Friday, March 27, 2009

2003 One Shining Moment

I posted this because I want you all to understand why I love College Basketball. If you watch CBS, you may hear the NCAA promo--"There are 400,000 NCAA student athletes and just about all of us will go pro in something other than sports". I LOVE IT!!!!

I have to admit watching the basketball games is just not as much fun when I'm watching them by myself ; ((((( If Louisville loses tonight, I'm done since I have them picked to win the whole thing. I continue to sit near the bottom of the family pool. One of my grandsons has only been wrong on 7 of 52 games. We won't talk about how many games I have picked wrong.

In other news, I was very glad we were able to hold Seminary this morning after the fiasco yesterday. We had a great deal of snow Wednesday night and when we got to the Church Thursday morning the street right in front of the Church was so full of snow I got stuck as I was trying to turn into the parking lot. Kyle had to push the car to get me out and we decided not to park in the lot but drove over to the convenient store across the street. We walked across and realize the door closest to us did not have a lock so I proceeded to walk around to the other side of the building while Kyle walked back to the car. Unfortunately, I stepped onto a lovely patch of ice and slipped. Luckily I did not use my wrists to break my fall but landed smack dab on my bum/hip--boy did it hurt. Kyle came and picked me up and we headed home.

Needless to say, I was very happy this morning that the snow plows had been out and the streets were much easier to drive on and the parking lot was clear. The big question is who was looking forward to Spring Break the most--STUDENTS OR TEACHER ; )

I have spent a couple of hours today REALLY wasting time. I have been trying to figure out how to organize my photos and this always causes me to spend too much time looking at them, remembering, and trying to figure out what I should do. I have decided I LOVE MY PICTURES. What great memories.

One of the other things I have done today is watched a pile of YouTube videos--the majority of them being old music videos. I remember when MTV first started and my older kids would watch it all the time. So today I watched Careless Whisper, Never Gonna Give You Up, Bette Davis Eyes, etc. But, my favorite had to be "We Are the World". Goodness, I guess we are all getting older, because EVERYONE SURE LOOKED YOUNG!!!!

I'm missing my hubby. Nothing new to report on my MIL. I appreciate your kind words and your expressions of concern. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for family.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Days like these I wish I had a draft folder because there is nothing CLEVER going on in my head. However, there is a fair amount going on ; )

--Kyle participated in the Battle of the Bands at his school and the band came in 2nd ; (((((((

--Does anyone else use AOL and have the page with all the ads??? There is one there for some kind of botox serum and it has a picture of an "older" woman (even older than me!!!) with all kinds of wrinkles. Suddenly, she looks about 20 years younger and ALL HER WRINKLES DISAPPEAR. I laugh every time I see it--COME ON, WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID!!!! It's right up there with that silly claim "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" ; )

--We got Kyle's proofs back from his grad pictures. I'm so happy he smiled in all of them. We had a good laugh about one of the poses--it looks like he is handing back the diploma or hanging on to the "spirit stick". It was a really odd pose. It's still hard for me to believe he is graduating from high school in June.

--I'm at the bottom in our family bracket challenge. My picks were pretty lousy. It's o.k. I'm still having fun. I'm looking forward to the games tomorrow and Friday because JUST MAYBE the teams I selected will move on ; )

--My MIL is in the hospital. She has been in pain for awhile and we have been hoping it would get better. Unfortunately, it hasn't. The doctors discovered she has lesions on her pelvic bone and her spine. There are also a couple of other problems. She has been having tests and it looks like it is Cancer. We'll know more next week. Allan was going to head out of town on Friday and then drive down tomorrow, but then with the weather being SO HORRIBLE he decided to fly out this afternoon. I will go the Tuesday after Spring Break. (I think it's important that he have some alone time with his mom and his sisters.)

--I'm not sure who is looking forward to Spring Break more--Kyle or me ; )

--We were supposed to feed the Elders dinner tonight but since Allan ended up flying out of town at the last minute and Kyle had to work, I was home alone, so I fixed dinner to go. When I realized they were outside trying to park their car I opened the door and yelled to them down the street to come park in the driveway--we got a fair amount of snow today and they were starting to hike through the snow. I should have called them and told them originally to just park in the driveway. Oh, well, they seemed happy with their huge pie and 1/2 gallon of ice cream.

--I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH time working on my genealogy, but it has been so fun. I found this picture of my great grandparents on a public tree. I also think I have finally found some info on my dad's mother--I may have even found her parents. That is a HUGE FIND FOR ME.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I haven't been to anything sports related--other than High School Sports--for so long. Going to Minneapolis to attend the First Round games at the Metrodome WAS A BLAST!!!!

Let me back up a little--A good friend of ours, Tom, mentioned to me some time ago that the first round games were being played in Minneapolis and I should go and catch a game with him. (He figured we could just try and buy tickets outside the stadium ; ) At the time it sounded like fun. As the tournament approached I started to think about it. When I mentioned it to Allan, he said, "why not?"  So Tom and I wrote notes back and forth and then Allan and I made hotel reservations. Well, then I started thinking about driving, paying for a hotel and not getting tickets, so I sent Tom a note and said I found some tickets using a broker--which I'll call Snub-tub. I knew they were legit but I was still a little worried.

Anyway, Thursday we headed out to Minneapolis. The drive was nice--weather was perfect. We got to our hotel which was decent. Called Tom who invited us to come over and have pizza with him and his wife and another couple and watch Minnesota play Texas. It was fun seeing him and Julie (who is such a lovely girl) and to meet their new baby, Eden. WHAT A DOLL. She was dressed as a little Gopher cheerleader. I had a great time playing with her. You have to know that Tom will always hold a special place in my heart. He is a young man who has always been such a great friend to Brent. It was fun to see him as a dad (I knew he would make a FABULOUS dad one day)

When the game was over, we headed back to our hotel and the next morning got up and headed to the pick up location for our Snub-Tub tickets. No problem picking them up--I WAS RELIEVED. We then headed to the stadium--parked and then went to see if we could find someone selling tickets. (Snub Tub's tickets were sold out) We had decided we wouldn't pay more than a certain amount. We paid exactly that amount and got two GREAT SEATS. I was really worried there would be a problem with the tickets. Well, we got in and I breathed a sigh of relief. We found our seats--which were great seats on the floor. Just shortly after the game started a couple of guys came up and had THE EXACT SAME TICKETS WE HAD--yikes. But Allan suggested they go find someone to sort it out. They never came back.

The first game we saw was Kansas vs. North Dakota State. For awhile it was a fairly close game. Lots of fun. We loved it. There were lots of ND State fans there--it was there first trip to the big dance, so it was great fun for them. So much excitement. End the end Kansas was victorious.

The next game was Dayton vs. West Virginia. (Frankly, I don't think West Virginia wanted it bad enough.) I was disappointed because I had them picked to go further in my pool. It was exciting for Dayton because they were a #11 and West Virginia was a #6. The mascot for West Virginia is a Mountaineer--I guess if I was going mascot against mascot, this one would definitely win--after all HE HAD A RIFLE. The Dayton Mascot is a "flyer"--you know a pilot ; )

After that game we went to the parking lot and had a sandwich and pretzels--our next tickets were for the next session, so I guess we had to leave and present our next tickets. It worked out well because I had to do some reading. Time went by quickly and it was time for the evening games.

We found our seats which weren't in the nosebleed section (like I thought). The next game was USC and Boston College. I managed to get the tip-off on video, but for some reason can't seem to post the video ; (((( It was a great game. I was into that game because I REALLY WANTED USC to win.

The last game of the evening was Michigan State and Robert Morris. I have watched Tom Izzo coach for years so it was fun to see him in action. That game was VERY FAST PACED and a whole lot of fun to watch. We were surrounded by people cheering for both teams. I was happy that Michigan State won.

CAN I JUST SAY I WAS NOT THE LEAST BIT DISAPPOINTED. At one point I felt a little guilty because it was a fair amount of money to spend, but IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. It's not something I would probably do again (UNLESS ONE DAY WE HAVE A CHANCE TO GO TO THE FINAL FOUR.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I know times are getting tough everywhere, but this might be going just a little too far...WHAT DO YOU THINK???

I was out running errands today, and I passed a local "restaurant" called "WHOTERS" (you know which one I'm talking about ; )
Anyway, there was a sign out front--"Do you think you have what it takes to be a "whoters" girl?" I had the most incredible urge to go in and with a straight face say, "I think I have what it takes". I called one of my good friends who is some years younger than I am (after all its's ONLY my age that's keeping me from applying and getting the job ; ) and asked her if she wanted to go with me. We had a good laugh. We wondered what they would say--they really can't discriminate because of our age--how about looks, weight, and lack of bewbs (come on you have to use your phonetic skills ; ). My friend, Kathy, then said what about location of bewbs ; )

In keeping with the tough times theme--how do you like this??? If you can't see it, click on the image IT'S PERFECT.

Monday, March 16, 2009


You may be wondering why the title of this post:

First: Kyle played very well in the Music Festival on Friday. He played on a beautiful huge grand piano. I laughed when the adjudicator asked the kids how much they thought the piano was worth and one of them said $8,000. The adjudicator said, "If that was the cost, I'd be writing my check right now." Anyway, Kyle played a piece that was very fast and he did so well. I was impressed--Kyle was quite pleased when the adjudicator commented on the fact that he played with confidence. He got a great mark--higher than he thought he was going to get. His teacher was very happy and so was his mom ; )

Next: The youth were victorious in the Scripture Mastery Challenge. Yippee!!! I was cheering them on and they were fantastic. So today we had McDonald's for breakfast--and I think each of the kids ordered something different.

And Yesterday was Selection Sunday, and I now get to fill out my picks for the tournament. I love this time of year. I am so looking forward to our trip down to Minneapolis to see the games there. It doesn't even matter who is playing--it will be so fun to be there to feel the excitement. (Although I love sitting in the family room watching all the games--and I do watch every game ; ) Championship Monday will be different this year--so many people gone, but we'll still have a party.

I manage our family (which includes friends) tournament. We have been doing it for close to 10 years. I thought it would be kind of fun to post our rules or as CBS terms them--"constitution":
  • Rule #1--No changing ANY OF YOUR PICKS after the first tip-off of the Tournament. This will not include the play-in game! 

  • Rule #2--No one (not even Allan) is allowed to be a WHINER!!!! No, that isn't winner--REMEMBER YOU'RE ALL WINNERS!!! That also isn't WINO!!! 

  • Rule #3--If you lose your winning team in the first round--SORRY! That's the way the ball bounces!!! (That even means if Duke goes out in the first round!)

  • Rule #4--The decision of the refs is final (RIGHT, TONY!!!) Remember rule #2--no whining about the refs!!! 

  • Rule #5--Be sure when you put the score of the final game you add the scores of the two teams together. It is not the score of one of the teams. This caused some problems in the past. 

  • Rule #6--Have fun and remember your only prize is BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! 

Finally: The weather is changing, and I'm loving it!!! I didn't wear my heavy coat this morning, and, in fact, when I left Seminary to go to the gym, I forgot my coat at the Church and wasn't freezing to death ; )

And, besides all of that, it's Monday and that means 24 is on tonight ; )

How about you--what are you happy about???

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I Love It When...

...We have friends over for dinner. Last night one of Kyle's former YM leaders (who moved away a few years ago) came for dinner. We had a ball. Brad is such a great guy. Whenever he would take Kyle and the boys out for activities, I think all of us parents spent a lot of time on our knees praying the boys would get home safe and sound ; )

...There is an in-service day and I get to sleep in--Tomorrow can't come soon enough because I'm still feeling that I really lost an hour.

...Kyle gets an opportunity to participate in a Piano Festival. Tomorrow he will play in a Grade 9 class. It requires a lot of practice and there is an adjudicator who will critique his performance. (Glad it's him and not me ; ) Through the years as he has participated, I have been amazed at his composure.

...I sit and think about what great kids I have. I appreciate my boys who call to talk with their dad. They are so like their Allan who used to call and talk with his dad all the time. They seem to realize that this is not the easiest time in Allan's life. Their love and support means a great deal. And I know Allan gets such a kick out of all of Heidi's text messages. They have such a good relationship.

...The picks are announced by the Selection Committee and I get to fill out my brackets. Allan and I are driving down to Minneapolis next week to try and get into one of games. We will also have a chance to see a good friend. Tom and his wife, Julie, had a little girl back in June and I've only seen pictures of her on their blog and on facebook--here's hoping we get to meet little Eden.

...I realize Spring Break is in a few weeks. I know I have big plans to do a lot of organizing, but it will be great to have a few days off.

...I look at the calendar and realize that in a few weeks I will be heading down to Utah and get to see a couple of my kids. I sure miss these two. We'll bring Brent home with us for a couple of weeks--it will be so fun to have him here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rumble--I Mean Ramble

  • First off, we weren't "empty nesters" this weekend--Kyle's trip to Minneapolis was cancelled last Friday due to poor weather. Poor guy, I know he was really looking forward to the trip. The sad part was this was the 2nd year in a row he didn't get to make the trip--last year they cancelled because there were not enough kids going. 

  • We may have had to spring forward this weekend, but it sure doesn't feel like Spring. When the alarm went off this morning, I didn't think the clock could possibly be right!!!! When Kyle and I got to Seminary, I realized the youth must have had the same problem--all of them were late, some VERY LATE.

  • I have decided it is time to clean out Heidi's room. Hey, she left to go to BYU some 7 years ago and has only been back for short periods of time, i.e., Christmas break, so I figured it was time to clean out her closet, etc. What a job. 

  • Kyle's excited and can't wait to clean out his room--I guess that will be our project over Spring break the end of the month. I think he's pretty excited about going to school. I think he'll find summer will go by pretty quickly.

  • In April when Brent comes home for a couple of weeks we'll clean out his room.

  • We have our Scripture Mastery Challenge with the Stake Leaders on Saturday.  I think the kids are ready.  They amaze me at how good they are at memorizing.  I told them we will get back to playing more game type things on Scripture Mastery day.  I bought a fun plastic gun thing that I can't wait for them to use.  And, of course, in honor of March Madness we will do some basketball things.  

  • Speaking of March Madness, I can't wait for the games to start ; )

  • I feel like it's time to make some changes. Cutting back on blogging will be part of it. It seems like so many people are not blogging as much--so many are more into Facebook. Neal and I were talking about how different they are. I like blogging because it's like journalling for me--if I want to remember something I did, I just go back into the archives. Facebook is just a nice way to stay in touch with people.

    Have a great day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Little Clean-up

Let's have some fun--care to try and come up with a caption?

Accountability List Update:

#1--Mail family birthday cards on time--I've been pretty good. My grandson, Evan, has a birthday in a couple of weeks and with the length of time it takes for mail to go from here to the U.S. (which I do not understand AT ALL) I better get his card in the mail today. Since I just mailed my package for nancyface today whose birthday was on the 24th--you know I stink at getting other notes out. But--better late than never ; )

#2--Organize my photos on the computer--I'm still struggling with how to do this. I think I will take them off one group at a time--like trip to Hawaii, family reunion, etc.

#3--Be able to play 5 hymns--My piano teacher is on holiday and I haven't been practicing as much as I should.

#4--Meal planning--This has been going really well. It takes away a lot of the stress when I know what I'm fixing for dinner each night.

#5--Be kinder--Let's just skip that one.

#6--Pray and listen--Working hard at this.

#7--Lose 10 pounds--Oh, I think I've lost 2.

#8--Continue exercise routine--This has been going pretty well.

#9--My card cleaning system--February was a great month and I got a lot done. It feels so good.

I completed the family challenge for February and wrote letters to all of our children/grandchldren. Poor Brent's is still here. Kyle got his yesterday and announced he hadn't written one. I feel bad because Heidi still hasn't gotten her note. I know that Stephen and his family got their notes. I hand delivered Nancy and her gang their notes. Allan and I have had a good laugh over the whole experience ; ) Our next challenge is to write 3 things we are grateful for each week on our family website. I feel bad for those in our family who don't really get on the website. Oh well.


It was a good experience for me. I learned there are lots of things I love which always feels good. I try to be positive, but quite often find myself getting negative so it did a lot to help me focus on the things that make me smile.


On Monday Kyle took back the drums he rented for February--I'm not missing them one little bit!!!!

Right before we left for Indiana Kyle competed in a track meet and came in 2nd in the triple jump. Over the next couple of months Allan and I will get a taste of being empty nesters--Kyle is going to Minneapolis this weekend to participate in a track meet, in April he's going on a band trip to Alberta and will be gone for a little over a week.

In September we will have two children at BYU Provo--Kyle and Brent.

I can't wait for Spring--it will be nice to see lawn and flowers and hear birds.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip to Indiana

Our flight to Louisville was an interesting one. We left Winnipeg Saturday morning and flew to Minneapolis--fairly uneventful flight. Our flight from Minneapolis to Louisville--well, we were seated in row 5 and the captain came out of the cockpit and announced to the stewardess "I've lost power, we need to get these people off the plane". FORTUNATELY, we were still parked at the gate ; ) I turned to Allan and said, "Well better at the gate than in the air". The power ended up coming back on and all was fine and we took off just a little late.

We had a great visit with everyone in Indiana.  Yes, we flew to Louisville, but spent the majority of our time in Indiana.   We had dinner with our new little Xander.  He is such a good baby.  We then went to Target.  (Two great things at the same time:  Target and Xander.  Can you believe I walked out of Target without purchasing a thing for myself.  It was all about Xander and I had a blast getting things for him.

On Sunday Allan and I visited a Ward next to the Mission Office where he served his mission some 46 years ago. It was great.  We spent a little bit of time visiting with a few of the members and the Mission President and his wife.  I love visiting other wards throughout the Church--people are the same wherever you go.  

We then headed to Evan and Scarlett's.  We had a wonderful visit with them.  They have a lovely house.  Nancy brought Chinese food and we had lunch together.  After my grandson, Josh, and a couple of his friends arrived, Allan gave Xander a blessing. Even though Evan and Scarlett are not members of the Church they wanted Xander to have a blessing. Allan explained everything to them and then gave him a beautiful blessing. It was a lovely afternoon.

We took a 4 generation picture--too bad Allan's mom wasn't there because it would have been so fun to have a 5 generation pic. Nancy was joking that she should have been the one to hold the baby in the picture, so we had to take a pouty picture.

I am so grateful we were able to make the trip. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to spend time with family. I appreciate so much my husband who works so hard to be such a loving father, grandfather, and now great grandfather. He is THE BEST!!!

Our trip home was fairly uneventful.