Friday, August 14, 2009

What I Know Wednesday--Friday Edition

I missed "What I Know Wednesday" AGAIN, but decided that I still wanted to write about something I know Perspective is Important

When I say this it's going to come out wrong, but I love going to funerals. I love learning things about the person who has passed that I didn't know. I love listening to the eulogy and I'm always strengthened when I hear someone give a talk on The Plan of Salvation. I sit and think about things I could do better. In the past couple of days I have attended funerals for two people in our ward who both passed last Thursday.

Funerals always cause me to stop and put things in perspective. At that moment, problems, challenges, etc., all seem insignificant. Allan was saying he got an e-mail from his sister and she mentioned that a great way to look at things is to stop and ask "in 5 years is this going to matter".

I must add that I know that the Lord is mindful of me--and I am so incredibly grateful for that knowledge and that I can share that knowledge with others. In the last few days, I have been so aware of His influence.

Yesterday I got up and looked at this Mormon message which made me think of my friend, Molly, whose funeral I attended on Thursday. video
She was a truly amazing woman.

Also, if you haven't had a chance to go and read this post, please read it. It sure made me stop and think about a lot of things.

Sidenote #1: When Allan and I were working our wills this week, we thought of something a little scary. If we died right now, most of our family couldn't come here to our funeral, as many of them do not have passports.

Sidenote #2: I was very sad when I talked with one of my sisters last night to hear that my sisters and their families are not getting together very often. We used to get together all the time. Of course, for many of my kids it's been years since they've seen them. Linda suggested we have a family reunion next year and I jumped on board.


Neal said...

I'm glad that you're organizing a reunion. It will be fun to see pictures of all the kids/grandkids. Especially when you compare them to a few years ago. I'm sure everyone has changed so much!

Natalie said...

I love your words and your thoughts. In really do.
I don't know why, but that little video clip brought tears to my eyes.
Yes, perspective is everything.
A family reunion will be just wonderful.
I too wish I could get these pounds off, but the struggle is great.:(
Good luck with your running. I think you are awesome to do it.

Heidi said...

Wow mom--you're pretty morbid;p jk! Oh and don't forget---you and daddy are not allowed to die!!!!

Heidi said...

Oh yeah, and I feel bad that I don't know your family as well:( Sorry!!! That is awesome that you are organizing a family reunion---you rock:) I love ya!!!

von said...
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Yvonne said...

Neal: It will be fun to see all of my family again. It has been way too long. Yes, they've all changed--just like we have ; )

Natalie: Thank you. That little video clip really touched me, too.

heidi: You know how morbid dad and I are--we're sure glad you have a passport--just hope they'll let you in the country ; ) Dad and I have no plans of dying anytime soon.

I put some pics on the family website. I know my sisters are always shocked whenever I put pictures of you guys because to them you are still just a little girl.

ShEiLa said...

just re-title it

What I Know...
regardless what day it is!

just had to say that first...
now I will go read the post.


ShEiLa said...


I remember those words of President Hinckley. Inspiring!
Thank you for posting it... somethings should be heard more than once or twice.

Molly has amazing perspective. What a story of courage and strength... just to go on.

Thank you Yvonne.

For some reason...
I am worrying about YOU lately. I hope all is well... or at least tolerable. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Yvonne said...

sheila: I amended the post to explain, molly was my friend who passed away. She was an amazing woman--truly have not known anyone quite like her.

Amber said...

A reunion sounds lovely. I haven't seen my brother and his family in a few years; I'm thinking I should take the excuse and organize something!

Tori said...

I love you Yvonne. You always inspire me.

Chantel said...

Perspective is important isn't it.

I hope the family reunion gets planned and you have lots of fun. I enjoy getting together with famnily and visiting.

Valerie said...

We had a family reunion this summer with my Mom's family and it was AMAZING!! It had been at least 15 years since we'd all been together. It makes me sad that we're family and we get out of touch like that. So, GOOD LUCK!!

As for funerals, I agree. I always love listening to the family talk about the deceased person. I especially love the funny little stories. It helps me know and remember that person in a way I never could have before. It seems that even though I'm sad when I walk away, I am still uplifted.

Melissa said...

Perspective is always a good thing... not always an easy thing, but always good.
Have fun planning your family reunion! We went to 3 this summer... at first I wasn't looking forward to it, but once we got there I was SO GLAD we had gone!

Roxanne said...

Don't know if I am doing this right, let me know. I just wanted to let yur know I too love our funerals and the time for contemplation. Mike and I haven't done out our wills, but I have my funeral program and arrangments planned

Nancy Face said...

I wish I could enjoy funerals more than I do. When the family members file in to the chapel and I see their grief-stricken faces, I start to cry and can't seem to stop until it's over. Occasionally I'm asked to sing at a funeral, and the only way I can accomplish that without falling apart is to detach myself and not listen to the speakers. Pathetic, huh?