Monday, March 29, 2010

In An Emergency--I'm Not Your Woman

I had an interesting experience yesterday that reinforced something I've known for a long time--I DON'T HANDLE PANIC WELL.

My friends, the P's, were out of town, and I had gone over to check their house. I have done this for quite awhile and I have NEVER set off the alarm until yesterday. I put in the code and did something wrong, so I put it in again and all of the sudden the alarm went off. IT IS LOUD. In fact, it is actually louder than loud. I tried to call them on my cell phone, but my hands were shaking so bad that I couldn't punch in the numbers. (At this point, I thought about locking the door and jumping back in my van and driving home, but I didn't.) I kept trying and trying, and the whole time it seemed like the alarm was getting louder, and then tried again to put in the code and finally turned it off. I had left the code you give the alarm company if they call the house at my house, so I just knew they were going to come and assume I was a robberAND SHOOT ME.

At last I got a hold of D and he was on the other line with the Alarm Company and let them know I was checking the house, so all was okay. I'm happy to report I was able to re-set the alarm (without setting if off again) and came home.

MISSIONARY UPDATE: I did manage to get Kyle's evaluation for having his wisdom teeth pulled moved up. We're still a little concerned about getting everything done before May 26th, but we'll do our best. Kyle and Allan will be at Mr. Mac's buying suits on Friday. I love this picture of Kyle.I'm going to enjoy every minute of our drive home together. That 23 hour drive has got to last me for 2 years.

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: What an amazing NCAA Tournament!!! I do have West Virginia in the final game, but I'm so brilliant I have Kansas winning it all (now, remind me, how long ago did Kansas lose????
Kyle has West Virginia picked to win it all--so he's fairly happy. My grandson, Jason, has West Virginia picked, but he had Baylor picked to beat Duke, so he was pretty bummed when Duke beat them. My son-in-law, Tony, has Duke picked to win it all.

RUNNING UPDATE: Because of the call, I didn't get to my running class on Wednesday but decided to try and run 7 km. on Thursday. It was so cold that day--my face was absolutely freezing. But, I did it. I ran another 7 on Saturday and actually shaved a minute off my time, but I'm going to have to shave a lot mroe. I think I'll stick with 7 this week, too. This morning I took another minute off. (Note to self--be sure and take your reading glasses OFF before you go out and start running ; ) Now maybe next week go for 8. The weather is supposed to be pretty good.

SIDENOTE: I was doing some scrapbooking today and came across this picture I took of a candygram I made for a good friend when he was getting ready to go on his mission to California. (In fact, his sister has her papers in and she's waiting for her call. I'll have to put one together for her. And maybe I'll make one for Kyle.


Cherie said...

First!!! Cause it's cool and stuff!

Cherie said...

Oh man dumb alarms!! I would have totally paniced too - I do not do well in emergencies!
A family member that lives close to us has our name to call if their alarm goes off and they cannot be reached. Can I tell you how often that dang alarm goes off....and they cannot be reached.
Tonight our smoke alarm went off for 10 seconds and I was dumbfounded - ha ha. Was there a fire? What should I do - ha ha!!

So exciting getting your son ready for his mission! The end of May is going to sneak up fast! Love the picture of him with the map :D

Locky said...

I have set off their alarm aswell. I certainly understand how loud it gets.

I remember you made one of those candy letters for me too! Best Idea EVER!!!

Sheri said...

LOL!! I can totally picture that!! Love the Candy Gram!

Connie said...

When you have the constant loud noise it's hard to stay calm!
I'm so proud of you for running! That is awesome!

Good luck getting Kyle ready. When my daughter got her call to go to Houston, she had 6 weeks to get ready. It was close but we got it done!

Melissa said...

I would have panicked too! Then, I probably would have run... as fast as I could :)

The NCAA Tournament makes me laugh this year. I don't follow college basketball... at all. I'm in 1st place in our family bracket! I have Duke going all the way and I'm pretty sure that everyone will be quite annoyed if I win the whole thing!

txmommy said...

you are so funny :)

Good job on the are my inspiration...if I ran....which I am thinking about, albeit not very happily.

Annie said...

Cool candygram!!!

I'm taking Bailey to get evaluated for his wisdom teeth TODAY! yikes.

You are doing great running! Yay you :).

Doran & Jody said...

LOL...Good thing you got it shut off. My daughter, Cortney, was house sitting one time in AZ and she set the alarms off too. Annoying at the time but funny later.

Good job on your running!! Keep going!

Never been through the missionary stuff but I am sure it is exciting!

And Yvonne, You could make me one of those candy grams ANYTIME!!!

Kaitlyn said...

your blog seriously makes me day!
I also love it when it talks about us :)
miss you lots!

Heffalump said...

I don't think I could even run 1k! Maybe if a serial killer were chasing me...

Nancy Face said...

I'm impressed with your dedication to running! When my face is freezing (QUIT LAUGHING!) I turn right back around and run home! :D

aurora said...

Love the alarm story! Too funny.

Klin said...

When the alarm is screaming at you how do you think? I would have to step away to gather up my scattered brain cells.

mindyluwho said...

Oh that is hilarious!...Now, that is...certainly not at the time I'm sure!

I love the Candy Gram. Cute idea, I'll keep that in mind for a year from now when my son goes on his mission. (I thought it was funny at the end how they were going to put on the KitKat, but Kyle ate it!)

Valerie said...

That's a funny alarm story. I probably would have burst out in tears and sat down crying like a baby until the cops came to take me away... you handled it very well!!
That was a very cute candy card!
I think when Kyle begins serving on his mission, you'll definitely drive slower down I-15 each time you drive down to Utah. Enjoy the time home you'll have with him!

carolyne b said...

In England they have this big alarm thing outside your house and blue lights that shine when the alarm goes off. Its so the police can find the house easier. But when the alarm goes off, imagine yourself inside a building when the fire alarm goes off-- thats how loud!!
Glad D was able to speak to the alarm company.

Natalie said...

I love your blog as usual. It is always interesting and fun.

The alarm story-oh my gosh. I would be freaking out too.

You are awesome for running. I'm walking a lot better. Ha. I can barely keep up with the missionaries. They are always so kind to me. They even offer to carry me if I can't. Too funny.

I love the candy gram. My friend and I used to make them quite often. They are always a big hit.

Your drive with Kyle will be great. It's such a special time together that you will both always remember. I remember driving with one of my boys and thinking. A new book is opening for you(him).
A new chapter in his life is opening, full of adventure. And also realizing that a chapter in my life was closing. It is bittersweet, I think. We always pray for our sons to go on a mission and when they actually do, I kind (almost) wanted them to stay home, just a bit longer. It is all for the best though. They are doing what the Lord wants. Kyle will be forever blessed for serving a mission. Good Job Kyle!

A few of our missionary's Mom's printed out some favorite recipes for them on card stock, but the size of a recipe card. They were either paper clipped together or on a ring. You might want to do something like that for Kyle. Our missionaries love that and they copy each other's recipes.

Have fun getting him ready and enjoying his company. it will be sooooooo great.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so happy that your son knows where Idaho is. I really hope I get to see him.
I promise I will feed him.

aubrey said...

oh scary! i KNOW i don't handle stress or panic well. i don't know how many times my children have been choking and i just freeze up while paul gets up and wacks them on them on the back or sticks his finger in their mouth. dumb, huh?

JustRandi said...

lolol. Ok
Now I know who to NOT call to reset my alarms. Good tip!

It's funny how we all have such different strengths!!