Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween's Past

This is a pic of carvings a few years ago--just plain old pumpkins this year ; ( I think this is the first Halloween I didn't put up my decorations--well, maybe Halloween 1990 when I was pregnant with Kyle--I got out of the hospital that weekend and I don't think I put up anything (notice I didn't say "threw up" anything)

After our news on Thursday, which you can read about here, we considered dressing up for Halloween as happy people, but changed our minds. I guess I was missing seeing the kids getting all dressed up, and it made me feel a little nostalgic so I decided to put up a few pics. Kids, if you look ENJOY:

Stephen and I many, many Halloweens ago. (I still have that costume ; )

Talk about many moons ago--how about 23 years ago.

Heidi's costume in Kindergarten was one of my favorites.

The next year she went as a Fairy Princess--I loved the costume.

I loved the year Brent went as a Robot--favorite story when someone asked if he was a refrigerator. Kyle was a little miffed and answered, "Does a refrigerator have arms?

Kyle as Mario--actually I just saw a pic of him on Facebook--looks a little bit more like Luigi in that one.

One year when I was in Young Women we had a Halloween party and we all dressed up.

Still one of the cutest costumes I've ever seen--the year Drew was an octopus.

I don't know though because you also have this one when Garrett was an elephant.

Maybe I'll do another Halloween post when I see pics of them all this Halloween. I'm sitting here just wondering what my little great-grandson was dressed as for his first Halloween. Goodness only knows ; )

Sidenote: I'm so looking forward to my extra hour sleep tonight.


JustRandi said...

Absolutely darling!

I'm so envious that you have your pictures all scanned in. Every time I think about it, I just cringe!

Neal said...

Was that picture of Chris in CV from 86 or 87? I can't believe he was 2 in that picture!

Natalie said...

Cute, cute pictures. Love the little babies!
Awesome pumpkin carving.
I was a clown one year and my little boy did not recognize me. HA

Melissa said...

Fun!!! And you're right... I don't think I could choose between the octopus and the elephant either! :)
Did you ever get any trick or treaters??

Heffalump said...

Love Halloween memories!

Klin said...

The elephant is my favorite. How cute is he?

I love to look at old pictures of Halloween. They are so fun.

Cherie said...

REally cute pictures Yvonne! I love looking at Halloween's past!
You guys had some awesome costumes and I totally do love the Octopus and the Elephant - babies are just so cute.
I also liked seeing you as a young mom - the years just go too fast don't they!
I'm with you on the extra hour - it was heavenly :D

sweetpea said...

I adore that octopus costume!! I have never seen one like it before.

LOVE all the pics!!

mindyluwho said...

We didn't carve pumpkins this year. I don't know why, time just got away from us. The one on my blog was from two years ago!

What adorable kids and grandkids you have!

Tori said...

"Does a refrigerator have arms?" made me lol. LOVE the pics!!!

ShEiLa said...

very adorable Halloween Moments... some of the costumes adorable... some scary.

Memories are the best!


Nancy Face said...

Those are all great costumes, and I especially love the baby octopus and elephant! :)