Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Do I Know Wednesday--I Know This Girl Is GREAT

Today is Heidi's 26th birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie. When I was pregnant with Heidi both Allan and I were convinced I was carrying a boy--so throughout the pregnancy she was referred to as "Jim-Billy-Bob". So when I delivered her, we were VERY SURPRISED and unprepared. She left the hospital as "Baby Girl "R"" It took a few days for us to come up with a name.

She was an absolutely beautiful baby. She was so pink and not wrinkly and simply adorable. When she joined our family all of the older kids were very happy. I'm sure it was tough for them to suddenly have a little one in their lives, but they were great.


Let me give you an opportunity to see her THROUGH THE YEARS. Heidi, I don't know how many of these pictures you'll remember.

So beautiful.

She was such a fun little baby--she was always so happy.

We never knew quite where we'd find her ; ) Places like this

Or this

Nancy always loved to put Heidi in the cutest little outfits--

This isn't the face she's had when she's been stopped by the police for SPEEDING. Perhaps Dad never should have taught her to drive. (Although she just celebrated a milestone--one year without a speeding ticket.)

Heidi was thrilled when she became a BIG SISTER. She has always watched out for Brent.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her.

It was fun to have Nancy help Heidi get dressed up for Halloween ; )

It was a sad day for Heidi when Nancy moved to Indiana. They loved spending time together. Heidi was a little mirror image of Nancy.

Taking cupcakes to JoySchool for her birthday--she was thrilled. (BTW, I can't believe kids can't take cupcakes to school--YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM. I guess the schools are very careful today.

One of Heidi's favorite movies is "The Emperor's New Groove"--I think she can quote the whole thing. Obviously, her favorite line--"Save the drama for the llama" (I think she uses it with her first graders ; ) To me that fits this picture PERFECTLY.

Heidi has always loved girly things. When Stephen and Daphne got married, she couldn't resist trying on Daph's veil.

Heidi loves her Dad--he is her hero. This is her 5th birthday.

Playing with bubbles in Charlotte, Easter 1990

When Kyle was a baby we took a trip to Western Canada. Here are Heidi and Brent at Lake Louise.

Heidi has always had such a great time with Kyle. They still have a great time together.

In Grade 9, Heidi ran hurdles and did the high jump. She followed in her dad's footsteps.

Besides basketball and track and field, Heidi was a cheerleader. (I think she still laughs today when she thinks about ; ) I loved watching her.

High school graduation.

Like Kyle, Heidi has a great vertical leap. She was leading the music at Girl's Camp and I happened to catch her in the air--LOVE IT.

Heidi participated in a Senior Project at BYU. She loves dancing.

Heidi and her nephew, Chris, at a family reunion in 2006.

Another favorite picture--taken at the restaurant Heidi worked one summer.

Heidi graduated from BYU in April 08. She is such a great teacher--she loves her students. She is currently working on getting her Masters.

The day after her birthday last year, her boyfriend, Elder F. left for his mission to the Macon Georgia Mission--which means one year down, one to go. He is a wonderful young man who is doing a fantastic job in the mission field, and I know she is counting down the days until he will be home.

SIDENOTE #1: If you read NieNie, be sure and watch Oprah today ; )

SIDENOTE #2: Not sure if I'm ready for the cold weather. When I ran Monday morning it was 28 degrees F. Brrrrrr.

SIDENOTE #3: I listened to Elder Uchtdorf's talk from Priesthood tonight and will engrave this on my forehead: "It is often in the trial of adversity that we learn those most critical lessons that form our character and shape our destiny."


Neal said...

Love the post. Great pics. I was amazed at all the different hairstyles, over the years. As a guy - we just don't get that ; )

Connie said...

Happy Birthday to Heidi! It looks like she's living life to the fullest.
Great quote from Pres. Uchtdorf.

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to Heidi! I loved all her pictures! :D

Kris Face and I were convinced Lauren would be a boy, too!

Heffalump said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!

JustRandi said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!
And Yvonne, when you said that Heidi's dad is her hero, I laughed. I mean, I'm sure he is, but I'm just guessing that someone else is her hero, too.
I know you're one of mine!!

carolyne b said...

was that L.Tom Perry at Heidi's graduation?

Melissa said...

What great pictures and a fantastic tribute to your daughter! Happy Birthday Heidi :)

Ambrosia said...

Happy birthday to Heidi! I feel like I know her now! One minor question, how many kids do you have? Oh, can't wait to watch NieNie today!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to Heidi. She seems like such a wonderful girl.
The pictures were just wonderful.

Loved Elder Uchtdorf' talk. He is awesome!

Sorry I misspelled Allan's name. Now I never will again.

Corrine said...

happy birthday to Heidi sounds like a wonderful blessing in your life and sure kept you on your toes.

love the utchdorf ok so i cant spells quote..thats who it was by right..;oh my i am losing my mind too fast.

i will tune into oprah and oh there was something else...but forgot now....oh well

utmommy said...

Happy Birthday to Heidi!! Sounds like she's a great daughter.

Love the quote by Elder U.!

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! She's so beautiful!
I love how you'd find her random places, how the heck did she get into the laundry basket?! ha ha!

ShEiLa said...

Your Heidi and my Celestial are just 10 months apart. I guess I didn't put two and two together.

Lovely photo memories, we are lucky to have photos since it helps recall the past.


Heidi said...

Oh thanks mom----I sure loved that:) You are always ALWAYS soooo thoughtful and soooooooo good to me!!! I sure love you and appreciate your kindness! Thank you again!!! It is sad that I did not get to celebrate with you this year, but I sure look forward to Christmas!!! And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!! You are all sooo sweet:)

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to Heidi!

Sheri said...

I love your memory lane posts! Happy Birthday Heidi!!

Yvonne said...

neal: Thanks. As you know, I have soooooooo many pictures it was hard to decide which ones to use.

Well, I don't really want to talk about hair ; )

connie: Heidi is having a great life.

That quote just really touched me.

nancy: I loved the pictures, too.

Did you have a name picked out?

heffalump; Thanks.

justrandi: Oh, you are too funny.

You know I think YOU'RE GREAT!!!!

carolynne: Yes, it was Elder Perry.

melissa: Thanks. She is fun.

ambrosia: She is a great girl.

I have 7 children--all of whom are now grown up and (sniff, sniff) out of the house.

I thought nienie did a great job.

natalie: Heidi is a great young woman.

I feel the same way about Elder Uchtdorf.

No problem, elieve me Allan and I are used to having people misspell our names--first and last ; )

corrine: Heidi is a great blessing.

I loved the quote, too.

I enjoyed nienie so much.

utmommy: Heidi is a great daughter.

I want to listen to all of the Priesthood talks.

whitney: You are so sweet. Thanks.

Nancy used to put Heidi in all these strange places.

sheila: I didn't realize they were so close in age.

I would be so lost without photos.

heidi: I'm glad you read it--You are a wonderful daughter and I love being your mom. I have such great memories. You are wonderful and I appreciate you so much.


valerie: Thanks.

sheri: I know Heidi appreciates your wishes.

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Heidi.

You know, I never watch Oprah but did for some reason today and saw NieNie. What an amazing story. I need to start reading her blog.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi! :) What an accomplishment that she's getting her Master's while teaching! Yvonne, I love getting to see all your fun pictures! The funny places and fun dress up shots made me LOL!

Doran & Jody said...

Fun post!!

Happy Birthday Jim..Billy..Bob!!

Off to listen to Pres Uchtdorf.

PJ said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!

I watched Oprah and cried!!

Roxanne said...

Happy birthday Heidi. I'm going to have to figure out how to add pictures to my blog. I mentioned in mine how powerful I thought Pres. Holland talk on the Book of Mormon so where are you off to for thanksgiving

mindyluwho said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Heidi!

Anonymous said...

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