Wednesday, July 22, 2009


First of all, I just realized my last post was my 400th. Can't believe it. Have I really had that much to write about???

Last week I did a post about Family. I thought about the important things I would want my family to know. A couple of Sundays ago someone in Church made reference to Pres. Monson's talk in October 2008 Conference about the man who was shot down over Vietnam and wrote a message to his family. He hadn't communicated with them in over 2 years and didn't know if he would have the opportunity to communicate with them again. His message was limited to 25 words. What would you say? I've thought a great deal about what I would want my family to know.

Each time we are together and then we head back home, I wonder, "Do I live my life in such a way that my children and grandchildren know that I know what I know." And more importantly do I walk the walk and not just talk the talk. So I decided to try and share, in 25 words or less (as Brother Hess had to do) what I would want them to know that I know:

Remember God is mindful of you--be obedient to His teachings. Find joy. Be happy. Marry in the temple. Stay positive. Love and serve others.

By the way, this is what Bro.Hess wrote: “These things are important: temple marriage, mission, college. Press on, set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year." (Quoted in Pres. Monson's Conference address and he referenced "personal correspondence")

I had to laugh when I read the "take pictures twice a year"--that is one thing I know I don't have to tell my children. On my headstone it will say, "Okay, look here" That is what they will all remember hearing me say with camera in my hand ; )

How about you--what would you want your family to know that you know?

Sidenote: I had a great visit last night with my beautiful friend, Gina. We met last year for the first time. She is one of those people that I feel like I have known forever. There was a woman walking by as we were getting ready to leave and Gina asked her if she would take our picture. When the woman asked if we wanted a close-up, we said sure. She started getting very close, and we both said, "NOT THAT CLOSE". The woman assured us it wasn't that close--HA!!! Guess again.

Then today, I had lunch with Klin. We spent time last year when we met up in Oregon. We both had family weddings over the weekend and so it was fun to discuss them as well as LOTS of other things. Thanks for being such a great listener, Klin.


Neal said...

Great 25 words...who could top that?!

Valerie said...

Very inspirational!! This makes me wonder what I would say? I doubt I could say it as beautifully as you!

Carrot Jello said...

I love that. Very nice.

Liam's Mom said...

Great post! I think that is an awesome legacy to leave for your children and grandchildren. You are truly an example of one who finds joy!

I got a kick out of the "look here" bit. You are so cute!

It was great to spend time talking with you. It was like my own personal devotional with Yvonne! Priceless!

Heffalump said...

That is great! I am keeping what I like to call my death journal. Not a journal about death, but a journal with letters to my children that tell them things that I hope they will have already learned by the time I die. It's a just in case thing, but I try to write in it every so often, so that if something does happen to me unexpectedly, they will at least have some thoughts from me.

ShEiLa said...

Very thoughtful post...
I will ponder on it for awhile.

Love the 'close-up'... It is a nice photo.


Klin said...

I always tease that my kids will put "did you brush your teeth" on my headstone.

I loved meeting with you. I would say that you walk the walk. I know from reading your blog and visiting with you that you put your family first, love the Lord, work hard, and are kind to all you meet, to just name a few. There are more things to add here. Much more.

Gina and you are beautiful. That close up is great and the story is funny.

I need to think about what I would want my children to know. Besides that brushing their teeth will reduce the amount of pain in their life, of course.

JustRandi said...

I love your statement, Yvonne! It's perfect.

utmommy said...

Love it! Love the temple!

I wish I could've met with you and Gina again. Maybe next time!

Sheri said...

Right after that talk I remember making books for my kids!! I know I am not living the way I want them to remember me, so thanks for the reminder!!

Natalie said...

Wonderful post. I love the way you express yourself. I think you're awesome. I am thinking of what I want to write myself.
I would love to hear your conversion story. Some day I will tell you ours too.

Nancy Face said...

I love your 25 word message! How fun that you spent time with Gina and Klin! :)