Friday, January 22, 2010


As I think about my one-word resolution this year to try to smile through everything, I can't help but think of what happens to me when someone aims a camera toward me. Yes, I have the problem with shutting my eyes, but I always worry about how to smile. So, I totally sympathize with Chandler.

And, thanks for the great ideas on the Cricut. I should have been a little clearer on the organization class--it was a whole night on "A Fresh Start". We spent 15 minutes rotating through different classes on "Family First"; "Geneology in Small Bytes", a nutrition and exercise class; and then my class which I did with my friend, Kathy. But I did do a lot of research, so my number one suggestion--it's probably that we don't need to organize, it's more than we have to go through and get rid of "stuff". I had to laugh when I realize I still have one of the Seminary binders of my son who is almost 40. (And WHY am I saving it????) So, I have been purging closets and files and IT HAS FELT SO GOOD) I will look at going through my notes and post something next week.

SIDENOTE: The weather has been so lovely that I actually ran outside 3 days this week. It felt so good.

Also, does anyone know how to edit something you've posted from Youtube after you've posted it.



Heffalump said...

I am really in need of getting rid of a lot of STUFF...I think everyone would be happier!

ShEiLa said...

I did some of that purging stuff awhile back... my girls kept stuff from 6th grade and one is 23 and the other 27. It was over-due.

My little Maddy loves to hold my cell phone. She is pretty smart.
She can open it... then she turns it looks into the camera and says... cheese! With this perky little grin.

I can't help but smile when she starts in with that. I will try smiling more too.


Corrine said...

way to go through and purge, that can be a hard thing, I always do better with others we got rid of two large kitchen garbage bags of to get them out of house and to DI before the kids rummage through them.

way to go on the running..

makingthemomentscount said...

Purging, in the stuff sense, feels so relieving, doesn't it?

I love your new year's resolution. Smiling is a very worthy goal.

PJ said...

I just rid myself of some useless stuff, it felt great!

Amber said...

Had another comment until I read that you've been running outside. In Manitoba. In January.

Still recovering from shock. :-)

Cherie said...

I am smiling right now!! I love today!

Guess what I am doing on my 3 day weekend? Purging...that's right I am cleaning out the closets in my house - must be that time of year!!

I don't think you can edit a U-Tube video - Only the person who posted it can.

Have fun running - You are an inspiration in this dept. for me.

Melissa said...

Dejunking is something I feel like I do on a regular basis. Our junk seems to multiply at an alarming rate!

Connie said...

I have a hard time not smiling when someone points a camera at me! I went to get a passport on Tuesday, the woman taking my picture said, "You can smile, just don't show any teeth!" I looked like a squirrel.
I de-junked 2 closets so far. But I'm FAR from being finished! I just need to get the energy and stay off this computer!

ShEiLa said...

YOU should be smiling today.

Macy took 4th in the i heart faces contest... yipee!

It made me smile putting it together that Macy was part of your family.


Tonya said...

I always think of that song "Smile" when I don't feel
like smiling.

You are always lovely in your pictures.

aurora said...

Sorry I missed your birthday--haven't been in BlogLand much lately. Happy Belated Birthday!!


sweetpea said...

That is the perfect one-word resolution...I love it.

Anonymous said...

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Valerie said...

Until we bought this house and moved in, we moved approx every two years. That was a great way to keep clutter away. Unfortunately, we've been in this house almost a decade, so the clutter has begun creeping in. I decided that I would pretend I was moving and started going through rooms one by one. I'm still not finished, but you would be amazed at the # of large garbage bags I've thrown away and taken to D.I.
It's a GREAT feeling!!!

JustRandi said...

You're so right about the STUFF.

So. Right.

I'm always happier when I de-junk in a bigger way.

aubrey said...

that purging and throwing away and decluttering is what i love best. woopee! have fun!

Jess said...

I love going through purging moments. I always feel great after I get rid of a few things.Good luck!

utmommy said...

I LOVE that episode of Friends. It is so funny!

I've been getting rid of stuff too. Feels good!

chellie said...

I have been purging closets and cupboards and garages and everything in between. I have found things that make me say "why am I saving this?" -- like school projects of mine from elementary... the bad part now is that I've saved them for so long and have kids that age or almost and it makes me want to keep them! I struggle throwing things out... slowly but surely.
Damien and I cleaned out our closet and have 8 garbage bags full of stuff to donate! yay!