Monday, August 10, 2009


The other night Allan and I were watching TV (no, not 24--we've finished all of the seasons and I must admit, I'm having Jack withdrawals). A commercial for a dating service came on. I was a little surprised at the "representative". I turned to Allan and said, "If I was going to call a dating service, she would not be someone I would look to for advice."

Now, I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, but that got me these days of economic downturn, what kind of business would you consider opening, like to open, or perhaps have you always dreamed of opening? (Keep in mind, if I don't get to post my "Happy Days Are Here Again" post soon, I may steal one of your ideas, and go into business ; )

Here are some of the things I've thought about:

1) Economic advisor--Oh yeah, for me that would be a GOOD ONE!!!

2) Meal planner--Sure--do you know how many of my days would include "just plan on calling the local restaurant for reservations" ; )

3) Personal trainer--HA, HA, HA (That would put me right there with the dating representative mentioned above)

4) Chocolate taster--See I already have a following for this one ; )(Another photo by Macy--but stolen off our Family Website, so no link)

So, give me your thoughts...

Sidenote: Allan and I went to the temple over the weekend. It has been almost 10 years since our temple was dedicated. Until recently the trip was not all on a four-lane highway. A good part of the trip was two-lanes, but then last fall the last part of the highway was completed. The downside of that completion, the road no longer takes us right by the Dairy Queen which means Allan would have to turn off the highway, so that means NO MORE MILKSHAKES AT DAIRY QUEEN ON THE WAY HOME ; ((((


txmommy said...

you could pull over for a milk shake :)

We are going to our new temple on Thursday. I am excited. I have thought about you a lot lately. We have to drive really far for our stake center and singles stuff for S and the like and I remember often Allan saying he had to drive many hours to make it to meetings...and then I complain a little less.

Heffalump said...

Ah...hubby and I used to dream of opening a family camp. Basically a nice camp ground with cabins or yurts and running camp programs for family reunions and such.
I have also been dreaming of developing a family program similar to scouting, only there would be no scout leaders and such, there would just be resources and a program available to foster family togetherness. There would even be the equivalent of an Eagle scout, only it would be a family service award. The program would be tailored to all kinds of family situations including single parents, and it would include activities to help connect family members who live far away from each other, meaning that even parents who are empty nesters could participate with their children and grandchildren using correspondance. It has been kind of on the back burner and I don't know if I will ever accomplish it.

ShEiLa said...

You know I have never really given this much thought... I never dreamed of a business of my own. It comes with the 'owner headaches' and you know how I feel about headaches. ;)

Seeing my sister do so very well in medical practice consulting... that interests me... except she had an outpatient surgery that her insurance for self employed individuals cevered NONE of it and she is 20+ thousand in debt.

Am I too much of a realist or what?

I just never have wanted to run the whole show... but there are some definite perks.

An IceCream Shoppe would be fun. Seeing such happy little kids having ice cream.... I entertained a daycare center once.... then I found out a lot of inside info about the down side.... parents not picking up their kids and having to call the cops & social services. Maybe if you had a small daycare... no government funding... a good contract.

oK. I have bored you enough with my ideas...


ShEiLa said...

ps. I know some people that are full time foster care parents and they actually live off those funds. I have never tried cause I would get way too attached and end up emotionally scarred.

I guess I am your can of worms... I worry too much.

Magirk said...

Bummer about the milkshakes. ;-S

That's a good list of occupational prospects! I especially like the chocolate taster one. ;-)

I guess if we needed more income at our house, I would probably do it much sooner than I expect I would and start to teach piano lessons. I am often asked if I teach, but I'm very occupied with young children right now and it just doesn't fit in yet. But I guess I thought I would eventually teach when the children are a bit older.

Obviously, I have my new Etsy shop, which is apparently a total BOMB. So I wouldn't rely on that! Haha! ;-)

Melissa said...

Hmmm... what would I do? When I was a kid there was an old fashioned malt shop in our town. You could get all the old ice cream treats and drinks (ironport cherry... YUMM!!). They had the old red leather bar stools that spun in circles, black and white checkerboard fooring, a jukebox in the corner. I'd love to open a place like that! :)

Heidi said...

Yeah---I think chocolate taster would work for you;)
I would love to be a dance instructor at my own studio, or person pilates trainer, or nutritionist...

Connie said...

On the way home from our temple is the BYU Creamery. It always makes for a perfect ending when we can stop there for some kind of frozen delicacy!
Speaking of can of worms, I honestly sold worms to fishermen (my dad and uncles) when I was a child. We'd go out at night, squirt a little mustard water down in the lawn and those big old night crawlers would come right out. I guess they didn't like the mustard but I bet they were flavored just enough that the fish loved them! How's that for an economic idea?

Valerie said...

First of all, you MUST continue to pull over for your traditional shake. It's worth the extra time!!

One day we're going to open a ceramic painting store (like Color Me Mine in Orem) and include a bakery with little finger food yummies. Wonderful for date nights in a college town! Actually, my hubby said to me just today, "Why don't we take this extra cash I earned and get it started?" But I made him put it toward the debt he's incurred starting the business he's running now.

Valerie said...

(When I said "little finger food yummies" I meant things like cookies, brownies, flavored popcorns. Nothing goopy or messy that would mess up the projects.)

sweetpea said...

Well, I already teach piano lessons, which I love. I also think it would be so fun to be a home design consultant--someone who helps those building homes to make all their design decisions...cabinets, flooring, paint, fixtures, etc. I loved building our house, but there were so many great things to choose from that it would be fun to use all those ideas for others.

Sheri said...

Well, you already know what we would do as we are currently doing it!! Although we too have thought of having a place for families to go for vacations or retreats that have some kind of training for life as well as entertainment and great food! Right now I think we will stick to the basics!! It's hard enough!
We need to get to the Temple! We keep talking and not going! Thank you for your words o encouragement... I know you are right! Hugs!!

Locky said...

It is sad about the highway now going around that town.

As for developing a business... I like your chocolate taster idea. For me as business idea, I have wanted to establish a travel counsellor, so that those who are rural can still get to see a counsellor. Or even online counselling for those who don't want to travel.

I also think starting your oen business can be as simple as writing your own book. and that could be on anything.

Tori said...

Sei and I would LOVE to open some kind of business together. We always say we're gonna have a smoothie shop with wireless internet near the college.

Nancy Face said...

I've never wanted to open a business, and if I did, I wouldn't do it right now!

My hubby owned a landscape maintenance business in the early years of our marriage, and even though he had plenty of work, it was so ANNOYING! Customers would call and drone on endlessly about their yards, and we'd have to listen to them! If we went on vacation, the work would pile up to the point that it was like being punished for going away! Phooey! :P

Tonya said...

Just leave 30 minutes earlier and stop and get your milkshake. Problem solved.

I've been wanting to open a cleaning service with a friend of mine. I want to be my own boss. I probably won't ever do it but I think it could be very theraputic and money making at the same time.

JustRandi said...

no Dairy Queen?
I've retyped this comment like 10 times and it keeps coming out sacrilegious.

I guess you just don't joke about the temple.

I'll just say that I think you get extra points for temple attendance without milkshakes.

Roxanne said...

It's tradition so yes we pull OFF the highway ugh and get to DQ for icecream, rather inconvenient but my men love icecream so a little detour and inconvenience wasn't going to stop them