Thursday, June 11, 2009

Morning Walk

I have been trying to get this old body ready for trek. When we went to our first meeting several months ago we were giving a "training schedule" so I've been trying to walk each morning. Today was the first day IT WAS BEAUTIFUL out there. I loved it.
Had fun taking a few shots with my camera phone. I'm so mad because I can't download the pictures to my computer (because it's a MAC. Finally got them onto Allan's and he e-mailed them to me--

And for my ONLY IN CANADA--I laughed when I saw this on the tree with someone's house number--maybe in honor of the Stanley Cup Finals--just not sure. You have to look close--that is a miniature hockey stick ; )

Some things I need to remember:

...When the sun is shining--don't forget your sunglasses.

...Put kleenex in your pocket--the sleeve of my hoodie isn't for that ; )

...Change my walking playlist. I changed it yesterday but I forgot to do one thing--put the faster songs at the end. I tend to slow down and I KNOW BRUCE'S "DANCING IN THE DARK" would get me moving again.

...Buy more moleskin.

SIDENOTE #1: Even though I've been talking about being nostalgic with Kyle's "lasts", I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Times like this just cause me a lot of reflection--not a whole lot of tears. I am so excited for Kyle and all that lies ahead. He is ready to move on and although our lives will change a great deal when we are "Empty Nesters" we are ready. Just can't wait to see what lies ahead. Still no job, but keep hoping and praying something will happen soon.

SIDENOTE #2: Almost took my big screen TV money to buy a plane ticket. I had to remind myself we can't be a part of EVERYTHING--even those important moments.


Heffalump said...

Are you trying to stay in Canada?

I imagine that seeing all of your kids grow up and become productive and wonderful adults feels very rewarding!

Those cell phone pics are pretty good! My cell takes horrible pics.

Klin said...

I have loved sharing your lasts with you. Ive just done this with my 2nd son and am starting it with the senior year of my oldest foster son. It's exciting to me to see them go through this.

You got some amazing pics. You must have a great cell phone.

Neal said...

Good job getting out there and'll be grateful when it's time to do Trek.

Natalie said...

It will be so fun to go on the trek. Good job going on a walk every day to prepare. Your countyside looks so beautiful.

txmommy said...

wow, it's really pretty there!

I'm praying for a job to come up for you.

Corrine said...

i bet it is hard for you to not go to family things, but you will love that tv i am sure :)

looks like a fun walk and I so think kleenix is important for some reason i forget that an have to use my shirt as well...

Valerie said...

Don't use the sleeve of your hoodie! Use the bottom hem!! :)
(Not that I know from experience... hehehe)

Good luck getting ready for trek. When do you go? (Our stake hasn't had one for 4 years. Don't think Buttercup will be able to experience it while she's in YW.)

Locky said...

moleskin will be very very useful on Trek.

Connie said...

Some beautiful pictures of your walking path!
I hope a job comes up soon. Is this a job for you or your son? (I hope it's your son)
Take care and keep walking!

ShEiLa said...

I may be the only LDS member against trek-ing. I think the whole thing tends to be an overdone activity. After you go on a trek several years in a row for YW/YM Youth Conference... it is really time to brainstorm and get creative because seriously there is more to do in this world than pretend to pioneer.


Sheri said...

We are going on a family trek this year too! I am so excited, but definitely not in shape for it!! I think I better get out and walk myself!! Beautiful Pictures!
I am sorry about the job thing... I know something will come up soon!

Alice Wills Gold said...

You gotta have the tissues...or a new hoodie for every walk.

Yvonne said...

I decided to go back to responding to comments--I feel like I'm getting comments and not commenting on them.

heffalump: Yes, but we will do whatever.

Yes, it is wonderful to watch them grow up.

The cell phone does have a pretty good camera.

klin: Thanks. It has been a great experience.

It's not a great cell phone just has a good camera.

Neal: Yeah, I'm doing my best to be ready. But I'm not about to sleep on the ground to get ready for that.

natalie: We're looking forward to the whole trek experience. We've never done it before so this will be a first.

Everything is so green right now--looks much better than it does in winter.

txmommy: Things are pretty now--but I won't take pictures of the yucky parts of town ; )

Thank you, so much--we are praying, too.

corrine: Believe me it wasn't the desire for the TV that kept me from going.

I really need to remember that kleenex.

valerie: Never that about the bottom hem--thanks.

This is the first time our Stake has done trek. (We've lived here 13 years.) We go the beginning of July.

Locky: I hope it is helpful--but I also hope my feet toughen up.

connie: Thanks--it's a nice path that I take. I try to change the route.

The job is for my husband. He has been unemployed for almost a year.

sheila: We've never done trek before so it is a whole new experience for all of our kids.

sheri: How fun to do a family trek. I'm not worried about the walking, but I'm trying to do all I can to get ready. It's the hard ground and sleeping that I'm worried about.

Thanks, I hope something happens soon.

alice: I think the tissues would be a better idea than a new hoodie ; )

chellie said...

"lasts" are just new beginnings! I think it's wonderful!

annie said...

I've been walking/running in the mornings and love it, under the weather today so I am skipping it and feel like a slug for it :(...
I learned some of those same lessons early on. I text while doing the walking part, kinda makes me feel like I have a friend with me without having to coordinate schedules :)

Nancy Face said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! I use my sleeve more often than I like to admit when there's no Kleenex around...oops. ;)

I hope a job comes along that will be a blessing to your lives!

JustRandi said...

Come to Colorado! !
Think how close you'd be to your kids!!

I think you're amazing for being willing to do the trek. A Ma Zing.