Monday, June 22, 2009

My Aching Feet

I mentioned the other day how my feet were killing me from new tennis shoes, runners, whatever you call them. Well, this morning when I went for my walk I decided to walk a tad longer than usual--going for about an hour and forty five minutes. It was drizzly, my iPod froze on me, and because I had taken Sunday off I was dragging. Not only that, my feet (especially my toes) were killing me. I have one toe that is bruised--it actually looks like I stubbed it, so when I walk for a long time it hurts and it was bugging me for some time.

I was telling my friend Kathy about it and she told me about these little toe protectors you can buy. I was so laughing when I went to buy them. When Kyle was little I used to have somelittle finger puppets that looked a little like these (Except I had a snowman, a duck, and a reindeer).

The little toe protectors I bought reminded me of the puppets, and I so wanted to find them and put them on my toes and take a picture, but I can't find them. Sorry, well actually, I don't have the prettiest feet in the world so--CONSIDER YOURSELF VERY LUCKY.

Sidenote: My DIL, Macy, is so very talented and she is doing a performance in Utah on Sunday, July 19th. Heidi and I are very excited that we will be able to go. She put this invite on her blog, and I asked her if I could put it on mine, and she said sure. So, if you are anywhere near Orem on that day, make plans to attend--I know you will be happy you did. She has a beautiful voice and is a great entertainer.Photobucket


ShEiLa said...

I am sure there are times when I could have used toe protectors.

Having feet that ache is no fun. I was so happy when my foot dr. said treatment #3 on my toe was not necessary. That was a painful experience.

I am sure you will have a great time in Orem. Wish I was gonna be there.


Nancy Face said...

Feetsies are such a small part of the body...but when your feetsies hurt, it seems like you hurt all over! I'm sorry, and I hope the toe protectors help!

Macy's performance sounds like such a treat! :)

Connie said...

Good for you for exercising even when your feet hurt! Picturing the toe protectors as finger puppets makes me laugh!

I'm going to try to get to the performance in Orem. Sounds like fun!

Klin said...

I'm putting it on my calendar. It will make a great night out for me.

I hope your feet adjust to your new shoes soon. Sore feet = no fun.

annie said...

I got new shoes too for running and they go up higher on my heels than normal... today I was out and looked down to see blood running down the back of my left heel. UGH! I need a heel protector!

glittersmama said...

I thought new shoes were supposed to feel good. Well, except heels.

Magirk said...

I hope your feet are feeling better by now!