Saturday, June 20, 2009

More About My Morning Walks

I ended up buying a new pair of tennis shoes (does that date me--here people call them runners, but that is one term I just haven't gotten used to, especially since I don't use them for running ; ) I have not had a new pair for about about 10 years--goes to tell you how often I use them, eh. This morning was the first day I wore them and I walked for about an hour and a half and MY FEET WERE KILLING ME. Hopefully, in a week and a half the feet will toughen up.

I need to write about the funny experience I had the other day. I was walking on the path that runs next to the busy Parkway and all of a sudden I heard a horn. I looked up and could see a couple of pick-up trucks, but I didn't recognize either so I just kept going. A couple of minutes later, I heard a horn again but didn't see any car. This time I decided to turn around and coming up the walking path is a City truck with a couple of guys (I guess it's the truck that cleans out the liter cans along the path.

I think I need a new route--it's tough to go by the donut shop (thank goodness I don't carry any change in my pockets. And if I walk much closer I will end up very close to Dairy Queen--good thing it's not open that early ; )

Bought a pattern for a Pioneer dress--Allan was on a fishing trip yesterday, so last night got it all cut out. Hopefully this week I'll get it put together.

Sidenote: I love being able to google--today I was able to find a glass to replace one from my "Twelve Days of Christmas" glasses. It will be nice to have a whole set again.


Melissa said...

I should get out and walk... maybe I will this fall when it isn't 110 outside :)
Those glasses are so fun!! You gotta love Google!!

Melissa said...

Hey... I was first! Woohoo!!

Klin said...

I love Dairy Queen. Now what was this post about ;P

Nancy Face said...

Kris Face and I were Ma and Pa on a Pioneer Trek a month before Lauren graduated from high school. She didn't think she should have to go, but we pretty much made her! We LOVED it and she HATED it! Haha! :D

It's kind of fun making a Pioneer dress! :)

ShEiLa said...

My foot dr. called them 'sneakers' the other day... tennis shoes is still good to me. I have never heard of the 'runners' term. I would side-step any kind of shoe that made it sound like I would need to run... anywhere.

How is Heidi doing? The orthotics are not exactly what I thought they would be. Thinking about surgery.