Monday, January 11, 2010

Accountability List for 2010

I realize I could just re-post the list from 2009--SAD BUT TRUE.

Of that list,

1) I did do better with mailing out birthday cards on time. In fact, I even mailed a Christmas card to one of my grandson's 6 months early ; )

2) My photos are backed up on CD's. (Yes, Neal, I know I should have put them on DVD's. I still haven't figured out how to get them all organized.

3) I still can't play 5 hymns--I'm not taking piano lessons but I could still practice on my own.

4) The weekly menu thing is so hard with just Allan and I eating. So often, we just grab something like a bowl of cereal. I do want to

5) Still want to learn to be kinder. Let me share something I learned the other night at a Fireside. We are taught in the scriptures to "Be Ye Therefore Perfect", but the term "perfect" in Hebrew would mean "to walk with God, to be God's friend, to be like Him." In the footnotes it shows the word "whole". I wish I could share all of my notes--I learned so much. It was one of those firesides where you don't walk out feeling like a loser but feel like you can do it. (The kind I really like)

6) Pray and listen--I'm doing better, but I still want to feel closer. One of the last things I heard at the fireside was a challenge to free up my life so I can be receptive to the Spirit and do what I am here to do and be what I am here to be.

7) Lose 10 pounds--That was last January--I was doing really well, but now I have to lose 20 ; ( This is my year--I WILL DO IT.

8) Continue my exercise regimen--I was doing well, but have slipped in the last few weeks. So until the weather gets better and I can run outside, I will gradually increase my elliptical and aerobics. I sure miss running outside.

I want this to be my year to do better. After all this is my last year of being 50 something. I have joined the "Getting Healthy" challenge here as well as "The Resolutionary Challenge" here.

I can't believe that I have so much to learn.

How about you--do you have a goal for 2010?


Neal said...

At least your pictures are backed-up. Good job!! That must have taken about 3,000 CDs ; )

Heffalump said...

My goal every year is to improve myself over the last year. That way, even if I improve something small, like losing a few pounds, or learning something new, I can feel that I am a success.

Connie said...

You're honest with yourself and I think that's great! I love it when I go to a meeting and come away feeling empowered! Did I tell you that my word for the year is "power"? Maybe I should blog about it. Maybe not.

Small House said...

Ya remind me so much of me. Now don't be offended with that. But we seriously have about the same goals that I set every single year. Including the hymn part, prayer part, friend, meal part.....etc. I just had to smile.

Loved the thought from the fireside you attended.

The Garden of Egan said...

You've done well.
I think you are awesome for even wanting to figure out a meal plan.

Sounds like your fireside was good, I would like to read a better definition of "perfect".

ShEiLa said...

At least you are making an effort. That is what counts... not that you are perfect. Actually in my eyes you are perfect... a wonderful example for me to follow.

Hugs to you Yvonne!


Ambrosia said...

Yes, I have a few goals. Ah, but these goals are more like weekly goals. I check up on them weekly to see how I'm doing, to edit, and other fun things.

Good luck to you, Yvonne!

Tonya said...

You did great on your list. It's just a guideline after

Tori said...

Super great list Yvonne!! I'm making a goal poster for Mary Kay- to include all goals- and you gave me some great ideas.

aubrey said...

my goals are similar..get fit, meal plan and focus on my spirituality. and yes..same things as last year. but this year i'm determined! haha.

Melissa said...

First of all... thank you for the Christmas card! I do have some resolutions... but I have a hard time really wanting to write them down. If I don't write them down... well, then it's like I never made them. And then it's okay if I break them... right? :)

Natalie said...

I think you did really well on your goals and it's great that you keep on trying. Congrats! It's not easy to accomplish all the things that you've listed.
I'm working on quite a few of those same goals myself, but some, like pictures, will have to wait until I get back.
One thing I did recently was to learn how to add a few little flourishes when playing a hymn. One of our missionaries taught me and I am excited to know about it. Not that I'm great or anything, but I'm practicing when I get a litte chance.
Here's wishing you success with your goals in the coming year.

Klin said...

Go Yvonne!!! I'm cheering for you.

Heidi said...

You can do it mom!!! Keep going:)

mindyluwho said...

It may be the same list, but there has been progress! Life sometimes gets in the way of all we want to accomplish, but it's baby steps that will get us there eventually!