Saturday, August 22, 2009


As I've mentioned before, Kyle is very much like his dad--INCREDIBLY ORGANIZED. So for him, packing hasn't been too bad. Because we will hang his clothes in the car for the drive down, he brought things out and put them on the rail. When he was counting shirts, I asked him about a particular t-shirt and I chuckled at his response, "It didn't make the cut" ; )

The new mat for the trampoline arrived so he and his buddies have been jumping and jumping. I laughed when I went downstairs and saw them on their computers together. I will miss those boys, too. Kyle is the only one leaving the city to go to school, so tonight they are having a going away party for him.

This kid is so fun. Look at this pic of him with his brothers, Brent and Neal, and nephews Chris (with his wife, Heather) and Garrett at Park City. (Another great shot by Macy. BTW, she just posted pictures she took at a wedding at the Washington DC Temple. I do not know this couple at all, but after looking at her pictures came away feeling like I really got a sense of who they are. Now, that is TALENT)

Sidenote #1: Today is Seminary In-Service--feels funny that I'm not going.

Sidenote #2: When I went to my running class Thursday night it was raining and I mean raining. I had said I ran in the rain before, but I have never gotten drenched like I did Thursday night. It was NOT FUN. (Also, I am extremely competitive, therefore, being at the back of the pack EVERY WEEK is KILLING ME. But, I keep reminding myself AT LEAST I'M DOING SOMETHING. I have to remember I'm the oldest one in the class--I think ; )

Today it was great to run in the sunshine. Did my first run for 4 minutes/walk 1 minute. Felt good. And I was FIRST and last ; )


Natalie said...

Macy's pictures are great. She is an awesome photographer.
I think you are so great for running. Good job. I'm doing good to walk.:) Keep up your good work.

Klin said...

I miss running. Wish I could still do it. So glad you are doing it. I like to pretend that you are doing it for me ;)

Macy is an amazing photographer. I love the young ladies dress. I had to look close at the bodice area and can't decide if it was an alteration or not. Whatever, it is beautiful and so is she.

JustRandi said...

Gotta love that about Kyle!

And your running is definitely a milestone! Woo hoo!
One thing I learned pretty quickly about running is that the most fun person to compete with is yourself. Just try to do a little bit better than the last time, and you win every time!

mindyluwho said...

Wow...awesome wedding photos!

I'm so impressed with your persistence in running. I tried it for about three weeks, trying to work my way up slowly. My legs could do it but my lungs always felt like they were going to explode...does that feeling ever go away?

Connie said...

I need to take a running class! I feel so uncoordinated while runing and need to learn how to breathe and move and..everything! You're leaving soon to take Kyle, right?

Connie said...

Thanks for your comment on my post on BBL! :}

Heffalump said...

How soon does Kyle leave? It's great that his friends had a going away party. I bet your house will be quiet when he is off to school.

Valerie said...

Glad the trampoline mat came in time for Kyle to have one last party! It looks like he has some great friends.
I can't believe BYU starts next week! Our BYU doesn't start until Sept 10!! But I'm enjoying the town without students, so I won't complain! :)

Yvonne said...

Natalie: Yes, Macy is an amazing photographer. She was the photographer for our granddaughter's wedding and the photos are beautiful.

Thanks for the encouragement with the running.

klin: I'm happy to run for you ; )

I thought she really captured the personality of the young bride--at least it felt like that.

justrandi: Kyle is so fun.

I agree about the running. That is the reason I loved when my kids competed in track and field--it's always about your Personal Best.

mindylou: Thanks for taking the time to look at the photos. She does beautiful work.

I have the biggest problem with the breathing, but I'm hoping my persistence will pay off. When I first started a minute seemed like forever, now the 4 minutes is hard but not impossible. Here's hoping I'll be able to run a little longer as time goes on.

connie: That was exactly why I took the running class--and it is helping.

We leave this morning after Church.

connie: You're welcome.

heffalump: I'm so glad he had a chance to get together with so many of his friends.

The house will be TOO QUIET.

valerie: I was glad about the trampoline, too.

Orientation is this Thursday. It has come so quickly.

Amber said...

I look forward to running soon as these 90-degree temperatures subside.

I wonder if organization is hereditary if disorganization is too? If so, my kids are in trouble. :-)

Melissa said...

I love that picture with all the laptops! Made me smile :)

I should start running... I really should. I admire your dedication!

sweetpea said...

Way to go on the running! Keep up the good work--you'll just get faster and faster!

What a fun group of boys! I love the computer pic too.

Nancy Face said...

Fun pictures of Kyle and his friends!

Ty's and Lauren's friends hung out here a lot too, so I really missed them after each of them moved out. It got way too quiet! ;)