Monday, November 2, 2009

November Celebrations

I'm sitting here in shock because it is November--HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???

We have great things to celebrate in November:

November 4th is Wendy's birthday. I love this picture of her with her dad and two of her brothers.

November 16th Allan starts his new job. He is going to be working for the company that has the guys that run around in the brown shirts and brown shorts. The kids are very disappointed that their dad doesn't have to wear that uniform. You have to know there could have been blackmailing involved ; )

November 20th New Moon. I just don't think I can wait until the following week to go and see it with Heidi.

November 21st is the birthday of Joshua, one of my handsome grandsons--in this picture with his nephew, Xander.

November 26th Thanksgiving--sandwiched right in-between the birthdays of 3 of my sisters. (Actually Thanksgiving day would have been my mom's 92nd birthday--WOW.

I will be in sunny California visiting family. It's going to be GREAT. I'm very excited that Thanksgiving morning I will be able to run in a 5K race with Stephen and maybe one of my grandkids--that would make it a 3 generation event.

Of course, November means Christmas is just around the corner and I have barely started shopping. Daph and I will definitely be hitting the stores the day after Thanksgiving.

So, now I ask what will YOU be celebrating this November????

Sidenote: I did go last week to see "This Is It"--I LOVED IT.


ShEiLa said...

Busy November for you...
for me its kinda sad.

My Mother was born November 13th... on a Friday. However six years ago she passed away two days after her birthday. I miss her so much.

Have a wonderful November. You have a whole lot to be thankful for with Allan's new job and I bet he is glad he doesn't have to wear the uniform.


Sheri said...

I am sure I will be baking! for some reason I really love to bake in November and December!! I love November and Thanksgiving - so I will just enjoy those for now!!

JustRandi said...

I love November!! My very favorite holiday to decorate for -- I don't know why I love Thanksgiving so much!!

We're going to my brother's house about 4 hours away for thanksgiving this year, with all my siblings, so we are super excited!!

I love November!

Heffalump said...

I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! Christmas is creeping closer!
I am looking forward to seeing family over Thanksgiving and our annual Girls Day/Card Making party the day after Thanksgiving.

mindyluwho said...

I love this time of the year...but I still can't believe it's already here!

You are coming to the best place to visit!

Connie said...

Your November must be like Christmas with the birthday gift giving!
We too go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It's so fun to hit the stores with my girls!
We saw THis is It and we loved it too!
So cool that you are going to run a 5K in California! Good for you!

PJ said...

Crazy that it is November!
My oldest daughter will be 12 this month! Watch out Young Womens!

Looks like you have much to look forward to:)

Melissa said...

You have a busy month! So many fun things to celebrate!

We have two family birthday's, but we live far away from them, so we won't be celebrating with them. And then Thanksgiving. My in-laws are flying down to celebrate with us! I'm looking forward to that :D

Valerie said...

It's November and DARK!! Sounds like you'll be extremely busy. My biggest plan is flying to Denver to see Wicked!! Yippee!! But I probably won't be in line for New Moon. Instead I'll take Buttercup and drop her off.

Natalie said...

Sounds like a busy, fun month ahead for you.

Chantel said...

November is indeed very busy. My family is doing a big birthday party for November birthdays. My son turns 5 on the 27th, our ward is doing the primary presentation this month so lots of practicing and I need to get started on baking. Christmas will be here quickly.

Nancy Face said...

So many things to celebrate this month! I'm so happy about your hubby's job, YAY! Won't it be great running that 5K in nice California weather? :)

Our 27th anniversary is November 19th, and after an early dinner with Hubby Man, I'm taking off and going to a 9:00 P.M. screening of New Moon with my girls! What a bad wife, huh? ;)

aurora said...

Sounds busy and fun for you!!

aurora said...

Oh and congratulations to you both on Allan's job!! woo hoo!!! I haven't been on your blog in a bit (sorry!) and just noted it in others' comments. yay!

Doran & Jody said... forgot my granddaughters 1st birthday, my brothers birthday and Doran's birthday. It will also be one year since my daddy passed away.

We usually go to AZ every year for Thanksgiving but this will be the second time we haven't gone in 26 years. Therefore we also miss our OWN 5 mile run.

Good luck on your 5k!!! And enjoy the Cali sun.

Jess said...

So excited that he got a job. I didn't want you guys to have to leave. Yeah!!!! Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you!!

Cherie said...

Wow! You have a very busy November - Lots of fun birthdays and celebrations besides Thanksgiving! Much to be Grateful for :D

Today is my Mom's birthday too and I have seen a couple others - a big day for a birthday!

I love November and Thanksgiving!

Nobody said...

All day on the 1st and 2nd I just kept saying, "How did that happen!?" I honestly don't know where the other months went.
Except March. That was a long month.
Just kidding.

Heidi said...

I am sure excited to see you mom:) Wow---you are going to run another race! You are amazing!!! I love ya tons!!!