Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Memories--Part II

After the previous post, I think it's time to do some "fun" Christmas memories so I'll focus on California Christmas Memories--1982-1988. That covers a long period of time, but oh, so many fun memories. (I have this great little book that we were given as a wedding present. You record your Christmas memories--it has a spot to record visitors, meals, gifts, etc., and even a spot for pictures. I did a pretty good job keeping it current for the first 18 years.

Doing this post is making me very nostalgic because many of these Christmases were with extended family. I know I shouldn't complain because last year we were able to travel to Utah for Christmas, and we are sure glad we did--little did we know it would be our last Christmas with Grandma.

1982--Our first Christmas as a family. We had Christmas morning at home and then later in the morning drove to Reno, but, of course, had to stop at Boreal.

This was our snow baby.

It was wonderful being with Allan's family for Christmas. His mom fixed a delicious turkey dinner--that was the first time I ever had her famous rolls.

1983--Heidi joined our family in October so it was so fun to have a baby around--such a fun year. Wendy had moved to Indiana to be with her mom. Neal and Jen had gotten married in November, so it was just the 5 of us. We drove to Reno to be with Allan's family on the 23rd and came home on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning at our house where we began our tradition of strawberry waffles and bacon. (I can hardly wait to have them again this year ; )

Stephen opening a present.

Nancy opening a present in Reno.

1984--I flew to Utah because one of my former Laurel's was getting married and I went through the temple with her. Got to spend time before Christmas with Neal, Jen, and Christopher. Loved it. This is another one of those pics that I think need to be recreated. I can just see Chris sitting in front of the tree with a flannel shirt and hiking boots ; )

The bigger kids Christmas morning.

Heidi was quite happy with all Santa left her.

Allan's sisters, Bev and Gerry, came to spend Christmas with us--and Gerry brought her daughter, Linda, who was getting ready to go on a mission.

1985--Brent was a baby. Neal and family came home for Christmas, and many of Allan's family came to spend Christmas with us. The house was full--JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT. I love this picture of Brent, Chris, and Heidi. I think we need to re-enact the scene ; )

Heidi loved this little shopping cart--chuckled when she went around in my heels. She looked so cute.

Chris and Heidi loved the elephant slide. (I think I was so sad when we finally got rid of the slide--that was one of the best things Santa ever brought ; )

1986--This was our only Christmas in our house on the other side of CV. I did Joy School and we ended up havin a little Nativity pageant with our Joy School kids at our house. Heidi was very proud to display her little star.

Stephen helping Brent with his presents.

1987--Our first Christmas in So. California--we had a ball. Nancy and Evan came to spend Christmas with us. I think this is the year we started taking the family picture in our pajamas. I still have not found a pair of new ones for Allan--but I know that would really be something he'd LOVE for Christmas--not to have to wear the nightshirt ever again!!!!

When Evan got up Christmas morning, this is how Nancy dressed him--he was such a cutie.

Santa brought our Grandson, Evan, a Teddy Ruxpin, and Brent loved it.

Christmas morning

Neal and his family came down and they brought Daphne down after Christmas. We went to the beach on New Years Day--I can't even imagine doing that today.

On New Years Eve we went to Disneyland. I laugh every time I see this picture--and believe me, you'd laugh, too, if you saw the video of these two dancing in Orleans Square.

1988--This was our first Christmas without any of the older kids--Stephen and Daphne had gotten married in February, so the house was VERY QUIET. We kept up our tradition of gathering in our PJ's Christmas Eve.

It seemed strange to just have 4 of us gathered around the table.

The kids still enjoyed Christmas morning.

This is what I wrote in the journal: "Because of Allan's situation at ----, we do not know where we will be next year, so we're not sure if this is our last Christmas in (So. California)". I probably need to explain: Allan had developed a reputation of being called in when trucking companies were in trouble and needed help in getting in the black again.. Far too often, the calls came too late and there was no way to repair what was wrong with the company. This meant some fairly short stays in different areas of the U.S. (and even Canada)

Sidenote: Sunday night when I talked to Kyle he said, "Well, I'll see you in 5 1/2 days"--LIKE I NEEDED TO BE REMINDED ; )


Neal said...

Love the pics! I remember good ol' Jim Billy Bob!!!!

Cherie said...

What fun memories. I am at the point where I am looking back and thinking some of the same things - like when your older kids got married and you just had 4 of you left at home - that's where we are now. It is weird.
Time just flies by but good memories and pictures are worth a million!

Heffalump said...

I love that you have pics of each year. We sometimes forget to pull out the camera and miss those opportunities.
I think your hubby needs a little tassled sleeping cap to go with his jammies.

Connie said...

Such great pictures. My sister in law always had the pajama pictures on their Christmas cards! Very cute! 5 1/2 more days! I bet you can't wait.

mindyluwho said...

I'm so impressed that you kept up your album for 18 years! What fun memories. I love your striped PJ's!

The Garden of Egan said...

I loved the trip down memory lane! What fun to look at the pictures of years ago. It's amazing to me when I look at old pictures...they look old, but it seems like just yesterday.
Loved getting to know you a bit better too.

ShEiLa said...


YOUR memory is so good! ;)
It helps to have things recorded for sure. Photos work like that for me... I look at a photo it brings back the story.


txmommy said...

what fun memories, I love to see all your Christmas pasts!

carolyne b said...

Very seldom do we remember the gift under the tree but rather the things we did and the traditions we started. The photos and memories you share with us and obivously your children are wonderful and a good reason to keep on blogging Yvonne.
Merry Christmas to you and Allen and congrads on SP's new job.

Camille said...

I linked to your blog from my mom's. Some of the best memories are made at Christmas! How fun that you kept pictures of yours! What a beautiful family!

Sheri said...

I love all the old pictures! They are awesome!! Merry Christmas!!

Jess said...

Love seeing all the old pics of you guys and your transformations over the years. It is so cute. I love making memories with my family. I can see that you guys do too. Aren't families awesome?

Anonymous said...

so cool.................................................

Valerie said...

Thanks again for sharing! My favorite pictures are of the tall socks Allan wears with his night shirt! ;)
This makes me want to go look through my old Christmas pictures.

Natalie said...

Love the pictures and thanks for sharing the memories. They sure made me feel nostalgic.
Yah for 5 1/2 days.