Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Honor of Part IV...Sports

I figure I only have a couple of days left before Convocation to do these "In Honor Of" posts. Judging by the number of comments, it doesn't seem like people are enjoying them,, BUT I LOVE THEM. Kyle and most of the family doesn't read my blog, but one day I'll have these all bound in a book and I'm sure Kyle will enjoy looking at them. So, sorry, there will be a couple more.

Being a tomboy growing up has enabled me to ENJOY EACH AND EVERY SPORTING EVENT that my kids have participated in--as well as many games and meets where I've watched my grandchildren.

Kyle has enjoyed a lot of different sports--Here are some fun pictures:

--When you live in Winnipeg, there are not a lot of places to ski (other than the garbage dump. When Neal, Chris and Amanda came one Christmas, we went to a place out of town for the kids to ski.

Bowling--When the kids were little and we'd get together we'd go bowling. When we moved here and discovered 5 pin bowling, it was kind of fun.

Boxing--Well, kind of ; ) I couldn't resist.

Pool--Not sure it's a sport, but Kyle and his dad have played a few times.

Yes, swimming is a sport and Kyle has been a little fish ever since he was a little guy--well, except for that period of time when he had an incident in the pool and Brent "saved him". When we first moved here to Winnipeg all of the kids really missed the pool--I think they all realized pretty quickly that a pool here wouldn't get used quite as much as the pool in Cali.

He attended tennis camp at the end of grade 5.

Kyle played soccer for a number of years. I think THE REAL REASON he played was because he WANTED A TROPHY. In fact, as soon as the season was over, he turned to us and asked, "So, where's my trophy???"

Soccer picture 2000

His soccer career ended here, after a "friendly" game during lunch in Grade 7

He has a great love for basketball--face it you can't be a member of this family without playing basketball. Very few family gatherings haven't included a visit to the Church for a game or two. He started playing school basketball in 7th Grade, but didn't play the last couple of years of high school. (I REALLY MISSED IT ; (

Because of his great vertical leap he was encouraged to play volleyball and joined the school team in Grade 10. I loved to watch him play. Here are some favorite shots.

He and his dad had a great time when he participated in track and field--indoor and outdoor. Of course the highlight was winning lst this year in the Province in the long jump. This is not his winning jump, but one of them. video

One of the things Kyle loves to do that I ABSOLUTELY HATE is skateboarding. In fact, when we were in Hawaii last year, he wanted to go skateboarding. We found this place for him to skateboard.

And, obviously, he loved taking surfing lessons in Hawaii.

Sidenote #1: The dress for Trek is done (well, other than needing to be hemmed.

Sidenote #2: We're loving the new TV and must say not missing "The Treasure Box".


Neal said...

What's going on in that picture of Kyle and Brent - looks like boxing?

ShEiLa said...

Talk about an all around athelete.
I am so amazed... a little bit of everything.


Nancy Face said...

Really? Skiing at the garbage dump? HAHA! :D

Fun pictures! There's not a ton of sports talent in my family, so I can really appreciate it in others! :)

Yay for finishing your dress!

Natalie said...

I think the sports pictures are great. I always love watching my kids in whatever they're doing.
What a relief to have the dress done.

Lei said...

Such athelticism!!!!

Amber said...

Wow, he has done a bit of everything, hasn't he? I had a good chuckle of him getting carried off in a stretcher because that is something I would do. :-)

Connie said...

It's those "friendly" games that end in an accident. Did you get there in time to take the picture or did someone else take it for you? Just wondering about that tennis racket, either Kyle was super small or that racket is huge! :-)
How fun to think back on the activities of Kyle's life and post about them. I too hope to make a book from my blog.

Heffalump said...

I love these posts! I have just been not doing much on the net for the last week!

carolyne b said...

I am looking forward to trek and it appears that the weather is going to be great. somewhat cool,

Yvonne said...

neal: They were just playing around. Every time I look at their little faces in that picture, it makes me smile.

sheila: He does enjoy sports.

nancyface: you bet--no mountains here in Winnipeg ; )

The pics were so fun to put together.

I'm glad to have finished the dress.

natalie: It's always so great to watch the kids participate in anything--I have to admit, I do get nervous--whether they're playing or performing.

I'm happy to have the dress done--NOW I JUST HAVE TO PACK EVERYTHING IN MY LITTLE PAIL.

lei: He is a fun young man.

amber: He does enjoy sports.

Knock on wood, that's the only real injury he's ever had.

connie: Oh, there is a story behind that--the school called me and said, "Mrs. R., this is Charleswood Jr. High, the ambulance is on its way. We think Kyle has broken his leg." I told them later, it would have been better if they had started with, "We think Kyle has broken his leg..."

I live just a few minutes away from the school and was there right after it happened. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera so when I said, "Darn I don't have my camera", the principal said he had one and snapped the picture.

Regarding the tennis racket--that was just a racket on the wall at the tennis club.

heffalump: Thanks--I've had fun doing them.

carolynne: I'm looking forward to trek, too. Hope it doesn't get too cool.

Magirk said...

Wow! So accomplished, he is!

I'm the only person in my family who likes sports. So I get razzed for that quite a bit at gatherings.

But of course, it is ALL ABOUT sports in my husband's family. And they, too, can't have a gathering without basketball.

I think it's fun to play, and even watch some sports. It's good to promote using the body and keeping in good health.

(BTW, I think billiards is definitely a sport!) ;-)

Sheri said...

I love the action shots!! I think it is great to have a sports minded mom!! My kids just wish I would be quiet!!

Suzanne said...

LOL at the boxing stance and huge tennis racket! It looks like Kyle has been involved in a lot of sports! How fun to have all these memories. :)

Liam's Mom said...

What a great record of all his athletic work! I love that you got a shot of the paramedics with the soccer mishap. Wow, Yvonne! You are so good at documenting every detail. I love that about you!