Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I Know Wednesday--There is Value in Being Cautious

I am a worrier--I often wonder if my younger children are cautious enough. (Let me clarify, I say "younger" only because I don't want any of my "older" kids to think I am questioning things they do. Not that I'm questioning any of them; ) ANYWAY-- Thinking about the whole cautious thing made me think of something that happened many, many years ago--shortly after I graduated from high school. I was sharing a house with 3 other girls. One of them had met a young man at a bar and they began dating. (Let me add that we were all pretty stupid) My friend really started to fall for the guy and was on cloud 9. He treated her very well. A few months later she stopped by her folks' house, and they told her to come in and sit down. They had been watching the news and there was report of a bank robbery. As they watched the news, they were very surprised to see the young man she had been dating was part of the group that robbed the bank. She was devastated. Of course, I can laugh today when I remember watching the news and one of the women who had been tied up by this man commented that "he was such a nice bank robber"--because he was very concerned as he tied her up.

In some ways, this experience made me a little overly cautious. It probably would have been helpful if it had occured prior to the summer of my Junior year of high school when a friend and I were up at Yosemite and went hitchhiking. Can I just say after two guys gave us a ride, I was very grateful I HAD A HUGE FLASHLIGHT that doubled as a weapon and came in very handy.

So WHAT DO I KNOW--being cautious isn't a bad thing.

When I started blogging a couple of years ago, I was somewhat hesitant about comments and visiting others blogs. But I have found that as long as I know someone that knows someone who knows someone else, I'm fairly comfortable.

Hence, I have been able to meet up with lots of blogging friends, and TODAY WAS NO EXCEPTION. I was able to meet up with Laughadaisy It was so fun. She has just started homeschooling. It's something I know I could never do, so I admire those who do it--and she has twins. We only had a few minutes to visit, but I loved having a chance to meet her. I bought this adorable blanket from her Etsy shop. (She has such cute things, go visit )

Thanks, Laughadaisy.

Sidenote: Ever since I read about Sweet Tooth Fairy on Nie Nie's blog, I have wanted to visit. Today Allan and I stopped by.

And look at what I walked out with ; ) I REALLY do not want to get on the scale when I get home.

We are heading for home tomorrow--going through Jackson Hole. It's been years since we've gone that way.


ShEiLa said...

Have a safe trip home... and there is nothing wrong with being cautious.


ps. I have seen that Sweet Tooth Fairy on Nie Nie's blog too! Looks supre yummy.

Connie said...

I too was very concerned about blogging. I had my blog so private that only I was invited. Glad I'm not that cautious anymore.
Have a safe trip and wait to get on the scales in a few weeks. By then you will have run off all the delicious calories!

glittersmama said...

I have been in love with cupcakes lately. Unfortunately they love me back enough to stick around.

Neal said...

Wait! Where is this Sweet Tooth Fairy place?!?! Looks pretty awesome...

Heffalump said...

I'm a pretty cautious person too. I think...better safe than sorry.

mindyluwho said...

There is a cupcake place here that has very similar goodies like Sweet Tooth Fairy's stuff. I used to drive by it all the time taking my kids to the college, but then we moved...thank goodness! Otherwise I think I would have gained 20 pounds by now!

Macy said...

We got cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy for Emily's baby shower in July. Deeelicious. I think the key lime was my favorite. Vanilla was wonderful as well. Can't wait to visit next month. Maybe if Neal is nice, I'll show him where it is. :)

carolyne b said...

I can relate to being careful, in my youth I have done foolish things that looking back have wondered how I made it through. I still pick up hitch hikers, but not always.

Nana said...

Who is this tooth Fairy and where can I find her?

Magirk said...

I'm all about being careful - to a fault, most time!

I am so happy we had a chance to spend a few minutes together, to meet and chat. Thank you!

Those sweets look super yummy. It's only 8:30, but now I'm already thinking about satisfying my sweet tooth today! ;-)

linda said...

Just stopping by via another blog and thought I'd leave a comment...hope you don't mind.

I could so identify with your post because as a parent of a 24 and 21 year old, I'm always hoping and praying that my kids are being cautious and making good choices.

I'm an overly cautious person myself so I do think some of it has rubbed off on my kids yet they still amaze me at times by being so vulnerable and open. It's a scary world out there and we understand that by being older. Kids have to learn that along the way too but hopefully they won't be hurt along the way. It's a tough job being a parent isn't it!?!

The cupcakes looks delish...I'm a hugh cupcake lover!

Linda said...

P.S. Have a safe trip home!

Sheri said...

I was never overly cautious, but find I am more so as a parent! I guess I worry more about them than I ever did me!! I also just have to believe that their guardian angels will watch them when I can't!
Those cupcakes looked Delish!!
Drive Safe!!

Nobody said...

You know, I don't think "good boyfriend" and "bank robber" are necessarily mutually exclusive...

That story seems straight out of a movie!

I have always been relatively cautious, even as a teenager I just didn't let myself get in bad situations. I'm grateful for that as an adult. I see it in Avee too, and I'm REALLY grateful for it.

I have to confess, I'm a little jealous that the post referencing meeting me didn't involve bank robbers, hitchhiking, and huge flashlights. But, I can get over it.

Yvonne said...

sheila: I agree. The cupcakes were VERY YUMMY.

connie: I love the idea of waiting a few weeks to get on the scale.

glittersmama: When I taught Seminary I used to make cupcakes all the time, maybe I'll volunteer to make them once in awhile ; )

neal: It's down near Provo Towne Center--I think that's what it's called.

heffalump: I agree--I'd much rather be better safe than sorry.

mindylou: Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go there until the END OF THE TRIP.

macy: We didn't get the key lime--although I was seriously considering. Enjoy. BTW, I'm sure neal will be nice ; )

carolyne b: Oh be careful.

nana: Thanks for stopping by. You can go to the website at thesweettoothfairy dot com.

magirk: I totally understand the being careful.

Thanks again.

I hope you satisfied your sweet tooth.

linda: Thanks for stopping by--I'm glad you commented. Yes, it can be tough sometimes to be a parent, but we can just do our best and hope and pray.

Thank you.

sheri: We feel such responsibility as parents, don't we. Like you, I hope their guardian angels are watching over them ; )

They were delish.

nobody: It's one of the funniest stories I have. I did feel very sorry for her.

Obviously, I was not terribly cautious as a young person--fortunately, most of my children have been.

I still want to write a post about our meeting--YOU KNOW YOU TAUGHT ME SO MUCH. There was something you said that has stuck with me and I will always appreciate it. Hugs.

Heidi said...

Glad you finally got to go and taste the goodness of the Sweet Tooth Fairy:)

NOBODY said...

Well NOW you have me intrigued. What can I do for you to make that post happen?

Just kidding. That's J's "used car salesman line". He says it to the kids, "What's it going to take for me to get you into a clean diaper this morning, Danyo."

Tori said...

OMGosh- a bank robber?? lol I think back to stupid things I did, like ride in the back of a pickup with a group of girls after picking who was "most sober" to drive. Seriously???

Nancy Face said...

Bank robbers? Hitchhiking? EEEK! :0

Yay for meeting another bloggy friend! The blankie is so cute! Those sweets look fabulous! :)