Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things That Confuse Me

Before I start this post, I want to make reference to my previous post about Terry Fox. I wish I had posted it before the Olympics because I know they made reference to him--in fact, his mom was one of the people who carried the flag into the stadium--along with Donald Sutherland and others.

And this post "Things That Confuse Me". I've decided this may be a regular post--because frankly quite often I'm confused. But these are some things I've seen/read lately that I just don't get:
  • I saw this commercial for a thing called a "buuty pop" and I'm thinkin--WHAT????? I work very hard to try and keep my booty from poppin. (I misspelled it purposely; ) Of course they talk about how it's the same concept as the padded bra--now the padded bra I get but padding my booty--NO THANKS.
  • And then there is the report I read "Grandparents make kids fat"--Well, I guess it's a good thing that I don't live close to my grandkids because they could mean that the M&M's that I smuggle to little G-man or the chocolate mini donuts I buy for Drew are causing a problem????
  • And can we say "FALSE ADVERTISING": How can someone promise "Walk off 22 pounds in 8 weeks"? I have been running longer than that and haven't taken off 22 pounds!!!!
This last one is a "Things That Anger Me"--but I really don't want to do a whole post about it: Bullying. It disturbs me so much. When I was young you may have gotten called a name at school (and no, it was not fun, and it isn't right) but it was nothing like it is today. Nowadays you have to go home and see things on facebook, get texts about it, or whatever. I think the School Districts need to get harsh. And so do parents.

Sidenote #1: The running is going well. Today was the first day I have run with my heart rate monitor. My heart was pumping pretty hard, but I just can't seem to get going fast enough. I guess it will just take time. When Kyle comes home I may have to try and get him to run with me a couple of times--he's a sprinter so maybe he can help me.

Sidenote #2: Poor Brent hit a deer the other night. Do you guys know that if you hit a deer, you are not supposed to wash your car--and this is exactly why. Do you see the fur? If you wash the car, you could have hit anything, but there's no way they would doubt Brent hit a deer. And, I'm very happy to tell you he was not hurt at all--Brent, not the deer. Considering he went up over the hood of his car and over the top of the car should tell you what happened to the deer.

I think Brent's pretty happy he gets Kyle's car in a little less than a week ; )


Heffalump said...

Walk off 22 pounds in 8 weeks can be true, but only if you follow the other half of the equation which is to also stop eating.

Booty enhancers are wrong...and they scare me!

Nancy Face said...

Yep, those things are WAY confusing! I am angered by bullying, too. :(

I am grateful Brent is okay! Hitting a deer can be a VERY dangerous situation for the driver. Why do deer think they need to cross the road anyway?

Connie said...

I already have a padded booty! I was born with it and I don't like it! (I wonder if I could send it back)
Hitting a deer can be deadly, and not just for the deer! Brent is very fortunate.

Bullying is a terrible thing! Whether it's at school, at work, in a marriage, it stinks and the bully should be punished.

Garden of Egan said...

Booty enhancers.....really?
Sorry about the deer vs. car thing.
We had a guy come into the ER that had hit a moose....yikes. Those long legged creatures are a menace for sure.
I didn't know you weren't supposed to wash the car. Interesting.

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh...the fur the fur! I am so glad Brent is OK after hitting that deer - that is truly something I hope never to do. I really hate seeing the deer xing signs on highways and such because it truly scares me.

Booty padding - I'm selling if anyone is buying - ha ha! Who would do that on purpose??

And I enjoyed the Terry Fox video so much the other day...I am glad to know that is Mom got to participate in the Olympics festivities this year!

Klin said...

Booty enhancers are not necessary in my neck of the woods. I got plenty of that.

Bullies do not like me. I am the one who confronts them. I am speaking of abusers in this sense of the word. I just tell my kids what to say to the bullies at their schools. Oddly enough my kids aren't their targets, but my kids to stand up against them with the child they are abusing. I sure hope that rambling makes sense.

Soooo glad that Brent is okay. Poor deer. Bad place to be. When does Kyle enter the MTC? Will you be available for a hug that day or waaaaay busy?

brown paper packages said...

I, for one, do not need a booty enhancer. That's why I eliminate it, lol!

I'm glad Brent is okay! We have so many deer out where we live, and Rick has hit his fair share too.

Sheri said...

You are not alone in your confusion of those things... and many more!! You are definatly not alone in your anger towards bullying! I have never put up with that even when I was a kid. I don't think it is okay on any level and it breaks my heart to see it happening especially to my kids! I think if parents would teach their kids that it is NOT okay then there would be a lot less of it!

Valerie said...

Buttercup endured two years of bullying. It affected her horribly and it was such a sad time in her life. I hated it before, but have absolutely no tolerance for it now.

Now booty enhancers... that's just SILLY!!!

Carrot Jello said...

I was thinking of you on Saturday. Wondering what it must be like to have your kids out of the house, and you husband with a new job that takes him out of town.
It looks like you're doing great!

carolyne b said...

Bullying is a terrible thing and one thing that confuses me is when adults think its okay. I work in a inner city community centre and i have a user group who think that its fine for the kids to be disresptful. Moving on soon!!!

aubrey said...

oh scary that he hit a deer! i am always paranoid when i see those deer crossing signs. and now you have given me a tip in case i ever do hit one. not that i want to, but ya..

and i wouldn't mind more oomph in my booty. i've always had kind of a flat butt. but not enough to go out and buy a product to do it. :P

aubrey said...

p.s. in response to your sweet comment..i always love your advice and words of wisdom. keep em comin!

Tonya said...

Oh boy, I'm so glad that Brent wasn't hurt.

I'm with you on the bullying. It has really gotten out of control.

My bootie does not need any extra Maybe they need some donations.

Melissa said...

I'm trying desperately to get rid of booty padding! Maybe I could donate some of my ample supply?

Bullying makes me angry too... it's been a big problem in our schools and in our ward :S

Glad to hear that Brent is okay!!

Suzanne said...

I don't get why someone would want their nether regions larger either. How fun that Kyle will be home soon and I'm glad that Brent is o.k.!