Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for Some Randomness

First of all--Happy 24th of July. I would have loved to stay in Utah for all the festivities, but we have a Picnic on Saturday.

But, we headed out of town first thing this morning. Can't believe our time in Utah is over. However, we'll be back soon enough.

For now let me share a couple of things:

1) I can't believe I didn't write about the accident we almost had when we drove into Salt Lake City almost 2 weeks ago. Since we were getting into town about the same time Neal's plane landed, we were able to pick him up at the airport. As we were turning onto the highway that goes to the airport, I saw this huge factory and signs that read "public welcome, free chocolate". Could I let our car just pass up an offer like that-- It was the Mrs. Cavanaugh's Factory. I screamed--STOP!!!! It was too late. I told Allan to back up and get to the exit. He wouldn't--what a party pooper!!!!!!

2) I chuckled when I looked at the front door and saw these No, Heidi does not have 2 left feet--but she is only wearing one shoe these days. This has caused Garrett great confusion. Every time he is visiting he walks all over trying to help Heidi find her other shoe.

3) Kyle will be leaving Rockband here in Utah because there won't be enough room in the car when he and I drive his car down next month. We had to have one last session together. As always, it was great fun.

4) We helped pack up a little of Heidi's apartment. Heidi decided to try on these as earrings. Kyle tried them on, too. And, so did Allan. Last time I posted a picture of Allan wearing earrings our Bishop sent me an e-mail saying the picture was "shocking" so I thought I better not post another ; )

5) We tried a great new restaurant the other night. It was called "The Rooster". Delicious food--I had a chocolate lava cake with hazelnut whipped cream for dessert. Yummy.

I got such a kick watching Garrett eating his rice--talk about coordinated. I think Kyle spills more rice on the table than Garrett ; )

6) Had lunch with our former MP and his wife. In the 3 years I have known them, I have never seen him in anything but a suit and her in anything but a dress or skirt, so it was so funny to see them "casual". They took us to Market Street Grill which is one of our favorite restaurants. Goodness, I miss spending time with them.

7) I have had a ball playing with Garrett. Living in Manitoba has made it difficult to spend time with the kids. Most of them know us fairly well. Unfortunately, we haven't had much time with Garrett, so he doesn't know us as well as I would like. It was so for for me to have more time with him than I've ever had before. He is such a cutie. Here he is with his dad at the temple.

We got up very early this morning and left to drive to SLC to drop off something at a friends and pick up something to take to our friend's the P's. We knew the parade was today but thought we'd get there before the streets were blocked off. NOT QUITE. We made it to Dickinson, ND, tonight. So glad to be out of the car--won't have too far to drive tomorrow.

Sidenote: Last night I watched my first complete episode of SYTYCD. Heidi is a huge fan and so I thought I'd watch with her. I have watched a little here and a little there before. Macy watches faithfully and does posts on both the peformance show and the results show. Because I always read her blog, I always read the posts--and it's probably the few posts I read and do not comment ; ) So I thought, I'd give it a try. Let's just say, I will not be watching anymore. I do not like watching people lose and get "kicked off". I find it very humiliating and I feel so sorry for them. I am an old softy.


Klin said...

I like randomness. It's fun to read and it's . . . . . well . . . . . . random.

Have a safe trip the rest of the way home.

Corrine said...

i like this post of randomness, and glad you made it home safe...or to a hotel...and make it in time for your picnic :)

I haven't ever watch so you think you can dance.....I might have to catch it...

Natalie said...

Randomness is fun.
So great that you had time to spend with so many people you love,especially cutie Garrett.
Glad you are safe.
Hope you are safe for the rest of your trip home

Nancy Face said...

It's so cute that Garrett was confused about heidi's shoes! :D

Those "earrings" are hilarious! By the way...I would NEVER think Allan is shocking! Just funny, haha! :D

utmommy said...

Can't believe he wouldn't back up! How rude:)

Sounds like you had a great Utah visit.

Holly said...

He didn't stop at the chocolate factory?

Tonya said...

I'm so glad you got to spend more time with that cute little guy.

I think it's so sweet that you can't watch SYTYCD because they kick people off. You are such a nice person.

Sheri said...

So... I am waiting for you to email me your lesson plan for tomorrow!;) Let me know how it goes!!

Heidi said...

I'm sure glad you watched the show with me mom:) I love spending time with you---it is always fun!!!!

PJ said...

Such good times in Utah. I love the earring:D

Heffalump said...

So casual, singing with Rock Band while sitting on the couch!
Random works for you!
I would have cried to have missed the chocolate!

Yvonne said...

klin: Sometimes randomness is necessary.

The trip was good.

corrine: Thanks--the picnic was good. Weather was perfect--not to hot and no mosquitoes.

Give SYTYCD a try.

natalie: I did have a great time. Garrett was so fun.

We are home safe and sound.

nancyface: He was so cute with the shoes.

I should have posted the pic of Kyle with the "earrings" too.

utmommy: Can you imagine--of all the nerve!!!!

Maybe we can get together next time I'm there.

holly: I know...I was sooooooo disappointed ; )

tonya: I'm so glad I had time with him. We live so far away, it's just so great when we get to be together.

I just imagine the people who get kicked off laying in bed crying themselves to sleep--I couldn't handle the rejection and I just think everyone can't but I know that all of us are created or develop differently.

sheri: The lesson came together. It was a good one for me.

heidi: Hugs, my sweet daughter. I would make that sacrifice for you--I may even watch again if that's the only time we get to spend time together. I'll just have to leave the room before the people are "kicked off".

pj: We had a great time.

heffalump: We love Rockband.

Random was fun.

I almost cried ; )

Valerie said...

Random posts are my favorite!!

I'm surprised the whole freeway wasn't backing up to that exit.

I watched that dancing show once and just couldn't get into it. My daughter enjoys it a bit more because she's the dancer of the family....

Whitney said...

It is proven once again - chocolate means more to us women than it does to men. I'm sad he wouldn't just back up on the freeway for you :)
I'm glad you had fun!!! I haven't tried either of those restaurants yet, but I used to work right up the street from Market Street Grill and I've always wanted to try it!!!

JustRandi said...

great post! is it bad that I have no idea what show you are talking about?