Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is Really Teaching Who???

When we were in Utah my darling little grandson, who is referred to as "G-Man", and I had a cooking session. My DIL, Macy, posted about it on her photography blog. It is such a cute post (with some really cute pictures)--go here to read it.

Also if you are looking for some help in taking better pictures, go here and read the article she wrote for Store and Style She gives some fantastic help that I can't wait to try when I'm with the kids the end of the month.

She did quite a few posts on the blog about Amanda and Darren's wedding. She was the photographer and did an amazing job with the pictures. (I'm afraid I may have to sell one of my children to pay for all the pictures I am ordering ; ) She did this collage and I stole it off her blog--sorry, Macy. I love the shot of Kyle carrying Heidi as they did the "stroll". (Some people refer to it as a Soul Train line--sorry, but to an old person like me it is the stroll. I laugh every time I see that scene at the end of Hitch.)

Heidi thinks she's going to blackmail her dad with the picture of him dancing. Our family loves to dance--you can see just about everyone in our family dancing.

Sidenote: With all the rain and cool weather we have, my tomatoes that had been looking pretty good are looking HORRIBLE. At least today the weather WAS great and I had a nice run this morning.


ShEiLa said...

I have decided that your family not only loves to dance... but they love life in general and they are always having fun. That is admirable. Thanks for your friendship Yvonne... and for just being YOU!


Melissa said...

My family does not love to dance. I'm the only one... well, Baby Girl likes to get her groove on now and again! :)

I'm sorry about your tomatoes. The summer isn't over yet... maybe they'll pull out... maybe?

Heffalump said...

Those are great pics!
I am worried about my tomatoes too. Only two of my plants actually have any tomatoes, and the other ones just have blooms, which keep dying and then not producing any tomatoes. I think it is too cool here.

Heffalump said...

I have been perusing your daughter in law's photography blog and just came across the post she did about Lori Wynne. I thought that was a familiar name, and then I realized that Lori Wynne is Annie and Carrie's sister! Small world...

Magirk said...

Love all the fun pictures. ;-)

And the ones at Macy's place. Soooo cute!

Thanks for the link to her article, too - that was really helpful and interesting. It makes me want to learn more.

Sorry about the tomatoes, but glad you had a nice run. ;-) Have a great week!

Macy said...

Thanks! Glad you like the pictures. I love the cooking pics. And in my opinion, it isn't "stealing" a picture from a blog if you link back and tell people where you got it - which you are always so nice to do.

Neal said...

OK - I have to say that you can consider your blog ulta-successful, if someone (like ShEiLa) notes that our family "love[s] life in general and they are always having fun." That's a pretty awesome compliment!!

Connie said...

Just checked out your DIL's blog. Cute pictures!
I love the "stroll" at the wedding reception. I don't think anyone can blackmail over dancing, especially when it looks so good!
I hope your tomatoes come back!

Tiff's Tickles said...

What a fun family you have! What a cute little grandson, too. I looks like you had a wonderful time.:)

PJ said...

I love the photo of you and G-man!

Such fun captured in time by a great photographer!

Heidi said...

So fun! It was fun making pretzels with G-man;)

Yvonne said...

sheila: Yes we do--we love life.

I appreciate you, sheila, and your friendship.

melissa: The dancing at both weddings in May and July was so fun. I was surprised to see Kyle out there dancing.

I sure hope my tomatoes do better.

heffalump: Yeah, macy does a great job.

That's exactly what keeps happening to my tomatoes--they seem to have stopped producing. I'm hoping when it warms up they might do better.

Yes, it is a small world.

magirk: Macy has a great eye and does a great job.

I know what you mean about wanting to learn more--me too. I love taking pictures and I hope to put into practice what I read.

macy: Thanks for giving me the o.k. I do try and include a link.

neal: I agree--if people really do understand why I am "one happy mama" then I've done my job.
Yes, it is a compliment.

connie: Glad you checked out her blog. She does a great job.

Heidi loves to give her dad a bad time.

I hope my tomatoes come back, too.

tiff tickles: Thanks--I do have a fun family.

Little G-man is a cutie.

pj: I love the photo, too.

I'm so glad she took the pictures.

heidi: It was fun, wasn't it. Hugs to you sweetie.

Valerie said...

I checked out Macy's blog. She has taken some beautiful photos! Such a great talent that I admire.

Natalie said...

The cooking pictures are priceless.
G-man is just adorable.
Family fun is the best. We love to dance too.
What a great photographer.
You are running! That is just awesome.

Nancy Face said...

I also love the shot of Kyle carrying Heidi! :)