Friday, September 25, 2009


Here are a few status updates:

Some news on the running front:

1) At my running class last night, I was not at the end of the pack. Do you have any idea how exciting that was for me????

2) I decided to register for a 5K race the beginning of October. I'm excited and a bit nervous.

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I just finished a book for Book Club this weekend "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova. I would highly recommend it. It is an easy read and so worth the time. Just have a box of kleenex handy. I'm really looking forward to Book Club and the opportunity to discuss the book.

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I'm excited about the Women's Conference Broadcast tomorrow night.

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And FINALLY, the recipe I promised for Death by Chocolate--now please know this is not something I created, but I did change it a little:

1 Chocolate cake mix

2 pkg. (4 serving size) chocolate pudding
4 cups milk

l liter container of Cool Whip
6 Skor bars--crushed (I crush them by putting them in a baggie and taking a hammer to them)

Prepare cake according to the directions on the box--make it in either a 9 x 13 or 2 8 inch round layer cake pans

When the cake is cool, cut into little pieces. Put the pieces in a large bowl.

Mix pudding powders with the milk until smooth. Pour 1/3 of the pudding over cake in the bowl. Spread with 1/3 of the whipped topping. Sprinkle 1/3 of the crushed toffee bars over topping. Repeat two more times. Refrigerate.



Connie said...

Congratulations on NOT being the last in the pack and good for you for signing up to run the 5K!!!!
If I ate that delicious sounding cake, I WOULD be at the end of the pack! (It would be worth it)

Neal said...

5K race - that's awesome! I remember when I ran my first 5K...the sense of accomplishment was pretty great. Way to go!

Doran & Jody said...

Good luck on your 5k!!! I am so excited for you. Keep it up.
Maybe next week I will get my keester out of bed and hit the gym again.

I also can't wait for conference. Our Stake is doing a dinner before hand. Woot!!

And that CAKE!!! That is kind of cruel to post it in the same post as a 5k inspiration. Which one do I do? I know.....make the cake this weekend, and begin the running next. Good idea.

Liam's Mom said...

Yummy recipe! I need to give that a go!

Great job on your running progress. I am so impresed!!!!

Carrot Jello said...

I've made that dessert before, minus the skor bar.
We called it chocolate Heaven. :D

Tori said...

Not being at the back is HUGE!! Way to go!! That's awesome. Good luck on your 5k.

ShEiLa said...

Your first 5K... amazing.

Also thanks for the recipe. I will have to pass it along to family members... maybe one day I can try it. I love chocolate!


txmommy said...

yumm! I am going to the store right now!

Heffalump said...

I ran the mile in 7th grade track. I was always last. I remember when another girl in track switched over and started doing the mile, and I was suddenly no longer last. It felt GREAT! (I just tried not to think about her running along with her inhaler-she had asthma)

Natalie said...

Wow, running a 5K. Congratulations. Not being last is awesome. Way to go Y.

The cake looks yummy. Will have to make it when I get back. Can't get the ingredients here.:(

Will also read the book when I get back. So many things to look forward to.

Enjoy conf.:)

mindyluwho said...

Go Yvonne!

And, man does that cake sound yummy!

Melissa said...

I think it's awesome that you've signed up for the race!! You'll do great!
I've had that lovely dessert before... can I just say YUM?! :)

JustRandi said...

yay for running! You will do a great in the race. I can't wait to hear about it!
And holy smokes that recipe looks good. I don't think i can ever make it. I would eat the whole thing myself!

Amber said...

OHMYGOSH. I'm not a chocolate lover but I think that recipe may be the death of me!

And you GO GIRL re: the running!

Tonya said...

Oh my, I should not have read that recipe on Fast Sunday..LOL It looks so delicous. I must make it.

I'm so inspired by your running. You'll be doing marathons before you know it. Way to go!

Sheri said...

Congratulations on the running!! You are my hero and inspiration... tomorrow I start... again!! And because tomorrow I start... again, I will not be using the death by chocolate recipe!!;)

Nancy Face said...

Have I told you that even though I usually run 6 days a week I pretty much HATE it? Haha! :D

I LOVED Women's Conference!

That recipe sounds ridiculously scrumptious!

Valerie said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I am ALWAYS looking for a good new book to read. And THANK YOU for the recipe! I know I'll have fun with that!
Good luck on the 5K!

Jess said...

You are such a great example and running a 5k race. That is awesome good luck. You are super inspiring to me.

sweetpea said...

Yay for a 5k!! Running is easier (I think) in a race--lots of motivation!

Thanks for the recipe--it looks delicious!