like it was a wonderful day for everyone! :)

annie said...

Love the pictures Yvonne!

PJ said...

I love all the dancing:)

Go Heidi, Go Heidi :D

Magirk said...

I just love weddings. :-)

This looks and sounds like such a lovely one.

Liam's Mom said...

WHAT A FABULOUS WEDDING! Looks like you guys had such a blast as a family. True your little Garrett is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!