Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Honor of Part V...THE GRADUATE

Today was Kyle's convocation--He has officially graduated.

As the last "In Honor of" post, I wanted to post some pictures of him with some of his family. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of him with EVERYONE.

Note to self: I need to get some pictures of Kyle with some of his other brothers and sisters. I do need to say that Kyle ABSOLUTELY LOVES his brothers Neal and Stephen. He his planning a trip to a concert in Chicago this summer and was saying he would LOVE it if Neal and Stephen could go. He has said when he grows up he wants to be a dad like both of them--in Kyle's mind, both of them are SO COOL.
I will have to post this picture of the kids with their dad at his 60th birthday in 2003.

One of my favorites of Kyle with his "Tank". This was taken at a Music for Young Children Performance in 1998.

Kyle and his "little" nephew, Chris, are good buddies. (I think this picture was taken after some kind of a bet on a ping pong game--there have been consequences for the loser that have involved going out barefoot in the snow--kissing the other one's feet, etc.) Kyle was sad he couldn't be there last month when Chris and Heather were married. He is looking forward to seeing Chris in a few weeks when Amanda gets married.

One of my favorite pictures of Kyle and his brother and nephews.

Heidi and Kyle have spent many hours on the basketball court together.

Kyle and his nephew, Drew, back in 2005.

This was taken the day Brent left to go to the MTC--Kyle grew quite a bit while Brent was gone. It will be so fun to have them both together at BYU.

Either he's teaching Garrett, or Garrett is teaching him, how to give one another a high-five.

This is one of my favorites of Kyle and Kiah--they are only 6 months apart in age. She is a real beauty and all of Kyle's friends wish she lived closer ; )

Kyle and his niece Hannah at Neal and Macy's wedding in 2005. Goodness, they both have grown up a lot since then.

Wendy is the official hairdresser (and make-up artist) in our family. Here she is doing the make-up for our family production of "The Ultimate Watch" filmed in Park City. (Oh such memories)

Kyle and Brandon had a great time parasailing in Hawaii--and taking surfing lessons together, too.

When we were at a family reunion three years ago, Kyle had a ball hanging out with these guys. He came back and talked about how much fun they had--he thinks Daphne (who is taking the picture) is so fun.

A favorite of Kyle and his grandpa. Kyle loves the fact that he knows his Grandpa was in Church the day he was blessed. It has always made him have a special connection with Grandpa R.

The last picture I have of Kyle with his Grandma--I can't tell you how glad I am that I have this picture.

I've decided I'm going to do a "Canadian stuff" giveaway, complete with Clodhoppers, Smarties, Maple Syrup, Ketchup chips, etc. (I even found a Canadian jigsaw puzzle that will help you all learn all those little provinces.) I'm going to post about it in a couple of days--maybe I'll do the post on the 4th of July ; )

Speaking of give-aways, my friend, Magirk, has opened an Etsy shop and is hosting a giveaway, so please go here and look at all the great things she has.


Heffalump said...

I think pictures, especially family pictures, are a great treasure.

Congratulations on Graduating Kyle! And congrats to you too Yvonne and to your husband for successfully raising your children!

Neal said...

I still can't believe the pic of Kyle and Brent before Brent's mission. That's a HUGE change.

I still think fondly of how good Kyle is with G-Man. It means a lot to me....

Connie said...

What great pictures of Kyle and your family! Congratulations to Kyle for being an official graduate!
Happy Canada Day! My good friend is from Canada. Whenever she goes there, she comes back with all kinds of fabulous chips! For treats she makes Nanaimo bars! YUM!

Lilac A. Rugg said...

Happy Canada Day tomorrow! Thanks for being such a great neighbor and not trying to invade us. ;)

The pictures were great, as always! I love learning more about your sweet family!

Tori :) said...

Congrats to Kyle!! I've enjoyed everyone of these posts!! YAY!!

Magirk said...

Congratulations to Kyle! What a wonderful occasion. :-)

I love all the photos here. It is always so fun to see the snapshots from your life and your families lives.

Good luck to Kyle as he embarks on the next phase of his life! (And you too???) ;-)

(And thanks for the Etsy plug.) ;-)

Whitney said...

Good job Kyle!!!!

Does that mean Smarties are from Canada?! I didn't know that! I love those things, I used to always have a bag on me in high school :)

Holly said...

Congratulations to Kyle. And Happy Canada Day!!

txmommy said...

yeah KylE!!!

sweetpea said...

Congrats Kyle!! I love family pictures--they capture such wonderful memories.

Valerie said...

Congratulations! Kyle seems to be such a great young man. Loved the family photos!! I have enjoyed your posts about him.

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!

Tonya said...

Congratulations Kyle!! The pictures are great!

Natalie said...

Congatulations to Kyle. He'such a handsome boy and so smart and talented.
Lucky Mom.
Great picture and fun memories.

Amber said...

Seeing that big maple leaf at the top of your post filled me with pride. Same as you must feel for Kyle!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on his official graduation! You've got so many great pictures, Yvonne! :)

PJ said...

Great pictures! Congrats to Kyle:)

Nancy Face said...

Congrats to your newest graduate! :)

Your family has done so many wonderful things together and made so many memories...what a treasure that is!