Monday, May 17, 2010


I want this to be a positive post--I guess the title doesn't sound positive, does it???

I had been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to get things done for the Open House. And then I have the "LIST" of things that have to be done before we leave. Still a few more things to get done, but everything is almost checked off.

Kyle's "farewell" was last night. I love to bake, but I'm not big on freezing cookies so I felt I did a lot of things at the last minute. (BTW, I ended up frosting the Idaho cookies white, brown, or green--depending on the seasons ; ) I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough food, but there was plenty and then some. Kyle was so happy that so many people stopped by to wish him well.

A few shots of some of those who came by. I wish I had just put all the food out and had about 3 punch bowls going then I could have gotten more pictures ; )

Brother P was at the YSA Ward in the morning--he was leaving town before the farewell, so he and Sister P stopped by before the airport. (Sister P was not feeling well, and I knew she would not wanted me to take a picture, so I was glad I had taken this pic at Church that morning.) She baked a ton of tarts for the farewell. She's such a great friend.

Shandi and Jason stopped by before the farewell. Jason is a classical guitarist and Kyle loves hearing him play. Shandi has known Kyle since he was a little boy. We appreciated them taking the time to come by.

Mrs. R. was Kyle's piano teacher from Grade 2 to Grade 8. He was so glad to see her.

Darren was Kyle's Young Men's President. I know Kyle admires him so much. He just graduated from Medical School.

Bishop W is Bishop of the YSA Ward here. Sister W was our Stake YW President for years. She is one of my good friends and has always been so good to Kyle.

Kyle has always loved Brother A--he just thinks he is so cool, but his "coolness" went off the chart when he spoke in our Ward about his "smokin hot wife". Seriously, he has a way of connecting with the youth and certainly connected with Kyle.

We were so happy that our neighbor's the F's stopped by. Kyle and these boys have had such a great time together. Matthew loves to skateboard and he and Kyle have spent many hours skateboarding in front of the house. Joe and Anna have welcomed Kyle into their home and Kyle always loved being there.

Kyle did a great job on his talk on Mother's Day. (Poor guy was so sore after the race) I wanted to share a little something from what he said in his talk. He began by talking about the call--a few weeks before it came he was having lunch with one of the guys from another hall who had just gotten his call to Boston. The young man was commenting on how he was looking forward to eating fresh fish while on his mission. And then he said, "I feel so bad--one of the guys in my hall just got called to BOISE IDAHO." Kyle said, "That wouldn't be too bad." The guy said, "Oh, I would never want to go to Idaho or Utah." So Kyle started praying to know that wherever he was called was where he was supposed to go and that the call would be inspired. Then the day he was driving to his aunts to open the call he was very nervous and was at a stop light and looked at the plates of the car in front of him--IDAHO, and the cars on each side were "Utah". He said, "I knew I was going to Idaho." When he started reading the call, he glanced down and saw Idaho and he started thinking the family is just going to sigh when I say Idaho, but we all cheered. He was so glad. He said, "Sure it would be great to go some place like Hawaii, but I know it's not a vacation--it's about the people."

(That was one of those moments where Mom says to herself with so much gratitude (and a little pride)--"He understands."

Kyle and I both spokein the Young Single Adult Ward yesterday My topic "How did I help Kyle prepare for his mission"--I have been filled with so many thoughts. Goodness, I love that young man and I have loved being his mother. Allan was there, too, and he said a few words after I spoke.

One of the things I mentioned in my talk about helping Kyle prepare for his mission: "The smartest thing I did to help Kyle prepare for his mission was almost 28 years ago I married my husband in the Oakland temple. It is so important to marry the right person in the right place at the right time."

This is going to be a GREAT week. We will be making memories that will be forever etched in my heart. We are so looking forward to the end of the week when Allan and I will have Brent, Kyle and Heidi all in the temple together.


Kaitlyn said...

seriously brought tears to my eyes.
i just love you guys!
Kyle is going to do great!!

Neal said...

Nicely done. Have you ever underestimated the amount of food required. Ever? ; )

Nancy Face said...

I loved reading this, and I love the picture of the three of you together! :)

carolyne b said...

Glad to hear yesterday was such a great day. I hope you didn't work to hard, to not be able to enjoy the evening with Kyle and his friends. I heard that the "P's" have moved to Ottawa? Seriously, if that is the case I'll really miss them, "D" is a great guy. Helped me get my house in order.

Heffalump said...

Wow, the time is ticking down!
I am so glad Kyle is at peace with his call. I know that some missionaries get hung up on that, so it is wonderful to know that he will be able to focus on loving the people and doing the work!

Garden of Egan said...

Well Yvonne Kyle is in for a treat in Idaho! He's going to love it here. The people are awesome and there is always something to do. The missionaries are teaching a family just down the street from us. My hubs goes over when they do because the family feels comfortable with my hubby.

I love the Idaho cookies! Sorta prejudice that way.

That looks like a picture of the Rexburg Temple. Is it?
When does he go in to the MTC?
It's gonna be great. I'm going to keep my eyes out for him.

It sounds like he's very prepared. Sounds like he had a great mom and dad.

Super Happy Girl said...

What Heffalump said.
This is an awesome post, so happy! :)

mindyluwho said...

One more year and I'll be going through the same things. I love that you get to be in the temple with your family, that is going to be so wonderful!

Tori said...

My sil lives in Idaho. Nothin' is wrong with Idaho- they need the gospel too just as much as anywhere else. :)

Loved this post. Love you.

JustRandi said...

Idaho cookies are much more interesting than Colorado cookies would be.

I'm just sayin'.

I'm so happy for you and your family. This is truly a mom's dream come true!!
AND I love your comment about being married in the temple. I couldn't agree more.

Heidi said...

I am sad I missed the farewell, but so glad so many people supported Kyle:) He is going to be great!!! I am soooooo excited to see you guys and ESPECIALLY to be in the temple together:) That is going to be amazing!!!!!

Connie said...

Loved the story of getting his call. Isn't it nice to know these calls are inspired? Glad the farewell went well. You have an awesome family because you're such a wonderful mother!

Take care, don't go too crazy!

Sheri said...

That was a really touching post! Kyle is going to be a great missionary and it is so good that he 'get's it' You are an awesome mom! Love the cookies that was very brave of you to take on!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

What an exciting time for your family. Congratulations.

Valerie said...

I loved the "Mommy Moment" you got. You've been a great mom and Kyle is a reflection of your and Allan's strength and testimonies.
Lately I've see the local missionaries a LOT!! They are a couple of super nice guys and it seems that they are very happy to be here! I know Kyle will be the same way.
(Love the temple picture, BTW!!!)