Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Last Ten Years

Amber did a review of the last decade and I thought HEY, WHY NOT??? Interesting that Allan's dad died in December 99--shortly before the beginning of that decade and his mom died in April 09, before this decade.

As I have been putting this together, I am shocked at how much we have done in ten years. Have to admit the hardest thing for me is to pick out one or two pictures from each year. The big question is: If I didn't have pictures, would I remember anything ; ) Obviously, intertwined in all of this were lots of basketball games, soccer games, cheerleading competitions, piano recitals, and track meets. Thinking about all of these things made me SMILE--worked well with my one word resolution ; )

2000--We brought several of the grandchildren to Winnipeg to spend a few days--it was terrific. What will the kids remember--JAILBREAK. (A game that started years ago, but has been a tradition--always scared me because I just knew one day someone was going to get hurt--fortunately, no one did ; ) We had a new grandbaby born on Allan's birthday--we were in California attending the wedding of one of my nephews and flew to Utah to pick up the kids to drive back to Winnipeg. When we were on the road, we got the call Hannah was born. Would have been so fun to have been there when she was born.
The year ended in Utah--the sealing of Allan's family in the Mt. Timp temple. Continued serving in Stake Relief Society--a calling I thoroughly enjoyed.

2001--In May we took a cruise to the Mediterranean. It was fabulous. In June, Heidi graduated from high school and went to BYU--missed her very much. Funny how I was called to Young Women, after Heidi was gone. I did have a chance to go to Girls Camp her last year of camp. Had a great time watching her in action. In October went to Utah to celebrate Heidi's 18th birthday.

2002--We took the kids to Nauvoo and attended the temple open house. Had a family reunion at Park City. Of course, it also included the filming of "The Ultimate Watch". October took a cruise to Hawaii--celebration of our 20th anniversary. Made our first trip to New York which included a visit with Ron and Susan--did the touristy things, and saw Lion King. A couple of trips to California: baptism and graduation of two grandsons.

2003--We had a chance to go to Puerto Rico for business meeting, as well as Arizona. Kyle graduated from Elementary School--I was very fortunate to go to so many of his end of the year field trips--great fun.
In August, I flew all the kids/grandkid to Winnipeg to celebrate Allan's 60th birthday. It was FABULOUS. He was really surprised. Couldn't believe I actually pulled it off. The kids again played jailbreak and Neal was able to videotape using the nightshot on his videocamera. We were in Utah and actually had a chance to attend a BYU football game--loved the look on Kyle's face when he saw all those people in the stadium.

2004--In January Allan had a business meeting in Texas, so we had a chance to visit Chris and Amanda and I got to see my sister who lives there. Neal decided to go back to BYU to get his degree--we were so proud of him and it was fun to celebrate his graduation at one of our favorite places--La Caille at Quail Run (just typing that makes me want to go for a fabulous meal ; ) A cruise to Alaska. Kyle broke his ankle playing soccer--bad break, very grateful didn't need any pins. Went to Texas to attend Amanda's high school graduation--we were amazed at how in 2 hours they could give 900 students diplomas (Allan had been to a graduation south of us where 30 kids graduated and it took 2 hours) Brent also graduated and put his papers in for a mission. So exciting when he got his call. While Allan was serving as Bishop of the YSA Ward, we went with them to Nauvoo. What a great trip.

2005--A missionary, new grandbaby and a new daughter-in-law--things that bring so much joy to my life were all part of this year. It was great. (Will be similar this year, except instead of a new daughter-in-law, we'll get a new son-in-law ; ) In October Allan was called to his current calling and I began teaching Seminary (with Kyle as one of my students)--LOVED IT.

2006--Highlight would have to be Stephen and Daphne and their family being sealed in the Hawaii temple. Also had another grandson graduate from high school. A great family reunion at Herrington's. Great trip to Quebec City. First trip to Boston to visit Neal and Macy.

2007--A great birthday present for me--Brent returned home from his mission on my birthday. Another new grandson in April. A trip to Boston to meet him and attend his blessing and another trip there in December. Oldest grandson graduated from college. I started blogging in July. In October Allan learned he had had a couple of heart attacks--scary times but we were very blessed. We took a 3 week trip to visit family (went to the Oakland Temple where we were married some 25 years before) and managed another trip to Hawaii.

2008-- It was the year of graduations--we had five of them--2 high school and 3 college graduations. We were very proud parents/grandparents. And our grandson, Evan, got married. The highlight of the year would have to be our trip with the whole family to Hawaii to celebrate my MIL's 90th birthday. It was a trip that we will all remember foerever. Goodness, I wonder how many air miles we travelled because we also took our cruise to China in October. Is the opposite of a highlight a lowlight? If so, there would have been two: one when Allan was "invited to retire" and when Bev's husband, Homer, died in October. (We all expected him to live to be 100)

2009--Two fabulous weddings this year--one in Texas and one in Utah.

Started the year off with a visit to Indiana to meet our little Great Grandson. First March Madness game--what a blast. Brent graduated from LDS Business College. We were so sad when Grandma passed away so unexpectedly. So grateful to know Families Can Be Together Forever. Kyle won the Provincial Track Championship in the long jump. Kyle graduated from high school and he and Brent entered BYU in the fall. In July we did our first Pioneer Trek--the youth and all those ticks. I started running and ran in two 5K's.

Now, after doing this, I have to say IT REALLY HAS BEEN A GREAT 10 YEARS. I'm sure after I hit the PUBLISH button, I will remember a bunch of things.

Looking forward to a great 2010 and then hopefully a couple of more decades. Exciting to this about what the future holds. Will try to live each day to the fullest and enjoy my friends and family. I have great friends and a fantastic family.

Sidenote #1: Had a chance to see the Olympic torch as it passed through town on Tuesday night. Tried again this morning to see it again in absolutely torturous weather (windchill -39) but somehow missed it.

Sidenote #2: Sandra at This Small House is wondering if anyone is interested in participating in a "Get Healthy" challenge. Go check out her blog and let her know if you're interested.


JustRandi said...

What an incredible decade!

I'm also SO impressed that you have all your pictures together and can actually find the ones you want. I don't think I can do that past about 4 years ago.

Heffalump said...

It looks like you packed a lot of joy into the last decade! That's great!

Ambrosia said...

How fabulous! It is so wonderful to remember how much the last decade has taught us.

PJ said...

That's a great review. Oh the places you have gone!

Natalie said...

What a fantastic decade you had. Mostly good with a little sad mixed in.
I sure enjoyed all the pictures too. You sure are organized. When I get off my mission I really need to do something with my pictures. I do have them in order by years now, but need put them on disks or in albums. I know it will take a lot of work. I am so impressed with you.
You have done a lot of fun traveling too. Lucky you.:)

Macy said...

I kind of feel cool that I was around for more than half of what happened! :)

Sheri said...

Wow! Amazing as always! I am not sure I can remember the last year let alone the last decade!;) What fun traditions and experiences for your family! Wishing you another wonderful decade!!

Neal said...

Man, I'm tired just reading all of that!!

The Garden of Egan said...

I loved reading about your decade. A lot of really wonderful things have happened! Wasn't 10 years ago just yesterday?
I'm sure it was.
Thanks for sharing that wonderful part of your life.

ShEiLa said...

I love the 2003 basketball cake. Very funny. :)

YOU are so good with having things documented and your memory is sharp for sure.
YOU always have a cute way of laying it all out for all of us to read too.


ShEiLa said...

ps. I forgot to mention how jealous I always am of your group photos.

brown paper packages said...

This is such a great idea! How fun to see the last decade in pictures, and all the changes and memories.

aubrey said...

wow, what an amazing 10 year in review. it sounds like you have had such and trips and surprises and weddings and babies. how much fun!

Small House said...

WOW...what a great 10 years you've had!! It's wonderful how much you have been able to travel. Man...I feel lucky when I can go to Yellowstone. And we only live 4 hours away. HAHAHAHAHA

So many milestones you've had. You do have allot worth smiling about. I think that this would be good for me to do. To think about the last 10 years.

I'm just so impressed. What a wonderful mom you are, and have raised such valiant wonderful children. AND NOW....many grandchildren to love. You're awesome. Not to mention you teach seminary. HOW FUN!!!
Have a great day.
Oh...thanks for mentioning my challenge. I'm getting excited to get helthy!

Cherie said...

Yvonne - This was fabulous to read and I discovered that we have had many of the same experiences and have alot of things in common!
You have a wonderful family!!!!

I really want to do this but it seems a bit overwhelming - You have inspired me I may still do a decade post - It's also great for posterity!!!

I don't know if you realize you inspire me in so many ways - your running is another. I am so amazed at all you accomplish :D

utmommy said...

What a fun idea! You've had quite the decade. Lots of fun things going on!

Valerie said...

You are one happy, travellin' mama! Thanks for posting this! It made me think about each year... where I was and what was going on with my family! Those 10 years went by fast, didn't they?

Amber said...

Glad I inspired you to do it and what an incredible decade you've had. Writing mine definitely helped me recognize and count my blessings.

Brent said...

It's crazy to believe that a whole decade has passed. It really has been a wonderful 10 years.

Heidi said...

Oh ---I enjoyed that walk down memory lane mom---thanks:) It is amazing to think of ALL the things (VERY bad and VERY good) that have happened in the last 10 years!!! Thanks for being with me through them all. And you better believe you will be getting a new son-in-law;p The best looking ever!!! (I'm a little bias;)