Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pioneer Trek (Day 2 and 3)

We got up in the morning on Day 2 and I was a little worried I was not going to be able to get up and get moving. I have to say that was one of the first times in my life I FELT OLD (and I mean OLD--aka MY AGE)

Finally got myself moving around, deflated my air mattress, put everything away and got going. We had a delicious breakfast of sausages and pancakes. (Yeah, WE REALLY SUFFERED ; ) After breakfast and taking down all of our tents we gathered in our families and had a little family time. Speaking of families, see this cute little couple.
They were married last year and were a ma and pa this year. I had to laugh when her dad commented that they were married a year ago and already had 9 kids ; )

After family time, we played games. First up--TUG-OF-WAR--Oh, and this is where you see how competitive people can be--and believe me, there is NO ONE more competitive than me. AND, OF COURSE, THERE IS USUALLY WHINING INVOLVED.

Honestly, I don't know if the most whining was when it was boys against the girls or youth against the leaders. We won't talk about WHO whined the most???

We also did pulling sticks--

We also did some racing--

We then had lunch--gosh, it does seem like we ate a lot. (That's why, in spite of all that walking, I GAINED A POUND!!!! We had pulled pork sandwiches and fruit and vegetables. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

We then cleaned up camp and got into our families to begin the 2nd day--and WHAT A START IT WAS.

See this bridge, we hiked up the incline next to it.

I was VERY glad our family was not the first to hike up.

We did go second. I appreciated one of my boys who helped me up the hill. I had a tough time climbing up and was very grateful I didn't have to push or pull the handcart.

We were so lucky to have 2 GREAT trail bosses who rode the trail and checked on everything and everybody along the way. I kept wishing they'd come along and tell me I died on the trail so I could get a ride on the horse ; )

We had our first stop at Chimney Rock--which by the way, is on Nebraska's quarter that was minted in 2006. For whatever reason the six miles we walked the 2nd day felt much harder than what we walked the previous day. We made lots of stops.

I thought the scenery along the trail was beautiful.

We had a final stop where there was a reenactment of the Sweetwater Rescue.

Several of the men carried the women across "the road". Allan tried to carry me. Somehow 27 years later, it was much harder for him to carry me, than it was in this picture those many, many years ago ; )

The kids were obviously anxious to get into Bethany--our final stop.

Once we arrived, we gathered in our families and played some games until it was time to get our assignments for preparing our meals. Our cook was so organized. We each got a packet for stew and potatoes and carrots needed to be cut. We had someone from our group start a fire, and then we prepared our stew. We also made bannock and peach cobbler. The meal was WONDERFUL.

After dinner and dishes we had a hoedown--tons of fun. The kids had a great time dancing. We have some people that can REALLY dance.

When it got dark we went outside for some fireworks. We gathered our families for family prayer and it was time for bed. The next morning it began to rain and rain and rain. (Kept everyone in their tents until around 8:00.) We then had breakfast followed by a meeting. My husband spoke to the youth. He did a FANTASTIC job. He is absolutely brilliant--he began with The Parable of the Tick. I LOVED IT. I know the youth will all remember the ticks from trek and when they remember the ticks they will remember The Parable. He talked about how ticks attach themselves to you and sometimes you don't even know they are there--how tough they can be to get rid of once they burrow in and how important it is to get rid of them. He likened it to sin--IT WAS AMAZING. (That's the Reader's Digest, yvonne version--I should have him write it up and post it ; ) He also talked about what we need to carry in our handcarts through life and then talked about Zion's Camp.

The meeting was then opened to testimony bearing and it was WONDERFUL.

When we went outside THE SUN WAS SHINING. We were so blessed on this trek--the weather was perfect.

We got all of the carts taken down and then gathered together for pictures.

Sidenote #1: I'll do the draw around 10 p.m. Saturday for the giveaway, so there's still a couple of days to enter. Sorry, anonymous, I have already bought all the stuff for the giveaway. I am participating in a food drive next week, so if you win, I will donate some food in your behalf, but will draw a second winner who will receive THE PRIZE!!!!

Sidenote #2: Off to get a haircut and highlights. Will have to find someone to tint and shape my eyebrows before next week--goodness, I have the most UNRULY eyebrows.


carolyne b said...

I have to say that although I did not walk, and yvonne I thought you were wonderful. I enjoyed the spirit of our youth. I see future mothers, fathers, Stake Presidents, Bishops, Relief Society Pres and many other wonderful people. The love that the ma's and pa's had for there flock was beautiful to see.
sign me up again.

Connie said...

Looking at those pictures, I thought I was looking at the actual pioneers on the trek. How fun to see everyone dressed as pioneers! You are amazing to be able to go and walk and participate...and with ticks! I think you may have eaten better than the pioneers did...just guessing.
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Corrine said...

looks like fun, the tug o war sounds fun!

love that picture of allan holding you.

hope your hair cut turned out cute!

Klin said...

That looks so fun and the scenery is beautiful.

My boys did the stick pull at a ward talent show. They competed against others and they won. I raise strong boys ;)

I would be whining. 'nuff said.

You had some good grub! You needed to counteract the nuisance of the ticks. Those things scare me. We don't have them where we camp.

JustRandi said...

What an adventure! It looks like it was SO much fun, and also completely exhausting.

I would love to hear (or see) Allan's talk. What an amazing talent to be able to impromptu teach according to the circumstances. I would love that talent!

Heffalump said...

Well, I bet you slept well when you got home! I would have been worn out!

aurora said...

Wow! What an adventure! :D

Nancy Face said...

The Parable of the Tick was such an inspiration...I'm sure the kids will remember it! :)

I'm glad your Trek included plenty of good food...I've heard of some Treks where the kids were allowed very little (and NOT yummy) food in an attempt to make it more authentic. I say, FEED PEOPLE WELL! They will work harder, walk farther, whine and gripe a lot less, and have a happier experience! :)

Natalie said...

The trek sounds like a real adventure. You are such a trooper. Way to go!

I would love to read a copy of Allan's talk. Please try really hard to post it.

The pictures are great and wonderful comments.

When E went, they had almost no food. Those kids came back really hungry, but not starving like the real pioneers. I agree with Nancy Face. Feed the troops.:)

I would be scared of the ticks.

I think you all had an experience of a lifetime.

ShEiLa said...

I bet you burned a million calories with all that physical exhaustion... no shop til you drop... work til you drop.

Have fun with the pampering while getting your hair done.


Lilac A. Rugg said...

So fun, and such beautiful scenery! And yeah, the food!

PJ said...

I can do all things with good food!

I love it, I wanna go...I think:)

Theresa said...

haha! is that a somewhat anachronistic blackberry trailboss B is holding on that picture?? :D Awesome storytelling and great pictures!

Tori said...

What an amazing experience!!! I love seeing all the pics.

I wanna see pics of your hair!!