Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Untitled Post

First of all--thanks to all of you for your wonderful ideas. You guys are great and very creative.

This post is untitled because I was really concerned about what to call it--mainly because I was afraid that I might use a term that would bring some visitors who might get the wrong idea.

I have been thinking a lot about the world we live in--a world of instant messaging, e-mail, internet, fast food, quick fix, etc. We can't seem to wait for anything. With one of my children, no matter what is going on or what we are going to do, his first question is: "How long is this going to take?"

I'm just wondering if that is part of my problem:

I am into my third running class this week and I'm wondering why I can't run for more than 2 minutes at a stretch. For crying out loud, I've been doing this for three whole weeks already!!!

I've been taking piano lessons for years and still struggle with the hymns--I practice a few minutes now and then and don't see enough improvement.

Then there's my problem with eating--I've cut back on my calories for a day and I still haven't lost 10 pounds--WHAT'S THE MATTER.

I know that it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit, but why oh why does it takes A WHOLE LOT LONGER to get rid of one.

Sidenote #1: Kyle got home from his road trip. He had a great time at Lalapalooza in Chicago. He made his mother proud when he told me "it started raining and I needed an umbrella so I went to Target to get one." I beamed. Also, he took TONS OF PICTURES. I knew that camera we got him for Christmas was going to come in handy.

Sidenote #2: Allan and I are off today to do one of my least favorite things--work on our wills. I know it's important, but it's not something I like to think about.


ShEiLa said...

I try to watch my titles... and still I fail... sometimes 'the google' bring some individuals for what reason... I will never know.

I thought your untitled post was cute.

I too have thought about the instantaneous world we live in... does anyone cook a 4-6 hour pot roast anymore? I know I do. Thanks to Weight Watchers... I am not all about fast food... but when it comes to the other stuff I have fallen into the rut... [I want it now Daddy] Varuka Salt in Willy Wonka... she was a bad egg.

When they say... patience is a virtue... they are right.

Thanks for getting me going this morning... I have so much to say I could do even more... but I won't.


ps. I had 50+ visitors to my blog yesterday... 2 comments... if it wasn't for you... I never know anyone cared.

Connie said...

Are we twins? I could have written this post myself!
I called my friend yesterday and asked how I could lost 15 pounds by 6:45!
Yes, patience is a virtue and I think I have more of it now than I did years ago, but that instant gratification is something we get used to!
Have a great day planning your will - an evil necessity!

Melissa said...

Your post made me chuckle ;) I'm a bit in the same boat. I want instant solutions with the least amount of of effort possible :D I guess this is how we learn patience and stuff, eh?

I'm glad Kyle got home and had a great time!

Locky said...

Oh! I have a great quote for the why it takes so long to develop a good habit and why it is so easy to get rid of it. Just... I can't find the text for it. I can only find the audio on my computer. I will have to find the text and post it here or something.

Locky said...

Found it! In a lesson I gave. It is by Shon Hopkin, a CES Teacher. It's kind of lengthy... but really good.

"Why is it that the tractor beam can’t pull us towards our good habits, instead of the bad ones? It is because God wants us to work through the principle of agency, but Satan wants to destroy agency. [Satan] wants us to turn off our brains and sit mindlessly on the couch all day, then go to sleep, and get up the next morning to do the same thing all over again and never think about the choices we’re making.

"How many times does it take to do something you know you shouldn’t, like not praying, or lying, or sleeping in before you’ve developed a bad habit? One? Or two? How many times does it take to do something good like reading your scriptures or getting up on time before that becomes a lasting habit? Many, many times. And yet, having developed that good habit, it is so easy to slip up once or twice and then have to work all over again to re-develop it.

"Why? Satan wants us to make a bad decision just once and never have the power to choose again. Heavenly Father, on the other hand, wants us to have to make the conscious choice and effort each and every time. That is how He makes celestial beings out of us."

From, Battling Bad Habits: How to Win the War Against the Natural Man, EFY 2003

Doran & Jody said...

I am SO with you!! Get a little discouraged and then give up. Then what? Too many things I want to do and accomplish and don't know where to start so I sit and eat. Psha!

Heffalump said...

Ah...we are impatient people. I am that way too. Sometimes I think that Heavenly Father must smile at us the way we smile at our little kids who want a snack RIGHT NOW. We have progressed from where our kids are, and hopefully we will progress from where we are at right now and eventually have patience with things that take time.

Klin said...

It does seem that progression has brought about the loss of delayed gratification. We no longer enjoy the journey and just look for the outcome.

Perspective is everything I guess. My kids do the same thing. We are planning a road trip in October and I am hoping that the girls will enjoy the scenery, because 4 total days of our trip will be just driving across the country.

Nancy Face said...

Kris Face and I always say we need to work on our will, then we don't do anything about it. But we need to. Guess what I want to do soon? Buy our cemetery plots! Weird, huh? Our local cemetery is getting all bought up, and I don't want to find out that there's no room in the inn, haha! As I said...weird.

Chantel said...

I often wondered the same thing. My oldest often asks why is it taking so long. We will be in the vehicle for a few minutes and he is already asking if we are there yet and how much longer.

Tonya said...

Guilty as charged. I am the queen of "I need it right now" Sometimes I think this world is someday going to overload and we'll all be forced to slow down.

Might not be a bad thing.

aurora said...

When you find the answers to these questions/frustrations, would you PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE post them??? ☺

JustRandi said...

it takes a long time to become a runner. seriously.

How much longer does your class go?

I do have some ideas for you after it's over. :)

Valerie said...

Not only are we an impatient society, but we want all the zing, the bells and whistles. When we go to a toy store, I'll pick up a stuffed animal and show it to my youngest and he says, "But what does it DO?"
**heavy sigh**

Ashley said...

I can Never lose weight on dieting alone. I could starve myself and never lose one pound. Excercise works wonders for me or would if I did it more. I guess every body type is different. I used to run, run, run. After having kids I would get so wheezy I would have to stop. I started walking instead. Then one day I just felt like running so I did and I just kept running with no chest pain, it was really weird. And now my husband calls me Forrest Gump.

Liam's Mom said...

Wills... I always think we need to get that done... or I at least need to write some things down, but then I never do. Good work for getting it done!

Good luck with the 10lbs. You'll get there. I am so impressed with your running! I can't go for more than 20 seconds.

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