Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fourteen years ago today we arrived in Winnipeg. Wow. I had been thinking about this organizing frenzy I have been on and wondering why I have so much clutter. The other day it hit me. We have done a fair amount of moving. Allan and I were married in Oct. 1982. In July 1984, we moved into a new house that we had built. In January 1986 we moved into another house because the builders went bankrupt. In July 1987, we moved to So. California. August 1989 we moved to Charlotte, NC. August 1990 we moved to Canada the first time--which is why Kyle was born in Canada. December 1993 we moved to Reno. November 1994 we moved to Auburn. And then Feb. 6, 1996 we moved to Winnipeg. Each time we moved, I de-cluttered. That explains a lot, doesn't it.

Adjusting to the weather here was my biggest adjustment.We knew we'd miss our pool in Auburn. No sense in having one here.

When we left California it was a nice warm day--when we arrived here IT WAS FREEZING. Poor Kyle was not used to the ice and snow and being a little guy--he was 4, the first thing he did was slip and fall on the ice. All that winter, people kept assuring me that "this winter was not typical". Yeah sure, I heard that the following winter, too. We learned that the trick was to just bundle up. And bundle up we do. It's not about looking good--it's about keeping warm.

Because we had moved so many times, my dream was to get Heidi through high school in Winnipeg. When we got here she was in Grade 7. Then as time moved along, I wanted to get Brent through before we moved. Imagine my surprise when we also got Kyle through high school. All three of them graduated from the same high school. It has been great.

The other big adjustment was being so far away from family. We've made many trips down to the States to visit family throughout the years. There were even a few times that the kids and I made the drive and Allan flew. (This was before the kids could drive and it sure seemed long to me ; ) The kids have always been real troopers when it came to riding in the car. Of course, it was a lot easier once we got a DVD player in the van. I'm so grateful that we have had so many family reunions. I still do not enjoy clearing customs whether it is when I fly or when I drive. I hate having to declare goods that you purchased. It is annoying, but I'm always honest. I particularly hate mailing things to family or friends in the U.S. and have to fill out custom forms. The other day I was mailing Kyle's asthma medicine and you'd think I was "smuggling" drugs.

Let me say I'm so grateful for the telephone, e-mail, FB, and iChat. It sure makes being away a lot easier.

I have no idea how long we will live here. When Allan "retired" back in 2008 and we thought we might be leaving, we were very sad. Although being back in the States would mean we would be closer to family, we didn't feel it was time to leave here. It all worked out and he found a job that allowed us to stay here. When it's time to retire, we are excited about putting in our papers to serve a mission. We had thought that would happen when Kyle goes, but we will more than likely wait until he comes home.

So that means a few more cold winters. And that's okay. I love my house, my friends, and my neighborhood. Canada is a beautiful country. We have had the chance to visit almost every province. We have not visited the Northwest Territories or Nunavut. Here I am at Peggy's Cove and somewhere in BC--may be Whistler, but I'm not sure.

With the Olympics coming up, it's tough for me. I'm proud to be an American. I still cry when I hear the National Anthem and will cheer for the Americans. However, I will cheer for the Canadians as well. When it comes to the hockey game, if the Americans play the Canadians--I will be waving my American flag--even though I'm pretty sure it will be futile.

Sidenote #1: I am putting the word verification thing on my blog because I've had some spam, and it's getting a little annoying.


txmommy said...

moving is exciting...when it's not being sad. Mostly good though, I'm glad you get to love two countries and that you will soon be a missionary, you'll be awesome!!

Cherie said...

You and your hubby have sure moved alot!
My husband and I are CA natives and we moved to Idaho at the first of Dec. many years ago and had the same experience with the snow. We left a warm place and arrived in Idaho to the coldest winter they had had in years - LOL. Great way to be inducted into a new home in a colder climate :D
I really like you Yvonne - I think we would be great friends. I admire how you enjoy everything around you and to use a cliche phrase you really do "Bloom Where You Are Planted". Family is important to you and you look forward to the next good thing.
What a wonderful Mom, Wife and person you are!
Thanks for your wonderful example.

P.S. I love your Canada pics at the bottom of your post. I have only been to BC once. I would love to visit more of Canada. I know it is a beautiful place!

Neal said...

Yes, that picture is from Whistler - which is such an amazing place.

I, too, hate to fill out the customs forms, anytime I send things up to you. I'm always worried that somehow a gift will cost you guys some money ; )

Valerie said...

(I thought I would try to comment using Max's iTouch. Hope it works!!)
We used to move every 2 years (although not to as many fun places as you have!) and it's a great way to declutter. I used to say, "The oven is dirty, must be time to move." We have been in our current house 10 years and I'm feeling the mess. I will try to follow your good example and work on mine now that the vacation is over!!

ShEiLa said...

I never thought you would do 'word identification' but I understand.

I make comment past three days go to moderation... that is how I have caught the little spammers.

I think NC would be a great place to live.

Also clutter just happens... its nobody's fault really... is it? ;)


ShEiLa said...

ps. this is a stab in the dark... but when you lived in Auburn. Did you know Jean Slocum??? She is my Aunt and she lives there so it rung my bell... with a population now of 13,000+ I doubt it... but I decided to ask anyway.


Natalie said...

I love your attitude and your outlook on life. You are awesome.
We lived in one house for 30 years and boy did I have a lot of things to declutter. Then we moved to Tx and after 3 years had to declutter again. Now I am clutter free (for a while)
Fun that you can cheer for 2 countries.
You will be an outstanding missionary couple.:)

The Garden of Egan said...

Loved the pictures of you.
I haven't moved hardly ever. Haven't seen much country, in fact have never been out of the US.
Being a missionary is an exciting thought.

Connie said...

I too was having spam after I removed the word verification. It stinks!
There's good and bad with moving. We've moved 14 times in our 37 years of marriage. Some more painful than others. And some I moved the junk right along with everything else!
Happy 14th anniversary in one place!

Macy said...

Wow! I guess I didn't realize you guys had moved so much!

sweetpea@brown paper packages said...

You guys will make awesome missionaries!!

I understand about the moving thing...we have moved 13 times in 13 years, and I'm so glad we're staying put for awhile!

Heffalump said...

I hate moving! Our first few of years of marriage we moved four times, then settled in for about five years before we moved here. We have been here six years and are hoping to just stay put.

Heidi said...

Yeah, who knew that is where our family would be the longest! Crazy!

txmommy said...

read Fire of the Covenant, it is really a must read. You will love it, when you are down bawling.

Small House said...

Man....I've been trying to talk my husband into moving just across the valley. I think it would be such a great experience to live in so many different places.

Just love visiting your blog!!!

carolyne b said...

Well I for one have enjoyed having you here.... I think the first time we really got to know each other was when Brent was getting ready to leave on his mission.
So someone is sneaking in and making comments, how rude...!

chellie said...

oh my goodness... that is a lot of moving, I bet you are a pro by now! It's one thing I don't really care to do, but I sure love to de-clutter and reorganize.

Canada is beautiful; I'm glad you enjoy it so much. Seems like a great place for you to be right now. I'm pretty sure I could not survive there... you're a trooper! I'm not a fan of the cold. :)