Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Important to know: this picture was taken on Sunday and Kyle entered the MTC this afternoon. Because of the new drop-off policy, we knew we would not be able to take the time to take pictures, so we did the pics ahead of time. (I want to make that very clear--since the kids are all feeling they have been "living a lie" for 5 years. None of them (except Brent) seem to remember being told that Brent opened his mission call ahead of time with just Allan and me and then when he read it to the whole family on the conference call, we already knew ; ) And speaking of Brent going on his mission--wow, can you believe how little Kyle was when Brent went. It was cute because the other day Kyle said to his dad he never realized what a big deal it was when Brent went and how much preparation and stuff you have to do before you go. Now he understands. I know Brent will be a great support to him when he's out. He will give him great advice and Kyle will listen because Brent has been there.

Another picture we took on Sunday at the MTC. I know Heidi and Kyle will really miss each other. Brent had Sacrament Meeting when we were taking the pictures ; (

We have had a great week together. Kyle and I have played Rockband--it's been so fun. I think most of Monday he spent playing the drums.
He also challenged Tank to a game of ping pong. We went to see a movie together (How to Train Your Dragon--Heidi and Kyle hadn't seen it and Brent was working at the theater), had some great meals together at some of our favorite places--Cafe Rio, Kneaders, Zupas, In-N-Out, Market Street Grill and even had ice cream at Cold Stone. We were planning on hiking the Y, but our plans were ruined when it snowed. (Heidi, Brent, Allan and I will hike it tonight--maybe we'll wave at Elder Robison from up on top ; )

We have loved having the opportunity to visit a couple of temples

Kyle, Brent, and I visited Heidi's class yesterday afternoon. Kyle played the guitar and Heidi sang. The kids loved it. They were so cute.

Then Kyle played the piano for them. They really enjoyed it--it was cute to watch them get into it. He played a couple of songs that he has composed and they seemed to enjoy them. It was a lot of fun.

Then the teachers were playing kickball against the 6th Graders and Kyle went out to play with Heidi.

The last time we saw these kids was last August right after school began, so it was fun to see how much they have grown up. Heidi is a great teacher and does a wonderful job with her class.

Last night he was set apart. We were very lucky we could do it here in Utah so Brent and Heidi could be there for it. Needless to say, it was a great blessing. His dad always does a great job when he sets missionaries apart. His two aunts and his cousin, Jennifer, who he got to know better while the two of them were here at BYU this last year, were also there. We had to laugh because after he was set apart, he couldn't hug Jennifer--love the picture.

At least he could hug his sister.

This morning we went to the Draper Temple with Elder Robison and Brent.

We went to In-N-Out for lunch. Couldn't believe how many missionaries getting ready to go to the MTC were there--too funny.

And then it was time to go to the MTC. I think I was ready and I know Elder Robison was ready. I had explained to him that I would hold back the tears. My feeling is it's always hard enough on the kids when they have these separation moments and seeing me crying isn't going to make it any easier for them. But I failed--I had a few tears, especially when I hugged him goodbye. It was hard for Allan, too. I think Elder Robison was happy to go quickly because he was starting to tear up.

I am comforted knowing that my Idaho blogging buddies will be watching out for him. Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement. It's going to be a great two years.



ShEiLa said...

My how time flies....
I can't believe it.

Smart photos...
with the all before the drop off stuff. I think the new drop off policy is kinda sad.

Brave you for promising no tears.


Garden of Egan said...

Oh my word that came fast didn't it?????
I will certainly keep my eye open for him I promise!!!

So are you staying in Utah for the CBC? It would be great to be able to meet you.

Ahh, I love the picture of him going away from you with his little suitcase.

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting this! It's like we were there!

Chantel said...

Wow, how exciting for you. I have a picture of my two boys by that sign at the MTC. Now to get one when they are going on their missions.

Brent said...

I have an answer to your final question, just leave it all with me! (ha ha ha)

PJ said...

So happy for him and you all, although I'm sure I'd be a big cry baby!

Nancy Face said...

Wow, this sure brings back memories!

I loved all the pictures! So happy you did so many wonderful things together before he entered the MTC!

Heffalump said...

Ah! Now I want the next six years to go by slowly for me (that is when my oldest will go on his mission).
You are a great Mom, and I know your family will be blessed by Kyle's service as a missionary.

Neal said...

LOVED the pictures in Heidi's class...that was great

Jess said...

Congrats on Kyle into the MTC. It is so exciting. Heidi looks so great she must be an awesome teacher her kids always look so excited. That is so fun that you guys get to visit her class.

Sheri said...

What a great time you were all able to spend together! You have a neat family and I am sure Kyle will appreciate all of the love and support!

Connie said...

Such joyful misery to take a child to the MTC! The next 2 years will go by quickly, as I'm sure you know from experience.

You look beautiful in the picture! Next time you're in Utah, I hope you can carve a few minutes out so we can get together!

Good luck getting everything back home!

Doran & Jody said...

Woo Hoo! What a great trip and wonderful memories this will be.

Good luck to the missionaries! We pray for them every day.

brown paper packages said...

That made me tear up. You guys had such wonderful family time before he left--it sounds perfect!

Good luck, Elder!

Millie said...

So, so great. I love all your pics and all the fun things your family did together before Kyle left.

You rock, Mama!!

Natalie said...

I loved all of your pictures. You look soooooo good.
The pictures of Heidi's classroom brought back fond memories to me as did all the missionary pictures.

Super Happy Girl said...

... "living a lie" , he he he.
ITA with Amanda. Only I almost felt like crying...but then I was happy :)

Klin said...

Glad you got to have great times in the days leading up to his departure. I don't like the new drop off policy, but it's not my decision ;).

Can't believe that it's already here.

Corrine said...

I can't imagine not shedding tears to say good bye to my kids...i can't send them to school with out tears sometimes...

did you think to maybe get a little storage unit for all his things? or sell the stuff :) my parents sold my car....though they did buy it for me...:)

aurora said...

Wow! That is really exciting! He will be a great missionary. xo

Heidi said...

I sure miss him:( He will be awesome and I am sure proud of him! I am grateful for all the good memories we have, especially receiving our endowments together:)

Valerie said...

What a great week you had together, building some wonderful memories! I'm sure the kids in Heidi's class loved having you there! And what a sweet experience it must have been to go to so many different temples together before he left.
I promise to watch for him!

Jenny said...

I just can't stand it.
What a wonderful mom you are.
I don't think I can handle getting all the way out to Utah with him, and saying good-bye at the curb.
My mother heart is so tender!
Loved this post.