Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree and Other Things

I love spending time with family--but a close second to that is spending time with friends. As I mentioned in my previous post, my dear friend, Mary, came to town for a couple of days on Friday. I took her to the airport this morning. Allan was going out of town, too. His flight left at 6:00 and Mary's was leaving at 7:00, so I took them both to the airport at 4:30--and boy was it cold--a lovely -20 with windchill more like -28. (And at 8:00 a.m., it's not any warmer ; )

We met Mary when we lived in the Toronto area in the early 90's. She was YW President when Allan was YM President. They served together. Shortly after Kyle was born, tragedy struck her life when her husband was killed in the crash of his ultra light plane, leaving her a widow with 3 children. She has taught me so much about life and has been a great example to me. Every couple of years we get to spend time together. I treasure each moment.

First stop when she arrived on Friday was Allan's office for lunch.

Then we headed to the nursery to pick up the tree I had ordered. The guy told me it wasn't ready because the one he had was 11 feet--I had paid for a 9 1/2 foot tree. I told him I could take an 11 footer if it wasn't too big around. He asssured me it wasn't and agreed to let me have the 11 footer for the same price. They tied it to the top of the tree and away we went. (Fortunately we didn't have a very long drive.)

Had a lovely dinner out.

Came home and brought the tree in the house. It was frozen and VERY HEAVY.

Next morning we got up and the tree had started to thaw out. It was looking like it was going to be a beautiful tree.

Mary and Allan put the lights on the tree. Then after a few hours of running errands, we got home, frosted cupcakes for the Ward Christmas dinner, and then Mary and I started putting on the ornaments. Allan was worried that there wouldn't be enough ornaments. Ha, for years there were quite a few ornaments that didn't get on the tree.

I love the tree. It smells so good and looks beautiful.

We had a great Sunday. After going to the Christmas Devotional, we came home and enjoyed some delicious Creme Brulee. When we were at Costco on Saturday, I found Creme Brulee--go out to your local Costco and buy it. It is soooooooooo good. Here's Mary burning the sugar.

I can't tell you how many times Mary and I would laugh and say, "It really is a beautiful tree".

I'm so blessed to have great friends.


txmommy said...

beautiful tree! and a beautiful friend!

Macy said...

Glad you had fun. Still can't believe you ended up with an 11 foot tree.

carolyne b said...

Yvonne another great Creme Brulle is from Dr. Otkers (?) its easy to make and serves 4. I make it when the missionaries come for dinner as its a light desert.
Great tree!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Yvonne, that is a beautiful tree and you and your friend are beautiful.
What a great weekend!
What a treasured friend.
11 foot tree!!!! Awesome.

ShEiLa said...

It is a very beautiful tree. It's not too tall at all. And it is full and bushy... I love it.

I miss having the smell of a real tree... but that is the way it is. So I burn pine candles.

I am so glad that you got to spend quality time with your friend.


Romy said...

WOW! Any tree that looks like it's considerably taller than your hubby is TALL!! Hahaha! It's beautiful though!

Glad you had a great visit with your friend!

Thanks for the heads up about the creme brulee at Costco! I LOOOVE creme brulee!

Heffalump said...

Holy Cow! My ceilings wouldn't allow for a tree that big. Not even a 9 1/2 foot one.
The tree is lovely and I'm glad you got to spend time with your friend!

Klin said...

I love your tree. Looks like you had a great visit with your friend. Merry early Christmas.

Connie said...

Did you say that you tied the tree to the top of your car? That would have been a sight to behold!
It's a beautiful tree! What fun to spend the weekend with a friend. You can tell her that I love her hair! (we silver haired women need to stick together)

Anonymous said...


Valerie said...

Fresh trees are wonderful! And I'm sure yours looks gorgeous through the window.
Good friends are priceless. I am glad you were able to spend time with yours!

aurora said...

Wow that sounds like a wonderful visit. Just right to launch the Christmas Season! xo

Friends and Christmas Trees - two great tastes that taste great together said...

We approve!!

Tonya said...

You have such great friends because YOU are such a great friend.

And I agree, it's a gorgeous tree.