Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As I said in my previous post, the organizing thing I taught with my friend, Kathy, was more of a "mini-class". We had 15 minutes and I was so tempted to get Kathy to dress up in an Olivia Newton you know who outfit and do a little "Let's Get Organized" thing. But I think Kathy would have been embarrassed to sing with me ; )

Anyway, as I said in my last post, I did learn a whole lot. I want to share a couple of things with you.

First, let me explain why I'm so into organizing right now. A couple of post ago I told you I was participating in a challenge. In some respects, the challenge has been a great thing for me. (I have to admit I only know one of the people participating, and so it is somewhat uncomfortable for me. I do fine just reporting but writing is another story. It's one of those situations where I feel like I'm back in High School, and I have my lunch tray and I'm trying to sit at a table with people I don't know.) On the flip side, it has been great checking things off as I accomplish them--it just makes me feel good.

So what does any of this have to do with being organized, as I felt my day was getting organized, I wanted to get my home organized as well. So when I had this class to do, I started doing all sorts of research and then put it to action. It has been wonderful. So far I have organized the shoes in my closet--they were a mess; my drawers and cupboards in my bathroom; my pants and sweaters in my closet; and part of my office. I have a long way to go, but it is such a good feeling. It's all baby steps, but that's okay.

So besides my tip mentioned on the last post about purging, I think it's important to start slow. Remember the "how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time" thing, well, if it's too overwhelming it's too easy to give up. One of my friends says it's hard for her to start something if she can't finish, but I think it may be best to start small by setting a time. Spend one half hour purging or organizing or whatever. Set the timer and then when it beeps you can pat yourself on the back and say, "I DID IT."

So how about this week, go through and get rid of:
  • Clothes that don't fit. (Now for me I've kept some that are too small, in hopes that they'll fit in the next few months. When I hit my goal weight, I will get rid of the clothes that are too big in hopes that I'll never need them again. ) Also, clothes that are so out of style that you know you're never going to wear them again.
  • Unnecessary duplicates. Now, I have two crockpots because occasionally I do use them. I don't keep them both in my kitchen, but I will not get rid of the second one.
  • Things you don't like or will never use--the hard part: even if they were gifts. (I had a pair of slippers that my husband gave me about 15 years ago. I've worn them once. So I decided to get rid of them. Somehow I don't think Allan will ever notice ; )
  • Newspapers/magazines/coupons that are outdated. (What good is that McDonald's gift certificate going to do you that expired 3 months ago???)
  • Broken things that are not worth fixing--that old VCR, printer, etc.
I'll post more things I learned at another time. But how about you, do you have a tip on things to get rid of. Or how about an organizing tip? Let's help each other.

SIDENOTE #1: Yesterday was the perfect day to stay in--THE WEATHER WAS HORRIBLE. I think all of the schools were closed and they were recommending to STAY OFF THE ROADS. Believe me, you don't have to tell me twice. Allan bought me a Wii for my birthday so I bowled, boxed, played baseball and tennis and did a little exercise. SO FUN.

SIDENOTE #2: I was so happy when I got on the scale this morning and saw I lost 5 pounds. (Gee and I only used my Wii one day ; )

SIDENOTE #3: Went to see Extraordinary Measures Friday night. I was so moved--such an amazing story of determination.


chellie said...

Those are great tips on purging and organizing. I also have 2 crockpots and I keep them both in my kitchen :) I use them both. I am fortunate in having a big kitchen with tons of cupboards, but the bad part about it is I justify keeping stuff I don't need.
I am working on it. :) I have gone through closets and dressers for all 5 of us and all of the toys... now on to craft/scrapbooking/sewing and office stuff.. baby steps... :)
You've done a great job and I agree, it feels great!

ShEiLa said...

It sound like you have become the ORGANIZATION research QUEEN. Ta-da!

If we only had a little magic wand that could make some of the tedious chores 'do themselves'.

I did have 2 crocks... until I gave one away full of stew after the arrival of a baby.

I think YOU really should have 'let your hair down' and done the Olivia Newton-John thing. I could even hear the music as you talked about it.

I will remember the 'elephant' advice... one bite at a time. ;)


Melissa said...

Those are great tips!! I need to get moving on our stuff... get it all out of the house!!

txmommy said...

whoo hoo on the 5lbs! and the organizing!!

JustRandi said...

Love the tips! I'm going to do them.

I'm also happy for the movie tip. You just never know anymore...

Natalie said...

Wow! 5lbs. That is just great.

I have given away and purged so much of my stuff. It was really hard. Now when we come back, I have to buy all kinds of things. Maybe I should have kept more?

Heffalump said...

I have a hard time with that not finishing something thing. I try to do it all at once and then I get burned out and things end up even worse than before!
I really need to purge some of our junk though...we need the space!

Cherie said...

I really love this post. I have so much organizing to do. I have been working on closets little by little.
I have never had a problem purging. I get rid of clothes every year and switch out summer things for winter things for everyone in our house, etc...my big problem as of late is that I have 3 kids who have moved out but their stuff is still here. It is still here because they are not anywhere permanent in their lives yet so it is not stuff I can get rid of yet it is in the way.
That is a challenge.
So I have been going through it and trying to at least box up what they are not using and putting it in the attic until they are done with school and have homes. I guess we are the storage unit for now.
My craft room is another story. I think I need to have something built that has 1000 drawers. A drawer for everything...ugh!
I like the idea of setting a timer - sometimes it does feel overwhelming.

Thanks for the great tips!!

Macy said...

Great job with the organizing! We had a class at RS on organizing this month as well. I've been trying to get rid of stuff too.

Small House said...

I SOOOOOO need to follow your lead. I just need a couple days of not going to work, and I think I could do this!! GOOD FOR YOU...and good for you for loosing 5 lbs.!!!!!

BY THE WAY....I'm slightly jealous of your cricut, but happy for you!!

Amber said...

Thank you for the tips!! I think I periodically go through things so that we can open up more space in our small apartment. It usually works well...until I throw away something that I was supposed to keep. oops.

The Garden of Egan said...

I don't have a large kitchen so I keep very little. For me purging is a beautiful thing.
I'm kinda getting things organized around here too.
Now that I'm an empty nester...sorta...it's easy to see what isn't really needed.

Connie said...

When we get our closets organized, it seems the rest of our life is more organized! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom. Congrats on the loss of 5 pounds. I better get a Wii Fit!

Corrine said...

I want a wii fit for my birthday...

i need to get organized too!

Valerie said...

Great ideas!! We just moved Buttercup to a different bedroom and that was a GREAT way to purge. We got two bedrooms totally gutted and cleaned out... whew! It was a great feeling!

Your ONJ song reference made me immediately think of The Office when Michael and Holly came in singing that song "Let's get ethical..." HA HA HA!!!

sweetpea said...

My dad just got a Wii for his birthday yesterday, too! So fun!

Great organizing tips. I am passionate about being organized, and my favorite quote is "A place for everything, and everything in its place".

Some things that work for me:

1. Family Organization Binder:
I have sections for each member of the family, the ward list, other phone numbers, medical info, school stuff, etc. It's easily accessible, and keeps everything together where you can find it.

2. Go through your mail everyday. Throw away/shred junk mail, and file away other mail. I have a "to be filed", "to be paid" folders, and a coupon bin so it can all be taken care of right away.

3. Go through your magazines every month. Throw away the ones you aren't going to keep. Get the magazine holders for those you want to keep-but only a select few. For decorating/other ideas, tear pages out of the magazine, and place in a binder just for that purpose.

CONGRATS on the 5 pounds!

PJ said...

I love organization, even if I only have a C+ in it

I have always enjoyed getting rid of things, this scares my family.

I LOVE that you got a Wii for Christmas!

Heidi said...

Way to go mom!!! That is great! Do you want to come down here and organize my classroom;p I swear there is not enough room and things keep piling up and I am going insane!!!!

Tonya said...

My goal this year was a little at a time so that's what I have been doing . Slow and steady wins the race right?

Jess said...

First of all you are so smart for staying in. I love being organized and organizing things. Ryan always says it's my favorite hobby. There is nothing more exciting than purging a room and seeing the results I love it.

aubrey said...

please keep posting more tips! i love this. i have been so overwhelmed with my life and wish i had a good month to just tackle my house and get it the way i want but i've had to take it slow and do what you say: baby steps. set the timer and do a few thing at a time. unfortunately, that small amount of time sometimes never even happens what with working out and homeschooling and LIFE. but someday...

Elder and Sister Kelly said...

I love reading your blog...it keeps us up on things and laughing aboutpast memories xoxox ps mom and dad are at http://eldersisterkelly.blogspot.com/ xoxoxo love you