Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Important to know: this picture was taken on Sunday and Kyle entered the MTC this afternoon. Because of the new drop-off policy, we knew we would not be able to take the time to take pictures, so we did the pics ahead of time. (I want to make that very clear--since the kids are all feeling they have been "living a lie" for 5 years. None of them (except Brent) seem to remember being told that Brent opened his mission call ahead of time with just Allan and me and then when he read it to the whole family on the conference call, we already knew ; ) And speaking of Brent going on his mission--wow, can you believe how little Kyle was when Brent went. It was cute because the other day Kyle said to his dad he never realized what a big deal it was when Brent went and how much preparation and stuff you have to do before you go. Now he understands. I know Brent will be a great support to him when he's out. He will give him great advice and Kyle will listen because Brent has been there.

Another picture we took on Sunday at the MTC. I know Heidi and Kyle will really miss each other. Brent had Sacrament Meeting when we were taking the pictures ; (

We have had a great week together. Kyle and I have played Rockband--it's been so fun. I think most of Monday he spent playing the drums.
He also challenged Tank to a game of ping pong. We went to see a movie together (How to Train Your Dragon--Heidi and Kyle hadn't seen it and Brent was working at the theater), had some great meals together at some of our favorite places--Cafe Rio, Kneaders, Zupas, In-N-Out, Market Street Grill and even had ice cream at Cold Stone. We were planning on hiking the Y, but our plans were ruined when it snowed. (Heidi, Brent, Allan and I will hike it tonight--maybe we'll wave at Elder Robison from up on top ; )

We have loved having the opportunity to visit a couple of temples

Kyle, Brent, and I visited Heidi's class yesterday afternoon. Kyle played the guitar and Heidi sang. The kids loved it. They were so cute.

Then Kyle played the piano for them. They really enjoyed it--it was cute to watch them get into it. He played a couple of songs that he has composed and they seemed to enjoy them. It was a lot of fun.

Then the teachers were playing kickball against the 6th Graders and Kyle went out to play with Heidi.

The last time we saw these kids was last August right after school began, so it was fun to see how much they have grown up. Heidi is a great teacher and does a wonderful job with her class.

Last night he was set apart. We were very lucky we could do it here in Utah so Brent and Heidi could be there for it. Needless to say, it was a great blessing. His dad always does a great job when he sets missionaries apart. His two aunts and his cousin, Jennifer, who he got to know better while the two of them were here at BYU this last year, were also there. We had to laugh because after he was set apart, he couldn't hug Jennifer--love the picture.

At least he could hug his sister.

This morning we went to the Draper Temple with Elder Robison and Brent.

We went to In-N-Out for lunch. Couldn't believe how many missionaries getting ready to go to the MTC were there--too funny.

And then it was time to go to the MTC. I think I was ready and I know Elder Robison was ready. I had explained to him that I would hold back the tears. My feeling is it's always hard enough on the kids when they have these separation moments and seeing me crying isn't going to make it any easier for them. But I failed--I had a few tears, especially when I hugged him goodbye. It was hard for Allan, too. I think Elder Robison was happy to go quickly because he was starting to tear up.

I am comforted knowing that my Idaho blogging buddies will be watching out for him. Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement. It's going to be a great two years.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Days Just Don't Get Much Better Than This

The days are going much too quickly, but they truly don't get much better than today.

It was such a delight to be in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple today with Heidi and Kyle as they went through. (And it was so great that Brent was there with us)

Allan's two sisters and one of his nieces were there as well.

After the temple we went to Market Street Grill for lunch.

On our way down to Utah, we stopped in Idaho Falls and I took a picture of Kyle at that temple. (We didn't leave Winnipeg until Tuesday afternoon, so by Wednesday morning when we left Bismarck we knew we had to put the pedal to the metal in order to get to our destination by Wednesday night. We also decided to go by the Mission Office so we could see where it was--took this picture of Kyle.

Can I just say how thrilled I am to have this picture of these three--the house is so empty without them. I truly am blessed--so much for which to be grateful.

We will go to another temple tomorrow and then on Tuesday take Kyle again. Don't want to think about Wednesday--but at least everything is done on the list.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I want this to be a positive post--I guess the title doesn't sound positive, does it???

I had been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to get things done for the Open House. And then I have the "LIST" of things that have to be done before we leave. Still a few more things to get done, but everything is almost checked off.

Kyle's "farewell" was last night. I love to bake, but I'm not big on freezing cookies so I felt I did a lot of things at the last minute. (BTW, I ended up frosting the Idaho cookies white, brown, or green--depending on the seasons ; ) I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough food, but there was plenty and then some. Kyle was so happy that so many people stopped by to wish him well.

A few shots of some of those who came by. I wish I had just put all the food out and had about 3 punch bowls going then I could have gotten more pictures ; )

Brother P was at the YSA Ward in the morning--he was leaving town before the farewell, so he and Sister P stopped by before the airport. (Sister P was not feeling well, and I knew she would not wanted me to take a picture, so I was glad I had taken this pic at Church that morning.) She baked a ton of tarts for the farewell. She's such a great friend.

Shandi and Jason stopped by before the farewell. Jason is a classical guitarist and Kyle loves hearing him play. Shandi has known Kyle since he was a little boy. We appreciated them taking the time to come by.

Mrs. R. was Kyle's piano teacher from Grade 2 to Grade 8. He was so glad to see her.

Darren was Kyle's Young Men's President. I know Kyle admires him so much. He just graduated from Medical School.

Bishop W is Bishop of the YSA Ward here. Sister W was our Stake YW President for years. She is one of my good friends and has always been so good to Kyle.

Kyle has always loved Brother A--he just thinks he is so cool, but his "coolness" went off the chart when he spoke in our Ward about his "smokin hot wife". Seriously, he has a way of connecting with the youth and certainly connected with Kyle.

We were so happy that our neighbor's the F's stopped by. Kyle and these boys have had such a great time together. Matthew loves to skateboard and he and Kyle have spent many hours skateboarding in front of the house. Joe and Anna have welcomed Kyle into their home and Kyle always loved being there.

Kyle did a great job on his talk on Mother's Day. (Poor guy was so sore after the race) I wanted to share a little something from what he said in his talk. He began by talking about the call--a few weeks before it came he was having lunch with one of the guys from another hall who had just gotten his call to Boston. The young man was commenting on how he was looking forward to eating fresh fish while on his mission. And then he said, "I feel so bad--one of the guys in my hall just got called to BOISE IDAHO." Kyle said, "That wouldn't be too bad." The guy said, "Oh, I would never want to go to Idaho or Utah." So Kyle started praying to know that wherever he was called was where he was supposed to go and that the call would be inspired. Then the day he was driving to his aunts to open the call he was very nervous and was at a stop light and looked at the plates of the car in front of him--IDAHO, and the cars on each side were "Utah". He said, "I knew I was going to Idaho." When he started reading the call, he glanced down and saw Idaho and he started thinking the family is just going to sigh when I say Idaho, but we all cheered. He was so glad. He said, "Sure it would be great to go some place like Hawaii, but I know it's not a vacation--it's about the people."

(That was one of those moments where Mom says to herself with so much gratitude (and a little pride)--"He understands."

Kyle and I both spokein the Young Single Adult Ward yesterday My topic "How did I help Kyle prepare for his mission"--I have been filled with so many thoughts. Goodness, I love that young man and I have loved being his mother. Allan was there, too, and he said a few words after I spoke.

One of the things I mentioned in my talk about helping Kyle prepare for his mission: "The smartest thing I did to help Kyle prepare for his mission was almost 28 years ago I married my husband in the Oakland temple. It is so important to marry the right person in the right place at the right time."

This is going to be a GREAT week. We will be making memories that will be forever etched in my heart. We are so looking forward to the end of the week when Allan and I will have Brent, Kyle and Heidi all in the temple together.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Race

WE DID IT. I would like to say I ran at a great speed, but it didn't happen ; ( I keep telling myself the important thing is I FINISHED. (And it is the important thing) I am happy to report that I didn't come in last.

Now, as for Kyle--HE DID GREAT. I'm so glad he ran with me. I know he is pretty sore. (Not only are his legs sore, but his face is still a little sore from the wisdom teeth extraction) It's a little different when you have been training and running, but when you haven't ran, your body just isn't ready for it. He did it in a great time. (I was very impressed)

A few pics:

We took a picture before we left the house.

You can see it was an absolutely beautiful day. We have had rain, rain, rain the last few days. In fact, when I went to run the hills on Tuesday night I got SOAKED. But this morning was gorgeous. I love our park--it is so pretty. The course was not bad (just wish it had been a little shorter, but then it wouldn't have been 10K, would it ; )

Allan came and took pictures. Poor guy thought he had an interview at 11:00, so he had to come in a suit--turns out the interview isn't until 1 p.m. He got us at the starting line. My instructor, Kristin, and Kristi who also helps were at the starting line. I was explaining to them about my t-shirt fiasco. (Doesn't Kyle look thrilled???)

Right before we started--adjusted iPods and watches, etc.

Kyle took off and ran ahead of me which was fine. I didn't expect him to run with me. I told him when I run the race next year and the following year I will have this great memory ; ) Here he is on his first loop.

I ran a pretty good time--I was quite happy. My goal is always to finish the race standing up, smiling, and NOT LAST. I did it.

Sidenote: Kyle is speaking in our Ward tomorrow. What a great Mother's Day gift, eh ; )

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Importance of Moms

I saw this idea today and really liked it--you are to write a six word phrase about why mom's matter. It was posted here. I decided to take the challenge. My phrase:

"Moms help us see things clearly"

How about you? What would you write?

Sidenote #1: Tomorrow's the big race. I went to pick up our packets yesterday and am still laughing. The shirt I got is a medium. I expected a t-shirt and it is more a fitted shirt and if I chose to wear it, you would see EVERYTHING.

Sidenote #2: I will be spending time today making chocolate suckers. The question is: How will I do it without doing a lot of sampling????

Sidenote #3: Ironman 2 tonight--I'm excited.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a Little Randomness

Maybe it's the gloomy weather, but I'm just feeling random:
  • I kept looking at the date today wondering what it was about it that was making me sad. Finally it hit me--47 years ago today my dad died. I was 12 and I remember coming home from school and my mom telling me he had died. (My dad was a plumber in San Francisco. There had been some kind of argument with my mom, and my dad had gone to work and had stayed for a few days. He got sick and ended up in the hospital. A few days later he died. When my mom told me I really didn't believe her. I don't know why--it's not that my mom ever lied to me. I can tell you for the next 10 years, everywhere I went I kept looking for my dad. (I guess because I didn't go to the funeral I just didn't think he was really dead)
  • I'm taking Kyle to the dentist tomorrow morning to have his wisdom teeth pulled. Allan and I were laughing with him the other night about taking him to his favorite restaurant where he always orders steak and lobster. I said I thought tomorrow night would be the PERFECT night to take him--we'd walk out of there with a much smaller bill.
  • Trying to decide if I'm going to be mean and post a picture of Kyle after he has his teeth pulled. (I still regret not taking that picture of Heidi when she fell down the stairs in her walker ; ) (Now the only reason I'd even tell you about that is because I WAS NOT HOME!!!! We all know if I had been home THAT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED ; )
  • Being married to Mr. Organization means that Kyle, Allan and I each have a list with everything that has to be done to get Kyle ready for his mission. I feel like we go over the list every couple of days. Now let me be very clear--I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL MY HUSBAND IS SO ORGANIZED!!!
  • Added to that list is my list of goodies to make/buy for Kyle's "farewell" in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited to get in the mail the Idaho-shaped cookie cutters I bought. I guess I will frost them in white or green or brown depending on the season.
  • Kyle has helped me figure out how to play some of the games on my Wii. I made an amazing golf shot--HE was impressed.
  • Went out today to look for a new dress and decided I REALLY AM CHEAP. Whenever I look at the price tag on a dress I'm always reminded of the father and son in a store many moons ago--the dad looks at a tie and says to his son, "I'm not paying that" to which the son replies, "Dad, you can't buy a tie for $5 anymore.
  • I ran 11.4 km on Saturday. Decided that my next class will be a half-marathon class. It may be a little too ambitious. I'll give it a try and see what happens.