Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes Random is All I've Got

  • I'm simply loving this weather--I was so worried by now I would have to go out and run in the snow and ice, but IT HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. This is so unusual. We usually get our first snowfall on Halloween and it stays until mid-April. I thought this was going to be a horrible winter when we had snow in mid-October, but I'm loving this. I was able to go out this morning for one of my longest runs. I had on a headband to keep my ears warm and ended up taking it off half-way through the run.

  • We had a fairly quiet weekend. Our Stake had a huge employment seminar on Saturday--Allan was doing a workshop, but I stayed home and baked cookies--lots of cookies. The other night Allan told me how much the missionaries love when he brings cookies to his meeting with them. He had a meeting scheduled with them for Sunday night and so Saturday I decided to bake (and sample ; ). And since Saturday night we would be attending the "farewell" for my first Seminary student to go on a mission, I baked cookies to take to that, too. Sister C is going to California--not too far from where I grew up. She is a lovely young woman and will make a fantastic missionary. She is heading down to visit family in the U.S. before going into the MTC so Allan will not be able to set her apart before she goes, so she and her family came over last night.

  • Because of my travel plans to California and Allan's traveling, I decided it was time to start getting the decorations up for Christmas. (I know it seems way too early, but I don't want to have another fiasco like Halloween--NOT ONE DECORATION graced my walls, my counters, ANYTHING. It was so sad. So, I am determined that will never happen again. On Saturday, I started putting out my Nativity Scenes. I also put a few things on the walls. I think the end of the week Allan will put a couple of the artificial trees up and next week I will start decorating them. Allan doesn't know if he will be here for Thanksgiving feeding the missionaries, but if he is, I'm sure they can all have a good laugh. I decided to start working on an Advent Calendar today that has been sitting here for about 3 years. See, I thought if I wrote about it I would be accountable to finish it ; )

  • I was able to talk to my Utah kids last night. (Believe me I'm counting the sleeps until I get to see them ; ) I was laughing as I was talking to Kyle. I told him how much I miss his buddies because I have had extra desserts and things and they are not here to eat them all. Kyle said he would have them come by and visit, but I told him they needed to let me know so I could make something special for them. I may have said this before but if I had gone to the high school and hand picked friends for him, I couldn't have chosen better guys. They are wonderful young men.

    Kyle also said he wants to take violin lessons--WHAT???? The kid already plays piano, organ, guitar and drums. He has been taken piano since he was 5 and participated in the pianothon and music festival just about every year. When I asked why he said, "I want to add another instrument to my repertoire". Can't argue with that!!!

    Brent is happy to have his application ready for the Media Arts Program. Exciting times for him.

    Heidi was down last week with the flu. I loved that fact that her brothers were there to give her a blessing. She heads back to school today. Sure hope she is feeling better.

    Sidenote #1: Speaking of musical talent, go here and look at my cute little Garrett.

    Sidenote #2: I mentioned last week about Allan's daughter Nancy having a mini-stroke. When she was released from the hospital, the doctor gave her a heart monitor to wear. Apparently the doctor was concerned with what he saw, so tomorrow she will be going in for an angiogram. I hope and pray all will be okay.


    Heffalump said...

    I don't think it is too early to put up Christmas. I love the beautiful lights and other decorations.
    Tell Kyle he should be unique and pick the Viola instead of the violin. Then he can learn to read a whole new clef! (I'm partial because I played viola growing up). Not many instruments use the alto clef, so he should give it a try!

    Marsha said...

    If you see sister c again can you please give her the worlds biggest hug for me and tell her how proud I am of her.

    Cherie said...

    That little video of Garrett was stinkin cute - I'm ready to rock too!!

    You are so thoughtful of everyone - Cookies for all - I love that. I also love how close you stay to people in your life. That is neat that your first Seminary student is going on a mission soon.

    Good for you getting those Christmas decorations up. I totally would do that if I wasn't having Thanksgiving here. I love gettting an early start!

    Your kids all sound like they are doing great and that they are very talented. I love that your son wants to add one more instrument to his talents - How great is that!!!

    Have a GREAT week Yvonne!

    ShEiLa said...

    I plan to put up our tree tomorrow and surprise Tony. (I was going to do it today... then we went to the doctor instead.)

    I hope Heidi is all better. It takes awhile to get your strength back after the flu.


    Connie said...

    I think random is best! Again, so impressed with your diligence in running! You are amazing. You must be dropping some weight, not that you need to, just sayin...
    I hope all goes well with your family. Scary to have a mini stroke and heart problems and then Heidi with the flu! When you have a large family, the joys, the blessings, the challenges are never ending!

    txmommy said...

    Christmas is in the air!!!

    I hope Nancy is alright.

    PJ said...

    I'm anxious to put up Christmas decorations!

    The Garden of Egan said...

    I never think putting up Christmas is too soon! Sounds like you had a wonderful busy weekend.
    I just read your 100 things about you. What a treat! I wonder if you share your chocolate carmel brownies recipe???????? Pretty please??????

    Natalie said...

    Garret is soooooo cute. A musician in the making. :)

    I know the missionaries love the cookies. I make cookies or something else yummy almost every week for district mtg. and they love it.

    Not too early for Christmas decorations. Fun to enjoy them a bit longer. I have a tiny tree, about 30cms that In am about ready to put out. Not much, but it will do this year.

    Hope Nancy will be better soon and glad Heidi is on the mend.

    Melissa said...

    Nothing wrong with a random post!
    My parents thought they would get a bad winter too (they are in Idaho) and so far they've been rather pleased with the weather!
    I want to put up Christmas stuff! But I'm going to wait... I found some great fall decor and I want to keep that up till Thanksgiving. Baby Girl calls them my "November decorations".
    Cookies are always, always, ALWAYS a good idea ;)
    I hope you have a great time in your travels over the holidays!!

    Valerie said...

    Everyone here is putting their outside Christmas lights up. It's always best to get them up before the snow really starts to fly. Of course, ours aren't up because the hubby has to actually be HOME to do that....
    Christmas music is blasting in our house and we're working on Christmas for our music classes. I think it's definitely the Christmas season!!!

    JustRandi said...

    Random is my favorite.

    I *love* that you're putting your decorations up early this year!!
    And I DO think you get that little bonus because you didn't put Halloween up.

    Fall is my very favorite season to decorate for!! Then Christmas next.

    Jess said...

    I can't believe how talented your kids are. THe violin has always intrigued me. Good luck wishes to Nancy. Love that your sons are there to give Heidi a blessing. We are so blessed to have great families!!!

    Nancy Face said...

    I really enjoyed all your randomness! :)

    I hope all is well with Nancy's heart.

    Ambrosia said...

    Trying to figure out how I missed this post! How wonderful that you are decorating for Christmas already! I am also glad you were able to talk to your Utah children! I hope everything goes will with cousin!

    Theresa said...

    gaaah! You're one of my absolute favourite people, but Christmas decorations in November?? ugh... :D
    (a respectable Swede never has them up before either Dec 1 or 1st Sunday of Advent. And... they have to go down at absolute latest 20 days after Christmas...) I had to rush out of a store the other day, because they were playing Christmas music. I love Christmas music (well, except "Rockin' around", yuck!), but it's just terrible at the wrong time of the year...

    Liam's Mom said...

    "Counting the sleeps" - you are so so so cute!