Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Memories--Part IV

The final Christmas memories will be THE WINNIPEG YEARS. One of the fun things is there always seems to be lots of deer in the backyard--almost looks like they were having a meeting and one guy was left out ; (

We moved here in February 96, so our first Christmas here was 96. In actuality a couple of Christmases since 96 were not here--we had 99 in Reno right after Allan's father passed away. 2008 was held in Utah--amazingly enough Allan's moms last Christmas.

I won't separate the pictures according to years--I'll just post them with an explanation.

We are all about traditions--we have several. The pajamas have been a tradition FOREVER--we did it when I was a kid, although we didn't take pictures in ours. So, keep in mind, if you ever plan on visiting us at Christmas, there will be pajamas and there will be pictures.

Christmas morning we always have waffles and strawberries and nice thick bacon. Quite often the kids call while we're having our breakfast. They all know what we're eating. Here we are 2002 Christmas morning.

2005 and 2006 were my first Christmases with a son on a mission. A whole new experience, but I SURVIVED (and so did he). We'll face that again next year when Kyle is gone. Here's a pic of Brent at Christmas while on his mission--probably the only snowman he would find in Arizona. How I loved getting those phone calls on Christmas Day.

For the last few years, I have done the majority of the decorating of the trees and whenever the kids came home they put their ornaments on the tree. 2005 Heidi and Kyle putting on their ornaments.

We always enjoy when visitors come at Christmas (this year besides Heidi, Brent, and Kyle coming home, Allan's sister, Bev, came yesterday. In 1997 Chris, Amanda and Neal came. The kids enjoyed playing outside--not sure they would do that today.

The next year, Wendy and Tony came. We had a ball.

2003 Neal came for Christmas.

We were thrilled in 2004 because Neal brought Macy--they got engaged a month later.

We have enjoyed so much the Nativity Pageants--and a highlight was the year we participated. Kyle and I had a ball. I won't include the picture of me as a bearded shepherd--it's been included too many times. But I will include my little angel ; )

For a couple of years we went to the "Lights of the Wild". Our Zoo had a light display and it was always so fun to go--it seemed to be the coldest day of the year. I remember laughing with Wendy and Tony when we went to the zoo--we were so cold.

We also have a fun little train that we ride. Here's the group waiting to ride the train in 2002.

After poor Macy riding the train and freezing her cookies I don't know if she'll ever be game to come back to Winnipeg; ) This year we'll wait for Heidi to get home--I know she would be soooooooooo disappointed if she wasn't able to ride the little train ; )

We also go carolling--usually have friends, and sometimes the missionaries, come for soup either before or after we go. Again we will go the Sunday after Heidi gets home--that will be after Christmas, but that's okay.

Christmas Eve means homemade soup and rolls. (I have to admit, but shhhh don't tell anyone, when we first started I opened a can of soup--I have progressed to homemade ; ) In 1997, I got special Christmas bowls. I guess Heidi, Brent, and Kyle were tired of having mom take pictures ; )


2001 with Grandma and Gerry.

One of the funnest things that we have done at Christmas while we have been here in Winnipeg has been to feed all the missionaries. This year we will have 46--working on figuring out how to get them all at tables. I think we have it all figured out--wish me luck ; ) We do a little gift exchange for them--I love going out and buying all the gifts--I buy gloves, hats, scarfs, mosquito spray (very necessary in the Summer). They are all wrapped and under the tree. I feel for the missionary who gets the fruitcake--he or she will have it until the end.



The Garden of Egan said...

I have loved your trips through memory lane! It seems like yesterday doesn't it?
How in the world will you get all those missionaries in your house?????
And what in the world will you feed those hungry missionaries?
You are awesome and amazing. I hope you have a wonderful CHIRSTmas!

ShEiLa said...

I love that you have deer in your backyard... kinda jealous too.

Also you are so much better at group photos than I am... I could certainly take a lesson from you.


Heffalump said...

Wow! I get nervous about how much food to make to feed two hungry missionaries! I can't imagine trying to feed 46!

Macy said...

We'll come back to Winnipeg, but maybe not in the winter...

I don't think I've ever been that cold. And I grew up skiing every weekend at Sundance, so I really don't mind the cold.

Natalie said...


I have loved your photos and memories. What good memories.

We are having our district missionaries over for the Sat. after Christmas for our celebration. 12 missionaries will be enough to fill our little apt.
We'll have to compare notes on what we serve.:)

carolyne b said...

The first year my in-laws came for Christmas they were cold, and it was a mild season. Much like right now. It was after they left it got cold. But we Canadaians are a hardy bunch.
Seasons Greeting to all. Enjoy Christmas with the family and see you in the New Year.

JustRandi said...

Oh Yvonne. You are amazing. I can't imagine having 46 missionaries to dinner. What are you feeding them???

Valerie said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your memories!

aurora said...

Merry Christmas Yvonne! I love all of your family memories posts.

Nancy Face said...


sweetpea said...

I love traditions, and I loved reading about yours.


mindyluwho said...

Merry Christmas!!!

(46 missionaries?!? We fed two today, does that count?!)

Lei said...

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Yvonne!!!

Carrot Jello said...

Very nice. The most missionaries I ever had to feed was 6. I cannot imagine feeding more than that.

Gina said...

You have the funnest family! Christmas is obviously an entertaining holiday at your house!

Love your tradition of feeding the missionaries. That last photo is priceless!

I hope you had another fun Christmas! Happy New Year next week!

Tori said...

I hope I am doing as good a job creating traditions and making memories with my family as you have with yours.