Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things That Have Me Concerned

  • This whole U.S. Census thing has me worried. Allan and I will not be counted. In the 2000 Census we were in living in Canada and not counted. (Fortunately for us, in 1990 we didn't move to Canada until August, so we were still living in the U.S. and counted for that census.) I keep imagining that in 100 years when someone is researching us for their genealogy and don't find us on the 2000 or 2010 Census they will just assume WE WERE DEAD in 2000. You see I cannot find my dad or my grandfather on the 1920 Census and now I'm beginning to wonder if they were living in a foreign country??? I am glad to know my children will be counted.
  • A week ago on 24 I laughed when Hastings was getting ready to compliment Chloe and she stopped him and said, "I'm not very good with praise", and I had to chuckle thinking that will never be said by me because although it usually makes me uncomfortable, deep down "I LOVE praise". I'm a little concerned because knowing that praise makes me feel good, makes me wonder if I'm a little narcissistic???
  • Did anyone see the article about the New Jersey woman, who I think is living in the UK, who wants to weigh 1000 pounds. Why would anyone want to do that to their body???
  • When I see commercials that talk about reducing the signs of aging they mention they can take 5 years off of your life--BIG DEAL. But the kicker is they preface their commercial by saying, "If you are in your 40's or 50's"--WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US. Do they think it's too late for us????
And not part of the "THINGS THAT CONCERN ME": I found this quote the other morning, and I love it and wanted to share it. This should be in a post--"things I'm striving for". It's from a talk Pres. Monson gave in General Conference back in 1974 and was quoted in the book "21 Days Closer to Christ" as the author was talking about our need to discover something that will bring us closer to Christ: "We need not visit the Holy Land to feel Him close to us. We need not walk by the shores of Gaililee or among the Judean hills to walk where Jesus walked. In a very real sense, all can walk where Jesus walked when, with His words on our lips, His spirit in our hearts, and His teachings in our lives, we journey through mortality."

Sidenote #1:This is the last week of the challenge I have been participating in since January. Our question yesterday was "What is your secret dream?" I thought it was a great question. I decided to focus on two. (I actually have many. I mean I would LOVE to be able to sing. Not in front of anyone, but just be able to really carry a tune. I'd love to ski down a mountain--heck, I'd like to be able to ride in a chair lift without being scared to death. But the two I decided to share with my group were these. I shared a "good" one and a "bad" one. My good one: To stand on the podium at the Olympics. The bad one I decided to share: My dream to rob a bank. Now, all of you who know me, know I would NEVER do that. I have just always thought it would be a real challenge to figure out how to do it. I loved the Italian Job--I just think it would be fun to pull off a heist. But then again, you all know from my previous post, how well I respond in an emergency or the thought of someone coming after me with a gun ; )

Sidenote #2:Last night, Allan set apart Sister S., young lady who is going to serve in the St. Louis Mission. She was given such a beautiful blessing. She is an amazing young lady and will make a fabulous missionary.


txmommy said...

hmmm, that's a lot.

i agree about the lady, crazy!!!

Sheri said...

I love your posts!! If you ever want to plan a bank robbery - I am in! Not to do it of course, but to plan it!!;)

Heffalump said...

I am envisioning a new Reality TV series where people get to try to pull off the perfect heist but don't have to go to jail afterwards, they just get to return the stolen goods and get a monetary prize instead...can you see it?

Melissa said...

1000 pounds? Really? She wants that?? That's just weird. Will it break some kind of record?

Robbing a bank... sounds interesting. I'm with you - it might be kinda fun to plan, but I would never do it :)

Klin said...

You are anything but Narcissistic! Wanting to hear that you are doing great is just validation that we all need to hear.

Rob a bank, huh? I wanna do a high speed chase just to see if I can, but not when it's busy cause no one can get hurt. That would be bad.

Connie said...

Is this an Aprils Fool's joke? Robbing a bank? Really? I'm looking at you in a new light....I like it!

I think I'll send some of my best fattening recipes to the 1000 pound woman so she will enjoy her journey!

Love the quote by Pres. Monson.

Lei said...

You are kind of funny, you know that? I chuckled at a few of the things posted here!

Lei said...

oh yes, and that quote - LOVE IT.

Natalie said...

You always write a great post.

I can't even imagine wanting to gain so much. That is just crazy.

I love the quote.

Have a nice Easter and enjoy conf.

brown paper packages said...

okay, that was my FAVORITE part of 24 last week. I love that Chloe.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

Yvonne I agree, you are very funny. Do you feel out of your socks living in Canada? I used to feel that way when I lived in the US. So much the same but so different too. I happened to watch 24 for a brief second only to discover that Chloe has been Hollywooded beautiful.

mindyluwho said...

You are a funny girl!

Have you read the book, "The Five Love Languages"? It's a book on five ways that people feel loved. One of the languages is Words of Affirmation. People who love praise and to be patted on the back...that is totally me! It's how I feel loved and validated. So, I don't think you are narcissistic!

Corrine said...

i saw that lady on Tyra banks...and I just am not sure why anyone would want to do that to themselves...though some days I dream of weight 100 lbs :)

Valerie said...

I bet that 1000 lb woman has just given up on life. So sad.
I used to want to be IN a bank robbery, until I worked in a bank. We had a "mock robbery" one day. A police officer came in and picked ME as the teller he wanted to rob. He showed me a gun and handed me a note demanding money. Even though I knew it was going to happen and that it was fake, it scared me TO DEATH and I realized that was enough for me!