Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Great Day

One of the reasons I love coming to Utah is the opportunity to meet up with blogging friends. Last month, I met up with Nobody, Gina, and Klin. Last week, I met up with Sheri and Corrine. Today I had a chance to visit with my friend, Suzanne.

I have been able to meet up with my friend, Suzanne, a number of times. Each time I have met up with her it has been wonderful, but my visit today with Suzanne was an extra special treat because I got to meet her new little Sophie.

Sophie was absolutely adorable and one of the best babies I've been around. Suzanne is enjoying her so much and it was such a treat to watch her interact with her. She is such a great mom. Here she is modeling her little headband. Doesn't she look simply adorable

We had to get one shot of the 3 of us together. Suzanne, thanks for taking the time and for treating me to lunch. The meal was delicious, but the company just warmed my heart. Hopefully we can do it again.

I love Suzanne because she was more than willing to hear about the roller coaster ride we've been on lately. Now, I love roller coasters, but this one hasn't been much fun. There have been many who've been along for the ride, who would have rather not joined us. I appreciate the children who understand about riding the roller coaster and have been right there to support Allan and I through the ups and the downs. Your support has meant a great deal.

I also wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the prayers (as well as the crossed fingers, toes, and everything else ; )



Heffalump said...

I loved getting to meet Suzanne last year (and you as well of course!)
Glad you got to see her!

ShEiLa said...


I am sorry you are stuck on the roller coaster and can't get off just yet. :(

I think you are an awesome lady always making time in your schedule for everyone. I really admire that trait that seems to come naturally for you.


JustRandi said...

I hate those kinds of roller coasters!! uGHH.
But I am glad you got to meet up with bloggy friends! It's really surprising how real they are!

JustRandi said...

That sounded weird... but you know what I mean, right?

Melissa said...

One day I'm gonna get to meet you. It's gonna happen! I'm just sure of it... :)

Connie said...

I feel bad that you've been in Utah County all this time and I haven't gotten to meet you yet! Perhaps I need to spring for a lunch or dinner so we can get together. What do you think?
Sorry about the roller coaster ride, is this a ride that will end soon and you can get off and stay on the ground?

Corrine said...

i am just amazed at all the friends you have and how you are able to meet up with them all...

i am sorry about the roller coaster ride, have you read the quote I have on my blog by hinkley, I think he sums life up well....thinking and praying for you!

Yvonne said...

heffalump: It would have been fun to have everyone there. I was telling Suzanne how glad I am that I had a chance to meet you.

sheila: Thank you. You are very sweet.

justrandi: I knew exactly what you meant.

melissa: You bet we're going to meet one day ; )

connie: We're leaving early Thursday, so maybe next time I come we can make plans to meet up.

Hoping the roller coaster ride will end REALLY SOON.

corrine: There are so many wonderful bloggy people out there, and I have been fortunate to meet so many--I'm so glad I can add you to the list.

That quote would have been perfect for my post. I have heard that before--need to memorize it ; )

Nancy Face said...

I love Suzanne! Baby Sophie is just precious! I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy so many great blog friend meet ups lately! :)

Those prayers will keep coming!

mindyluwho said...

I want to meet Suzanne...her baby is sooo darling! I want to meet you too! When are you coming to California next? :)

aurora said...

Sorry that it isn't the kind of roller coaster that you can get off of right now...
Glad that you got to meet another bloggy buddy!

PJ said...

Two great women and one cute baby! So glad you were able to meet up...only a little jealous;)

Suzanne said...

Sorry it took me so long to get on here and post! I had such a great time visiting with you the other day! I will keep praying that your roller coaster ride will end soon. Keep us updated!!! ***hugs***