Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Important Work

I LOVE BEING A MOTHER. At this moment, I may not have any children at home, but I'm still a mother. I will always be a mother. I first became a mother at 19. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay home and being a single mom had to go back to work to support us when Stephen was 6 weeks old. But I was able to enjoy many field trips, served as a scorekeeper every year he played Little League, was at every soccer game and enjoyed it all.

When Allan and I got married in 1982, and I went from being a mother of one to a mother/stepmother of 4, I was able to stay home. As more children joined our family it was wonderful to be home through it all. That was something I will always be grateful that I was able to do.

Some time ago, Stephanie at Diapers and Divinity, did a post with some Neal A. Maxwell quotes. This is one I loved:

“Some mothers in today’s world feel “cumbered” by home duties and are thus attracted by other more “romantic” challenges. Such women could make the same error of perspective that Martha made. The woman, for instance, who deserts the cradle in order to help defend civilization against the barbarians may well later meet, among the barbarians, her own neglected child.”

When I think back on the 39 years that I have had children in my home, I do not regret a moment spent. Was it always easy-- DEFINITELY NOT. Was it work it--DEFINITELY EVERY MINUTE. I don't think I feel differently than most mothers--motherhood is a privilege and such a blessing. Because my mom only lived long enough to see her oldest reach the age of 20, I think it is amazing that I have grandchildren who are over 20.

My children are amazing people. I look at them and am so grateful that I have been there to watch them grow. I know that I cannot follow them around and whisper in their ears to remind them what they should and shouldn't do--hopefully FHE lessons and discussions we had through the years will be remembered. It is incredible to watch our children that have children parent their own. It is so fun to watch Heidi, Brent, and Kyle and to wonder what they will be like as parents.

One of the greatest blessings is to be able to raise them with an understanding of who they are and to assure them that we will always love them and will be there to encourage them, but more important I'm grateful that I can assure them that they have a Father in Heaven to turn to for guidance. Randi did a post recently where she talked about the recent incident with the math teacher who was heroic in the school shootings a couple of weeks ago in Littleton. In her post she wrote about some of the stories she had read. She wrote:

"I remember one girl who told about hiding in the school for hours, the fire alarms continuing to go off, not knowing when or even IF official help was coming. What she did know for sure was that her family was praying for her right that minute, and they would not stop until they saw her again. Knowing that her parents KNEW that God would help her was what helped her own faith and got her through that horrific day."

I hope our children would always know those same things and remember that we are our on our knees morning and night for them and that we have faith that God is always there and mindful of all of us.

Let me share one final quote from Elder Maxwell:

“Obviously, family values mirror our personal priorities. Given the gravity of current conditions, would parents be willing to give up just one outside thing, giving that time and talent instead to the family? Parents and grandparents, please scrutinize your schedules and priorities in order to ensure that life’s prime relationships get more prime time! Even consecrated and devoted Brigham Young was once told by the Lord, “Take especial care of your family” (D & C 126:3) Sometimes it is the most conscientious who need this message the most."

My family means the world to me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother/grandmother/great-grandmother.

Sidenote: We had a dinner to go to tonight. I had already had my treat for the day (my 1/4 cup of m&m's--by the way, do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to stop at 1/4 cup when I still have a bunch left in the big bag Allan brought me home from his trip to Vancouver) so when they served cake for dessert, I passed. I hope I can keep this up when my challenge ends.


Cherie said...

LOVE this post! It is full of inspiration and truth.
Sometimes being a mom is not the most rewarding job in the eyes of the world but in the eyes of our Father in Heaven it is the best job out there and I could not agree more!
All I ever wanted to be was a mom - My dream came true!!

Thanks for this wonderful post today Yvonne. I love reading your blog and I can always tell how much you treasure your family and your husband. You are a great mom and wife and a super example to all of us!

Small House said...

Great post! I have to agree one hundred percent with your post. It is such a gift and blessing to be a mom. Not always easy, and sometimes, NOT fun. But wow.....what a treat. Funny hu, that something so hard is SO rewarding.

You are a wonderful inspiration to all moms!! Thanks for sharing your feelings about motherhood!

mindyluwho said...

Motherhood is so hard that sometimes I just want to scream with frustration...but then I read a beautiful post like this and it reminds me that it is also a blessing. I've had several blessings lately involving my children and it has made me truly grateful to be a mother.

Thank you!

ShEiLa said...

Being a Mother is the best!
it also can be a worry. Being a Mother is a calling in which we are never released... I don't think I would change it if I could. I am also grateful that I was blessed with such a wonderful Mother.


glittersmama said...

This post was great. I love the Elder Maxwell quotes. Thank you for sharing.

Good job sticking to your 1/4 cup. That IS hard. You're awesome!

Connie said...

My feelings exactly! Such great, thought provoking quotes.
Cute pictures of the kids.

I'm proud of you and your determination to meet the challenge.

Melissa said...

Sometimes I forget how great it is to be a mother. I get so bogged down in the day to day craziness and frustrations that I just want everyone to go to bed... at 4:30 in the afternoon ;)
But it is a blessing and an honor to know that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with these kiddos. I just hope I don't mess it all up too badly!

Garden of Egan said...

Loved your post Yvonne.
I agree with everything you said.
Being a mom is the best, hardest, happiest, gut-wrenching thing I've ever done.
Loved it.

Tonya said...

Your kids are so blessed. You are a great mom.

I know that even though you aren't physcially there to whisper in their ears that they still hear the years of advise running through their minds.

Heffalump said...

Thanks for being an inspiration to me Yvonne! I hope I turn out to be as great a Mom as you are.

Natalie said...

Great quote from N.Maxwell. I love him and everything he says.

Your thoughts on motherhood are exactly mine. I love, love, love being a Mom, Grandma, and greatgrandma. It's the best!

Congrats on resisting temptation. You are doing so great.

I think you are awesome. Your family and friends are so blessed!


aubrey said...

what a beautiful post, yvonne. one for me to print out and read over again. i love neal a. maxwell..we named our max after him. and what good reminders. they truly are reminders that i need every day. it is hard to not want to do something extra or more outside of the home when that is what everyone else does. i am grateful to you for always reminding me of the importance of my children and family life. thank you!

JustRandi said...

very beautiful, Yvonne. You really are one of my hero's. I love the way you talk about your family.

brown paper packages said...

You have beautiful children, because you are a beautiful mother. I love reading your posts, because your role as mother always comes through. You are such an incredible example of motherhood to me...thank you.

aurora said...

Always love your posts. They make me feel happy that I am a mom. xo

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I love this post. (and I promise it's not just because you mentioned my blog) Such a great perspective you have.

chellie said...

Love this... wow! I also love that picture of your beautiful children. If they turn out have as wonderful as you, you have nothing to worry about.