Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Favorite Memories--Kids Edition

I had so much fun doing that post for our anniversary, that I thought I would do one favorite memory for each of our children--maybe one day I'll do one for the grandkids.

1) Neal--I have tons of favorite memories with Neal--Neal was home for one year after his dad and I got married. He was a delight to have around. Throughout my pregnancy, whenever he would come home he would check on me and help with whatever I needed. I sure missed him when he went off to BYU. It was always fun when we would have a chance to meet up. Heidi, Brent, and Chris and Amanda are still so close today because of all the times they spent together.

I was going to say my favorite memory would have to be when he brought Macy to Winnipeg to introduce us to her the Christmas before they got married.
It was so wonderful to see him so happy. Then 5 months later they were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

But, I think my favorite memory will be something that hasn't happened yet--when Allan and I get to go to China and Japan with him. He will be the PERFECT tour guide ; )

2) Nancy--Nancy is a fun girl. She was such a fun big sister for Heidi--when Heidi was little they were inseparable. As I think of my favorite memory with her, I am reminded of watching her when she became a mother. She has always had that motherly instinct. Of course, watching her last February interact with her first grandchild was tons of fun. Then, although we didn't plan on seeing them again--we saw them in April at my MIL's funeral and we took this picture at that time.

You wouldn't believe the pictures she sends via her cell phone--Xander with a beard at Christmas, as a street thug, they just keep coming. I'm sad that we don't get a chance to see them very often.

3) Stephen--Well, Stephen and I have been together since he was born in 1970 and I have tons of memories. I remember when he threw my surprise birthday party when he was 10--so fun. I remember one day when he was home for lunch with one of his buddies and my TV commercial came on the air and he said to his friend, "Oh, there's my mom"--the look on his friend's face is a great memory. I took some of the money from the commercial and he and I flew to Disneyland. I was so amazed as we stood and line and I heard him sharing the Gospel with people in line.

Obviously, my favorite moment would have to be in 2006 when he and Daphne and their 5 children were sealed in the Hawaii temple.

4. Wendy--She is a wonderful woman. After our first year of marriage she spent the majority of time with her mother.

After she and Tony got married, they left Indiana and moved to Reno and lived with us for a few months. It was so fun. The kids loved having them there. I loved having a hairdresser in the house--I HATE DOING MY HAIR and she has always done a good job with my mop.

I guess I'd have to say one of my favorite memories would have to be attending her baptism when I was her CTR teacher--long before her dad and I got married. But another favorite memory would be when she and Tony came to Winnipeg one Christmas and we went to Lights of the Wild on Christmas Eve. I highly doubt they had ever been that cold in their lives, but they are such troopers they didn't complain at all they just smiled and their teeth chattered like the rest of us ; )

5. Heidi--I have so many wonderful memories of Heidi. She was such a delightful little girl--I'll always remember her and Chris playing ponies. I loved watching her all through school. Heidi loves to dance and we haven't been able to see her in all her performances, but to watch her dance is so great. I'll never forget Kyle carrying her during the dance at Amanda and Darren's wedding. I can't find my 5 x 7 copy of this pic to scan, sorry.

But one of my favorite moments would have to be going into her classroom and watching her teach the very first time. I love hearing her stories--she just makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. Sorry, I can't post a picture because I can't put a pic of the kids in her class, but here she is with her brothers who helped her decorate her classroom.
The pic reminds me of a video where she is holding a little wand like that which she referred to as "my maaaggggggggic" ; )

6. Brent--It has been a real privilege to be Brent's mother. He is an amazing young man--probably my most positive child. He is such a great help whenever he's home. (I miss that so much) I have had great memories with him--it's been wonderful to watch him grow up and accomplish so much. It was always so fun to watch him play video games--he loved them and always surprised us with his hand and eye coordination.

Taking him to the MTC was a great memory--during those two years it was great to read about his experiences. I would have to say my favorite memory with him was when we went to Arizona so he could take us to all the places he loved when he served there on his mission.

7. Kyle--We have had some great memories with Kyle. He is our little Canadian. He is probably our biggest worrier--I really don't know why. Because he was the only child at home since 2005, he has had a lot of attention. I think he kind of enjoyed it, but at the same time would have loved having the other kids around.

Of course, one of my favorite stories has to be when Kyle broke his leg. The interns/residents were all coming to look at the break (it was pretty ugly) They had given Kyle a fair amount of morphine and he was pretty out of it. His eyes were shut and we assumed he was asleep. We were waiting for him to have an x-ray and talking about when he would go in and Allan commented that it would probably be awhile since his injury was not "life threatening". Kyle IMMEDIATELY sat up and with great emotion said, "It's life threatening????"

But a favorite memory would have to be when he won the Provincial Championship in the Long Jump.

Sidenote #1: Go here and look at some cute pictures of my little grandson, Garrett, and then go vote for him. I know I'm his grandma and everything BUT YOU HAVE TO ADMIT HE IS A CUTIE ; )

SIDENOTE #2: In my last post on our wedding anniversary, Connie asked where my MIL was in the family picture--I put the one of just us and our kids/grandkids. So here are a couple from her 90th birthday postFirst is the one of my sweet MIL and all of her children, spouses and grandchildren along with the one of her parasailing.

You might have trouble seeing her in those, so here's one of her when we were in Alaska on our cruise to China last year.


Melissa said...

First! Ha!! :D

Melissa said...

Okay... now my real comment ;)
I love this post! It's so great to hear about the memories you have with your kids!

Heffalump said...

I hope you are saving these posts to your computer periodically, or printing them out!
Great memories!

Natalie said...

I love your memories. What an awesome and fun family you have.

Ambrosia said...

How sweet! I bet your kids will love to read that!

Valerie said...

It's obvious you're "One Happy Mama." Congratulations on raising such wonderful, happy children! I'm sure they love you just as much as you love them!!

Klin said...

That was awesome! I love reading it and getting to know more about your kids.

I would love to read about your grandkids, when you get a round to it :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks everyone--this was a post I REALLY ENJOYED DOING.

melissa: Thanks--I love talking about my kids and my hubby. I have some great memories. (Not about to share the not-so-great ones.

heffalump: The memories are written somewhere. I still have to figure out how to save them.

natalie: My family is pretty awesome.

ambrosia: I don't know if they love it or not--notice they never commented ; )

valerie: I am a very happy mama ; )

klin: Thanks. I will one day write about my grandkids.

Nancy Face said...

This is just great! You are so good at remembering special events and details! :)

Tonya said...

What a great post! You are so good about memories and keeping pictures. Your children are all so blessed to have you as their mom.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm up for adoption? :o)

Tonya said...

P.S. I am making a blog book and it is so easy. You really should put these great posts into a book for you and your family. Email me if you want the info.

ShEiLa said...

YOU always have the best family photos... I love reading about your memories.