Saturday, July 11, 2009


Just wait a minute...Before I announce the winner, I have to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Daphne. She is Stephen's wife and the mother to these 5 great looking kids, and I'm so grateful for the wonderful relationship we enjoy. Mothers-in-law can't always say that, but I can-- SHE'S GREAT. (As well, I happen to have another great Daughter-in-law, and a fantastic son-in-law.)

She just hasn't aged to me--5 children and 20 years later and she is as gorgeous as ever.

I have been thinking a lot about my mother-in-law. I miss her--I know Allan misses talking to his mom. They were so close. It will seem funny to be in Utah again and not have her there.

NOW BEFORE I REVEAL THE WINNER, I want to give you the answers to the questions--Hey, just look at anonymous--who seemed to know everything. Let me just say, you must be someone who knows us otherwise, how would you know the answer to #13. Also, my site meter tells me that you are from Winnipeg.

1. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. (It is a beautiful city. If you ever have the chance to go, visit.)

2. The current prime minister of Canada is Stephen Harper. All the others, except Jack Bauer, were former Prime Ministers.

3. Tom Cruise was not born in Canada.

4. The coin is a $2.00 coin called a toonie.

5. The Independent Party is not recognized as a Political Party in Canada.

6. There are six time zones in Canada--I have always thought it is interesting that the Newfoundland time is a half hour off. It just seems so funny to me.

7. Winnipeg is the Slurpee Capital of the World. Don't you find that funny when you think how cold it is here.

8. Nunavet is not a Province--it is a territory.

9. Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympics. I'm so excited.

10.Canada hosted the Olympics 2 times prior to the 2010 Winter Games. In 1999, Winnipeg hosted the Pan Am Games and I had the opportunity to volunteer.

11.The population of Canada is 33.7 million--about the same as California.

12. Calgary is the home of the Flames.

13. Nia Vardalos is an alumni of Kyle's high school. In fact, she is on their Wall of Fame. Anonymous mentioned another famous alumni, but there is another, a young man named Scott Glennie (part of Kyle's graduating class) who was the #6 overall pick of the NHL drafted by the Dallas Stars.

I put the names of everyone who commented. (I debated about "anonymous", but since I didn't say you couldn't leave an anonymous comment, I included him/her. In the future, sorry, no anonymous commenters will be included ; )

Here's Kyle making the selection.

And the winner is...
"ANONYMOUS". So, since you asked that I make a donation and since our Stake is participating in a food drive next week, I will include some extra food in your behalf.

So, obviously, I needed to have Kyle draw a second name and THE REAL WINNER is
nancyface-I will send your package off when we get into Utah on Tuesday. (That way I don't have to worry about all the customs stuff.) Congratulations, Mrs. Nancyface.


Heffalump said...

Ooooh Nancyface! Congratulations!

Nancy Face said...

What...? ME?? Well, what do ya know, and with TERRIBLE answers to the quiz, haha! Thank you so much! How exciting! :D

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to Daphne! :D

JustRandi said...

WOOWOO congrats to NancyFace!! I'm so jealous and I hope you get a bad of those Canadian chocolaty cluster things that I can NOT remember the name of, but Yvonne, you know what I'm talking about!

ShEiLa said...

Miss NancyFace.


ps. oh and anonymous too!

PJ said...

Yay Nancy Face!! Way to be a winner!!

Klin said...

Yay for Nancy Face!!! I am so glad she won. She usually gives our the prizes and I am so glad that she is getting some fun!!

Can we meet up when you come to Utah this time?

I need lunch.

Oh and if you are here around the 17th please let me know cause I would love for you to swing by the reception and meet my family!

Sheri said...

Fun quiz and answers!! My Dad served his mission in Canada, and I have a very dear friend there too, but I did not have a clue to the answers!! Have a safe trip to Utah and if you have time... which you never seem too!! Stop by the restaurant!! Would love to meet you in person!!

Connie said...

Congrats to Nancyface. And thanks to you for the opportunity to learn more about our northern neighbor.
I'm hoping to come to your DIL concert in Orem on the 19th. Maybe I'll see you there.

Hope you get to eat some of those beautiful tomatoes!

Tori said...

Aw man! I've been so far behind on my blog reading I missed your giveaway!!!!! :(

utmommy said...

I've been way behind on blogs lately. Life gets super crazy some times.

Looks like things have been busy and fun for you as usual!

Yvonne said...

heffalump: Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

nancyface: The answers didn't matter AT ALL--you just needed to comment. I'm sure you will be THRILLED when you receive your goodies ; )

justrandi: There will be Clodhoppers in the package.

sheila: You are so sweet--and I love the new pic.

pj: EVERYONE is a winner.

klin: You are right--nancyface is always thinking of others.

I'd love to meet while I'm there--the first week is just REALLY busy. We have a family barbeque on Friday and the wedding is on Saturday. Sorry. I will e-mail you and we can exchange cell phone numbers. I hope everything comes together for the wedding and reception.

sheri: Where in Canada did your dad serve?

Allan and I have talked about stoppping at the restaurant when we come through town, but I don't think it will work. So I'll have to see about heading down the next week. I'll keep in touch.

connie: I'm glad you found it educational. After living here for 13 years, I have learned some things. I believe Canadians know a WHOLE LOT MORE about the U.S. than we know about Canada. In fact, when I was in Utah once, someone said, "Oh, you live in Canada--do they speak Canadian???" I WAS SHOCKED.

Hope to see you on the 19th.

I'm looking forward to eating a tomato or two ; )

tori: I should have told you I was having a giveaway. Sorry.

utmommy: Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. So glad.

Amber said...

You're too funny re: your Canadian trivia. Whenever I quote our population as being similar to CA, that puts it into perspective why Canada doesn't rule the Olympic podium like the Americans. :-)

Sheri said...

My Dad served in what was then the Calgary Mission, My cousin served in New Braunsfel? sp? and my friend grew up in Barnwell, Alberta and now lives in Lethbridge. All of my Canada connections are because of LDS missions and now of course - blogging!!
Would love to see you if it works out! My cell is 801-703-3188 - let me know if you need directions!