Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I recently read this quote from Anna Quindlen, and I love it:

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."

For some reason it reminds me of this little quote that justrandi has on her blog:

I have been on an interesting journey lately--perhaps knowing I'm going to be an empty nester has given me much too much time to think ; ) I'm not sure I'm really very happy with who I am--I need to work on being a better me. It's not about being perfect, but there are so many things that I need to change. I'm thinking about who I really want to be.

Each of us is unique--it would be a rather boring world if we were all the same. I love that there are so many people who are creative, funny, talented, compassionate, loving, etc. I read something recently about our not needing to feel we should try to fit another person's mold. When I read blogs, I have to stop thinking "goodness, I can't do that. What's wrong with me." I just have to stop and strive to develop those gifts that would make me a better me. I'm grateful for a husband who loves me for me--and who doesn't compare me to anyone.

I do know I need to work on further developing charity. Sheri mentioned Sheri Dew's "If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard" in her comment on a previous post. I love that book. In it she says, "Charity is the pure love of Christ, and not only will it endure forever but its power to change and heal and transform us is limitless and eternal."

So what do I know this week--I know that I have gifts, each of us has gifts. My goal is to find mine and further develop the ones that I can use to bless the lives of those around me. No, I'm not trying to discover myself--as I said earlier, I already know who I am--I just want to be a better me. I want to be able to feel better about myself and be ready, willing and able to help those around me.

Sidenote #1: Kyle left today for a 6 day trip. I guess we will get a taste of what life will be like once he heads off to school. He left just a few hours ago and the house already feels VERY QUIET. I had to laugh when I spoke to the mom of the other young man he is traveling with and she asked if she could still send her boys over to our house because apparently we are the only ones who have GOOD FOOD for the guys to eat. (And all this time I thought it was my dynamic personality that kept them coming ; )

Sidenote #2: People have asked about my running class. My first class was more of a get to know you and training and the fact that "you are never too old to run". I must be one of the oldest in the class because the instructor and her assistant kept asking me if I was o.k. Hey, I was fine--my face wasn't even red!!!!! Our class this week will be on biomechanics which is what I have been waiting for.

Sidenote #3: Has anyone else noticed how it seems like people aren't blogging as much as they used to? I'm also having trouble with google reader letting me know when people have a post. Frustrating.


Connie said...

Yvonne, I love that you say we each have gifts! It's true but sometimes we can't see them.
There's so much I want to do to improve step at a time... and with the Lord's help, I will be a better person...not perfect, unless you're photo shopped, but at least trying.

Melissa said...

Hmm... what an interesting thought... I know that I too have been given gifts, but I tend to bury them. I tell myself that I don't really have time to develop them... maybe I need to rethink that!
And yes, I have noticed a slowing down in the blogging world. I've been part of it! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I went through a pretty serious funk for awhile. I think I'm out of it now :)

ShEiLa said...

This is what I had to say at 2:30 my time... when it wasn't letting me comment.

Here is what I wanted to say...

I love the Anna Quindlen quote.
I love the justRandi one too...

I have noticed that people don't blog like they used to...
do you think they are 'tweeting'? I'm not but are they???

My Yvette sent me a text that said after work she is
going to help a young friend clean house... being the total
Mother I am... I sent her a BIG WHAT??? along with the
you are recuperating lecture...

She said,
I am just trying to help. Service is the key to happiness!

She is amazing.

Glad the comment section works now. I sympathize with your empty nesting problem.


Klin said...

I have noticed that people are blogging less.

We do each have gifts. It is easy to forget them because we are so good at looking at what others can do and deciding that we can't do it.

I have some gifts that I want to rekindle. Like sewing. I made a lot of my now 18 year old's clothes when he was a baby.

I should note that I can only sew when a picture is involved. I've never understood those directions :)

Suzanne said...

Yvonne, what a great post! I think you're a fantastic person, but I know that we all have ways we still want to improve ourselves. I guess the key is to never stop trying our best! :)

You're right, not as many people are blogging anymore. I know that Facebook and Twitter are really popular, but I just don't have time to do them!

How fun that you have the good food. Can I come too? Oh wait... ;)

Lauren said...

Seriously, people truly are slowing down on the blogging. It's sad to me.

I loved this post. We really do all have our own gifts!

Heffalump said...

I think you have a great many gifts! You are certainly one of the nicest people I have ever met!

I have been having trouble with my reader too. It will all of a sudden stop updating people's feeds. Then I have to go in and delete the feed, and resubscribe to it. That usually helps for a while at least!

Sheri said...

You have the gift of inspiring others! Thanks for blogging and continuing to do it!!

Magirk said...

Lovely thoughts. :-) And I loved that quote from Anna Quindlen, and the one from justrandi as well.

I've noticed others not blogging much lately, too. Of course, I haven't been blogging much lately, so I guess I'm in that boat! It's just been a busy summer, I suppose.

I do miss it when people don't post, though. I don't always comment, but I generally do read all the posts in my reader, and I notice when bloggers aren't blogging! ;-)

Nancy Face said...

I too need to work on having more charity. I've been praying for help with that! :)

Some people have slowed WAY down on blogging, and others seem to have quit! But hey! It's supposed to be fun, and maybe they like facebook better...I dunno. As for me, the blog is still LOTS of fun! :D

JustRandi said...

Love that Anna Q quote!!

And Yvonne, you are talented in so many ways. i completely admire your perspective (the ability to HAVE it), your compassion, and your willingness to try new things!