Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Honor of...Part II--Some of My Favorites

I just thought I would share some of my favorite Kyle memories. This is just a few of the things I remember about this great young man. He is very much like his dad--extremely neat and VERY organized. I NEVER have to tell him to clean his room and his car is always clean INSIDE AND OUT. I remember going shopping for school supplies with he and Heidi--Heidi and I headed to another department and by the time we came back he had EVERYTHING in the cart organized. I thought, "Oh, my goodness. This is like shopping with Allan."

One of the funniest things about Kyle was before he learned to walk he would jump ON HIS KNEES. I guess he was a jumper from an early age. We could never figure out WHY he would want to jump like that--IT HAD TO HURT.

When Kyle was quite young he had a fascination with SNAKES (fortunately for me, not real ones ; ). He loved the snake Jafar held in Aladdin. (In fact, he had a plastic one and he would hold it up and say SSSSSSSSSSSnake. It was hysterical. His fourth birthday was all about snakes.

Kyle began taking music shortly after we moved here and was involved in Music for Young Children for 3 years before he began taking piano lessons. He just seemed to love it so much--and still LOVES music today. He has a gift. In fact, today the piano tuner came to do his yearly work on the piano. After he left, Kyle came downstairs and fiddled on the piano and said, "Oh, great." I asked him what he was talking about and he said, "The b is still off." AS IF I'D EVER NOTICE!!!!For a number of years he played in the Pianothon to raise money for Variety Club. I always marvelled that he could play at the mall with people walking and talking all around--didn't seem to phase him.

Kyle wanted very badly to have a pet and enjoyed playing with Lady, our neighbor kids--S & B's dog. For a long time other than fish, we never had a pet-- so Kyle decided to improvise. He adopted a tadpole. You could catch him outside reading to it on the deck. He also decided a caterpillar would make a great pet--in the morning, he would go in the garage and take it for a walk.

For whatever reason, when he was young he was very serious and worried about EVERYTHING. I remember taking him downtown to see Santa Claus and when I parked the car he asked, "What if someone steals the car?" I said, "Kyle, no one is going to steal the car." He wasn't about to leave the car and go into the mall until I told him what we would do, so I had to make a plan, "If someone steals the car, we will call Daddy and he will come and get us."

I know I've mentioned this on my blog before, but this is still one of my favorite stories about Kyle. After our parents died, my sisters and I were raised by a couple named, Helen and Les, My younger kids never knew Helen, but to each of them Les was always "Grandpa Les". One day I was talking about Les, and Kyle said, "Wait a minute, you mean his name was "Les". I said yes and he said, "I always thought we just called him Grandpa "Less", because he wasn't really my Grandpa". It still makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Another favorite was a few years ago--before Seminary and my cupcake making days--we were talking about cake and Kyle mentioned how much he liked cake and I asked, "Would you like me to bake you a cake?" He said, "What? You know how to bake a cake?" And I said, "YES!!!" And he added, "With frosting?" I WAS SHOCKED. All those cakes I made when he was younger and he forgot. This is still one of my favorites that I made for his 3rd birthday. He also loved trains.

I love that Kyle loves his brothers and sisters so much. He is so looking forward to the Fall when he'll be closer to these guys again. Some days it's hard for me to think about them all being gone, but then I know they'll be there to watch out for each other.

He also loves his nieces and nephews. Many of them are older (AND MUCH BIGGER) than he is, but they all get along so well. This is one of my favorite pics of Kyle and Brandon.

I will NEVER forget the day Allan brought Kyle's car home--WAS HE EVER EXCITED!!!!

A couple of Sundays ago, I was in Relief Society and our R.S. President asked if anyone had any "Good News". (We do this every Sunday) I thought, heck why not--so I put my hand up and began, "On Friday we were at a track meet with Kyle...". All of a sudden I heard, "Oh, no!!!" I turned around--KYLE HAD COME INTO THE ROOM!!!! (He is our pianist for the hymn our R.S. choir is singing on Father's Day.) I was shocked but then said, "Sorry, Kyle." And proceeded to tell the Sisters about Kyle winning the Provincials for the long jump. Honestly, I don't think he minded.

He has been a delight to raise. Knock on wood, he hasn't really given us any grief. He loves his dad so much and calls him "Tank". (I think his friends do, too.) I know Kyle will miss me when he goes away to school, but I know he will REALLY miss his dad.

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Connie said...

What an awesome son Kyle must be! I had to laugh out loud about Granda Les and taking a caterpillar for a walk in the garage! Such fun memories. I'm sure you'll really miss him and he'll miss you. Does that mean you'll be empty nesters?

txmommy said...

i love all the memories!!
I can't imagine how you'll miss him when he goes to school.

Heffalump said...

What a fun look back on Kyle's life!

Neal said...

Loved the story about the caterpillar and tadpole!!!

ShEiLa said...

What a blessing children are... so many wonderful memories. Families are definitely where its at.


Natalie said...

I loved reading all the storis. What an awesome boy Kyle is. I know you will miss him. Let's not kid around. It will be hard.

One of my sons had unusual pets too. He had real snakes.:( He used to take his tarantula for a walk.

The pictures are wonderful.

carolyne b said...

hey Yvonne you were a women ahead of the times. The cake!! Ace of Cakes and Cake boss make cakes like your's.

JustRandi said...

Sweet memories. I'm so glad they'll have each other next year!

Liam's Mom said...

He is seriously remarkable! I am sure he loves this post!

Klin said...

I had so much fun reading your stories about Kyle. Maybe he and I will have to go to lunch when he gets here. I'll take him to Costa Vida if that's okay with his mom ;)

Tori :) said...

The tadpole and caterpillar pets had me ROLLING. That is sooooo Taj. I love it!!

Amber said...

"Tank"--what a great nickname. Laughing about the tadpole story too!

Tonya said...

Great stories and memories of a great kid. You are truly blessed.

Ashley said...

Kids really make life something special, don't they! It is wonderful to have the the great memories. I know it must be hard to let them move away, I kinda panic a bit just dropping them off at the "big" school. Kyle has so many talents, it is wonderful you all are so proud! My Sloane would LOVE a snake as a pet, maybe I can convince her a caterpillar would be just as wonderful.

Nancy Face said...

He calls his dad "Tank"? Haha, I LOVE it! :D

This was so fun and delightful to read! I just loved all the cute and funny stories! :)