Monday, June 8, 2009


I keep wondering when the weather is going to improve--tired of this cold and rainy stuff.

Saturday morning Kyle competed in the triple jump (LAST TRACK MEET)--his comment when it was over, "I guess yesterday was my day to shine." He placed 6th overall jumping 11.89 meters.

Came home after the track meet to finish up my talk for Saturday night's Seminary graduation. It was a wonderful evening. Kyle received his certificate for completing 4 years (AND SO DID I). Have finally decided this has been MY LAST YEAR. Too many unknowns to commit to another year.

After the graduation, they had a dance and Kyle was the DJ. He really enjoys doing that--it was his LAST YOUTH DANCE.

And last night was his last piano recital. He started piano when he was in Kindergarten--doing Music for Young Children. I considered calculating how much we have spent on lessons, but just decided whatever it was IT WAS WORTH IT. Mrs. N. has been his piano teacher for the past 5 years. We appreciate so much her encouragement and her work with him. She has been great. He played two pieces Brahms Intermezzo and Viva La Vida. I wish I could figure out how to transfer the video off my camera onto here so you could hear it--too bad Brent isn't closer, I know he could help me ; )

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Natalie said...

A time of "lasts". Bittersweet.
How well I know those feelings.
Kyle seems to be the most awesome young man and so handsome too. Lucky Mama to have such a son.:)

sweetpea said...

Wow--I agree with Natalie--"lasts" are usually very bittersweet.

Congrats on seminary graduation... to both of you!

txmommy said...

what an awesome shot of him jumping!!

I hope you get some warm weather soon :)

aurora said...

What an accomplished and handsome young man! Did I mention that I have a daughter or two?? :D

carolyne b said...

you're giving up seminary? you remind me of my first seminary teacher I ever had. brother john smith in regina sask. the best. when we studied the D&C i really felt I was there with brother joseph.

Lauren said...

Last year of seminary?

Congrats to Kyle on seminary graduation and the awesomeness of that track meet!

ShEiLa said...

The lasts are hard...
but he is headed for so many firsts.

I would love some cooler rainy weather... may get some today. I love rain.


Connie said...


Not sure how I got to your blog, but glad I did. My "Last" just graduated from high school and seminary this year! Your son seems to be very accomplished in music and sports! Good for him..and you!
Bittersweet is a good word for it.

Valerie said...

Kyle seems so accomplished in all he does. He is a good reflection of his parents.
It would be cool to hear his piano pieces!!
Congratulations on completing seminary.

Nancy Face said...

I've been known to cry during some of my kids' "lasts"! So many feelings to experience! I'm glad Kyle stayed with his lessons for so long...none of my kids did! ;)

Corrine said...

what a bittersweet time. Congrats on finishing seminary! need to catch up on more!

Suzanne said...

It must seem so strange to see all these lasts happening. You're definitely transitioning into a new part of life. But at least you'll get to sleep in next Fall! ;) Who am I kidding? You'll be doing something productive during that time, I am sure of it. :)

chellie said...

Kyle is so handsome! He is going to love going off to school!