Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day--and that it has been a fabulous Valentine's weekend. We went to dinner and a movie on Friday night to celebrate. We went to see Valentine's Day--which was a very cute movie. My favorite part had to be Julia Roberts' line at the end. I got it immediately--it took a few minutes for other people to laugh--so I'm not sure they did. After dinner we went to the mall so I could pick up a pair of these

Heidi and Kyle have a pair but I didn't buy a pair for me, so I was glad to find a pair for ME. On my way through one of the stores, a bunch of people were gathered around a TV in one of the depatment stores where the news was showing the replay of the luge accident. It was so incredibly sad, and I have to say, I wish I hadn't seen the footage.

After the movie, we came home to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. We missed the countries marching into the Stadium, but it is on my DVR, so I'll watch it later. I loved the Opening. I'm tired of people constantly comparing them to the Beijing Opening. I was impressed. I loved when Wayne Gretzky went to light the outdoor cauldron. So cool that people who were not able to be inside the stadium got to experience the whole thing.

Now back to the message of this post. I'm in loveI love the man I married some 27 1/2 years ago. We have enjoyed a great life together and the best part--it keeps getting better. Challenges--sure. I don't know anyone who doesn't have them, but knowing that we are not going through this life alone, makes it a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, he is in one of our branches up North and will not be home until tomorrow night. We will celebrate with a nice dinner--which he will cook for me. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this--he usually makes our Sunday dinner. He's not always able to do it, but it is something he has tried to do since we were married. (Frankly, the kids loved Sunday dinner--their dad is a great cook ; )

This morning I I was so excited to give him his Valentine's Day gift which I knew he could use when he went on his little trip today--I got him a camera. He was thrilled which always makes me happy. (And speaking of cameras, this spring I'm going to take a photography class. I'm very excited. So, I'll have my 10 K running class and this photography class--won't have time to get bored and miss laundry and dishes ; )

Now, what did you do for Valentine's Day????


Heffalump said...

Went to church of course. I am making a turkey dinner and we are just hanging out like we usually do on a Sunday.
Valentine's is really my least favorite holiday because everyone puts all this pressure and expectations on men to give flowers and chocolates and etc. My husband treats me wonderfully every day, and the commercial hype of Valentine's Day really bugs me. We always just have a nice meal that I cook, and spend time together, and that is plenty for me!

txmommy said...

we saw that too. it was a cute movie. happy Valentines day!

ShEiLa said...


I couldn't find us a pair of those awesome Olympic mittens yet... but I am so glad that you got some.

Let's see...
Sherlock Holmes(the Movie),
Mexican Food,
Frozen YumYum (smoothie)
a [Hoops & YoYo] valentines card from my sweetheart.

I wanted to see the movie you saw... but I couldn't find it near us. I will have to try again.


Connie said...

Let's see. For Valentine's Day we went to church, had home teachers come by, dropped off some rice krispie hearts to a sister who is sick, took dinner to my daughter's house and enjoyed some time with her, talked to my sister and SIL to get some things planned for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary and ending up the day with some computer time.
Other than that, nothing.
Have a great week!

Valerie said...

Will you think I'm a Bah Humbug if I'm anti-Valentine's Day? It seems to have grown to a feverish consumer pitch in the past few years and it drives me absolutely crazy!!
However, I am very excited to hear about your photography class!!! What kind of class is it and who will you take it through?

Corrine said...

i love those mittens!!!!!

want to see that movie!!

and I cleaned rooms at the hospital, and watched several families say their good byes to very sick elderly people.....then came home to dinner and my little bundles of joy and ENERGY!

Yvonne said...

heffalump: I understand the whole pressure thing. I told Allan not to buy me flowers because I think they are such a rip-off this time of year. And, no chocolates for me this year--trying to control the weight ; ) BTW, his flight didn't get in until late so i made dinner.

txmommy: Thanks. Yeah, I thought it was cute.

sheila: How did you like Sherlock Holmes?

Would you like me to see if I can find you some mittens?

I love Mexican food.

connie: Sounds like you were pretty busy--but I think you are always pretty busy.

When is your celebration for your folks?

valerie: Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart because of Helen and Les--I usually buy Allan candy and he buys me flowers, but this year I said no to flowers and even chocolate ; )

The photography class is a basic class being given by a photography school here in town. Any suggestions?

corrine: I hope you had a great day. Hope you get a chance to go see the movie.

Cherie said...

Yvonne - I love the picture of your husband and yourself looking deeply into each others romantic!!!!

We had a quiet Valentines Day this year. We took our youngest to a movie with us - Percy Jackson and The Olympians - We really liked it our youngest LOVED it.

We cooked a special dinner together on Saturday evening because Sundays I don't see him much. It was really nice.
Very low key and relaxing.

Glad you had a Happy Valentines day even if Hubby had to be gone for part of it. We don't really need an exact day to say I Love You!

Tonya said...

I thought the opening ceremonies were great too!

So sad about the accident.

My honey and I celebrated last weekend with a beach getaway with just the 2 of us.

chellie said...

You are beautiful! Love the picture... I can feel the love just looking at it. You are so blessed to be loved and be in love and have a man that cherishes you... just what you deserve!!

Happy Valentine's Day!