Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Do You Think???

I was looking at these pictures from the wedding, and I just noticed Neal's expression. Doesn't it look like he's wanting really bad to stick out his tongue at his dad (in fact, if you look real close I think his tongue is partly out). What do you think?

Almost as good as this one (a Macy photo)--Allan is obviously talking about something important and I look like I'm thinking "What shall we have for dinner tomorrow night?" Allan said it looks like I'm thinking, "Why did I sit here?"

Sidenote #1: We made it safe and sound to Utah. The drive down was pretty uneventful--just felt long. I think because we normally don't drive when it's very dark, and because we left after Sacrament Meeting on Sunday we drove until about 10:30 so when we arrived in Billings it felt very late.

Kyle's party with his friends went well. I think it is starting to hit him that he is gone from Winnipeg--not just on vacation. I keep telling myself he'll do fine. I think I'll be fine until I drive away.

Sidenote #2--Went out for my run this morning. Goodness it's quite different running where you are at 4600 feet above sea level as opposed to Winnipeg that pretty close to sea level. Also Winnipeg is flat--IT IS NOT FLAT HERE.


ShEiLa said...

Glad you made it safely.

Love the photos and the insight...


txmommy said...

funny pictures!

I hope Kyle settles in great and has a wonderful year :)

Neal said...

I would NEVER do that ; )

Heffalump said...

Just think...when you get back home running will suddenly seem like a breeze!
I hope you have a great visit and that you don't cry too hard on the way home!

JustRandi said...

It really does look like you're wondering about dinner. That made me laugh!

Kyle will do great! (And if he's looking for a date, I have this darling niece who will be a freshman, too....)

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you are all safe.
I remember taking one of my boys of to Ricks (now BYUIdaho) and thinking a chapter in his life is opening up, but a chapter in my life is closing. I did shed a few tears.
I'm sure Kyle will do great. He seems to be such a fine young man and oh the wonderful things he does. He will have a great time and learn a lot too.
You will do great too. I am still and always impressed with your running. YOU GO GIRL!

Melissa said...

I love the photos! Even more than that, I love that you are pondering about what the people are thinking :)

Good luck on your trip!!

Sheri said...

Welcome Back!! I hear we might see you on Friday... I am so excited!!

Valerie said...

And yet, in both photos, it looks like what Allan is saying is extremely important. Funny snapshots.

I have two other friends that dropped their children off in Provo this week, beginning a new phase of life. Gulp. Wonder where we'll be with Buttercup this time next year?

How many weeks until Christmas?

Corrine said...

good for you to keep jogging on vacation! and i love the picture of you and allan, totally looks like you are thinking you should sit somewhere else :)

Nancy Face said...

I think Neal is making a valiant effort to keep from sticking out his tongue! Tee hee! ;)

BOTH of those pictures are funny!

Running in a high elevation is HARD!

mindyluwho said...

Poor Alan!

I live at the bottom of a hill...that's why I don't run. :)

NOBODY said...

Just laughed right out loud at the picture of you and Allan. Loved the two captions you came up with--hilarious.