Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Honor Of...Part III Friends

I think living in Winnipeg has really been the only place Kyle probably remembers living--although he has lived in Brampton, Ont., Reno, and Auburn. We moved here in Feb of 1996 when he was 4 1/2. He has always been a very friendly young man. He loves his friends and spends a great deal of time with them. He is not terribly outgoing so the move to BYU in the Fall will be tough, but he's a great young man and I know he'll adjust.

I have always loved that quite often our home is where the kids will hang out. I love having the house filled with kids--which will make September a real test. These neighbor kids moved away many years ago.

This is a group of guys when he was in Grade 4 or 5. He still hangs out with one of these young men today.

Last night was Kyle's Graduation dinner and Safe Grad. I went over to the park to take pictures of Kyle and his friends. I got some really great ones. Yes, his friend, GM, is wearing a kilt. He even piped the Safe Grad Committee into the graduation dinner. (When the guys graduated from Grade 6, GM piped them all into the cafeteria for the graduation--I LOVED IT.Many of these boys have been friends for years--and as we parents visited tonight we all commented to one another how grateful we are that all of these boys are such great young men. None of us have to worry about them.

GM picked them up in a 54 Cadi--THEY LOVED IT. No, they didn't have to push it.

We tried to do a fun pic of the guys in the car--but just couldn't get all of them to lean forward enough to get their faces through the window. This was the best I could do.

Did manage to get a picture of Allan, Kyle and me.

Here are some of the boys in a pic in 2003--that is R and then C, and Kyle, and M (who Kyle does not hang out with anymore)
and G

Here are these boys some 6 years later:

R who is such a great young man (Kyle has stayed with his family a few times when we've gone away on weekend trips--

Kyle with C--He is a very sweet young man who was one of the first to come and see Kyle when he broke his foot/leg.

And finally here he is with G. I told G I have a pic when these guys were young and G has a beanie baby on his shoulder--I said I should have brought the beanie baby for the picture. G , Kyle, and R have been friends since they all went to the same elementary school and had the same teacher in Grade 2

There was a point when these boys were over just about every Friday and Saturday night--quite often for a sleepover. I believe this was Grade 8

Many hours have been spent on the trampoline.

Grade 9 graduation dinner.

About a year and a half ago when they were all hat the house during lunch playing Apples to Apples.

Volleyball game last year, Kyle and G strategize or JUST RELAX.

Safe Grad is actually something I HATE. I think a Junior Prom and Senior Ball is much better. But, I'm not in charge, so instead each graduation we've had to deal with Safe Grad. There was a dinner (the food was good)--they had one dance for the parents with their graduate (to Israel K's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"--who in the heck picked that song???). Then all the parents left and the kids got to Party--and party they did. I don't usually stay up all night--well, I have insomnia quite often, but of course last night, I was dead tired and kept falling asleep while waiting until 2 a.m. to go pick Kyle up. All of the kids have to be picked up by a parent--so I was there like I was supposed to be at 2 a.m. I was glad that Kyle had a great time

This afternoon, some of the boys came over to jump

I have to admit, sometimes I worry when I look out and see THIS

By the way, we BIT THE BULLET. Kyle and his friends have "LOVINGLY" referred to our TV in the basement as "The Treasure Box"--which looked like this. I told Kyle that perhaps we should have a raffle and the prize could be The Treasure Box.

It has now been replaced by this: I NEVER thought I would be able to tell the difference between regular TV and HDTV. Ha--there is such a difference.

Sidenote: Happy 21st birthday to my grandson, Jason. Here he is with his favorite grandma ; ) I can say that because his other grandma doesn't read my blog.


Brent said...

Kyle is awesome. Congrats on him graduating.

By the way, the HDTV looks nice, and yes there is a big difference between HD and regular TV, it's awesome.

Natalie said...

What a great young man Kyle is. Congratulations on his graduation.

Love the pictures. Friends are the best.

Tonya said...

Kyle looks so handsome and the picture of all three of you is great.

I look forward to having kids over often as Blake gets older.

ShEiLa said...

Glad you got a new 'treasure box'.

I would not have upgraded... but that wonderful man I live with just had to have one.

I would not have gotten a DVD player either... at the time. But I am glad I have one now. [don't miss the rewind]

RE: friends.
They are the best! Kyle is lucky to have so many good ones. I especially love the light blue caddy.


Nancy Face said...

Fun, fun post! I love that '54 Cadi!

Connie said...

I'm sure Kyle will love going to BYU and you'll certainly have an empty house in September. (sigh)
So nice to have good friends...makes all the difference in the world! I would be a little nervous seeing the "athlete" jumping 100 feet in the air on the trampoline! Better up your homeowners insurance!
Congrats on your new TV!

Klin said...

Good friends are a treasure and those through the years are those we take with us forever.

I love these posts. Yvonne, Kyle is always welcome to come raid my fridge or whatever. Let me know when you are here to get him set up and I will make arrangements to meet him. I'm not his mom, but I am A mom. We gotta work together to help keep our kiddos safe and feeling part of something. Also, my mom works at BYU and I'm sure she would help him with anything he needs. She did teach me how to do what I do;)

Tori said...

"The Treasure Box" haha I LOVE IT!!

I want my house to be like yours- filled with all the kiddos. It was in Utah, but hasn't been the same since we moved. :(

Chelli said...

I have enjoyed your walks down memory lane. Congrats to Kyle on graduating!!

Magirk said...

Hahaha! About the 'other grandma.' ;-)

I don't one can say enough about GOOD friends for young people. SUCH a necessity!

I just love all the photos. They are a handsome group of young men. :-)