Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Update

  • The afternoon after we took Elder R into the MTC, Heidi, Brent, Allan and I hiked the Y. It was much better than last year because last year we did it right after eating dinner--this time we hiked and THEN went to dinner. When we got up to the top, I had the three of them pose for a picture of them trying to spot Elder R at the MTC.
  • Life is good--the house is quiet, and I miss Elder R, but as a good friend mentioned, knowing he is where he should be, doing what he should be doing, makes it all worthwhile and I couldn't agree more.
  • We made it home safe and sound. As we were traveling, I kept commenting to Allan that the road felt more bumpy than I remember. I think it was called too much weight in the car. I guess we should have listened to Brent and left some of Elder Rob's stuff for him ; ) I continued to work on the blanket and am making progress.
  • The night we got home Allan released a young man who just returned from his mission. He served in the Provo Mission. It was so great. (In fact, it was cute because when we were on the BYU campus about a year ago we ran into him ; )
  • We had Stake Conference on Sunday which was a broadcast for all of Canada and President Uchtdorf presided. It was wonderful. This morning when I read the blog of some friends from Toronto who are serving their mission in Samoa, it was so fun to have them write about watching the Conference.
  • Received our first e-mail on Monday from our little Elder. I feel really bad because Allan and I sent our e-mails to the wrong address and when he logged on to send us our e-mail there was nothing from us ; ( Fortunately we stopped in Fargo on our way home and bought a card and put it in the mail, so hopefully that will get to him tomorrow. I sent the e-mails to Brent and had him print them out and put them in the mail, so Elder R should receive them this week. He sounded GREAT. He said the first night was tough--not a surprise. He is settling in and is loving his district and his companion. Now I just need to get some pictures. He has assured me that he is taking lots of pictures. I'm curious if he has had to get a haircut--just wondering if maybe it's THIS short ; )
  • This will sound VERY SILLY, but I signed up for my half-marathon class--and I signed up for the on-line clinic. I know that with the baby coming in July and going to California for a couple of visits that I would miss too many classes, so we'll see how I do trying to keep up on-line. I am motivated to do the training, so that will not be a problem.
  • I've been spending a lot of time doing family research. It has been so rewarding--I have learned a lot of stuff and have been feeling very nostalgic about my folks. As I was doing research I learned that my family had a piece of property in Northern California that had a little hotel on it. It was sold many, many years ago. I found the property on a website and am very excited about one day going to visit. One of the things that was funny about it, is as a child (when my parents were alive) I remember going on one family vacation to Guerneville. I always wondered why--now I know. I don't remember my mom talking about it being near her families property, but then again I was a little girl and maybe just don't remember.
  • The challenge I have been involved in since April is coming to an end. I had a tough time keeping up with it while I was gone to Utah. I don't think I got my "one treat a day point" any of the days I was there, but finally got the point yesterday.
Sidenote #1: Just a little comment about the former VP who announced a couple of days ago that he and his wife of 40 years are separating, I heard someone on a news show mention that the moral of the story is that after so many years of marriage people grow apart. Seriously, I do not think that is the moral of the story.

Sidenote #2:I realize I didn't write anything about the Season finales of 24 or Lost and now that most people have seen them and I don't have to worry about ruining anything for anyone--I loved the way they ended 24. Pres. Taylor finally tried to make amends--a little late though. Pres. Logan got just what he deserved. I still love Jack--can't wait for the movie, but more than likely it will be R ; (

As far as Lost--I LOVED IT. I don't care what others have said. For me it was very touching and spiritual. Lots to think about.


brown paper packages said...

I didn't know they were making a 24 movie!!! You're right, though--probably won't be able to watch it.

I'm *maybe* going to train for a half marathon in the fall. It scares me half to death.

txmommy said...

i don't think that's the moral of the story either. Sad sad sad.

Wow, i can't believe you are doing a marathon 1/2! You are awesome!

Sheri said...

Good luck on the training! I have been wondering how you were doing with your son gone - my nephew leaves next week! It is goo they are where they should be - so many aren't.
I am not sure what I think about lost - it just isn't what I was expecting - but it was interesting! I hope to get into family history in the near future - I realize right now is not the time for me to dive in - but it fascinates me!
I wish you lived by me so you could run with me tagging behind - I need some inspiration!!

ShEiLa said...

I am glad that you are back home safe... I don't know how you are going to get it all done (the half marathon & online clinic) you keep pretty busy. I am starting to believe you are magic so you will probably succeed.

I also don't agree that the more time you are together... that farther you grow apart. Nope, I really don't believe that speculation. I was very sad about this announcement hitting the news. I saw their relationship as true love. Hmmmm... now I am just dumbfounded.

I layed down this afternoon to stop an oncoming headache and I was thinking about you. Thanks for being you Yvonne.


Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad you've caught us all up on the many great things you've been doing!

I'm also glad that you're adjusting to having your elder gone. I did pretty well after Ty left, but I fell apart and sobbed a few days later when I emptied out his laundry hamper for the last time, haha! :D

I also loved the Lost Series Finale!

Heffalump said...

I loved Lost too. I have a sister that has hated this last season and hasn't even finished watching it yet, but this season was one of my favorites (probably partly because it was less smutty).

Great to hear an update on your Elder. I am sure he is going to do great!

Garden of Egan said...

What a fun trip you have had. Such awesome memories! Your Elder is probably very busy right now.

I am going to keep spying for him! So excited.

Way to be the exercise queen.
I need to find some motivation mojo.

Didn't watch any of the shows. Things at work are so crazy and loud that home HAS to be calm and quiet.

Neal said...

Macy finally got to watch the 24 finale before I left on this trip ; )

I'll bet your Stake Conf. was awesome...

Doran & Jody said...

Yvonne! I am so excited for you to start your class! I haven't set me up a training schedule yet. I am a better copy catter.

Send me all your notes! I would love to do this with you. I got on the website that Bonnie sent me but I am not willing to sign up on-line and pay (call me cheap) for something that I really don't know much about. If I WENT to a class or had someone to do this with I would be more successful.

And some day my daughter wants to me come down and hike the Y and I would like to hike Timp too.

Good luck to Elder! We have never nor will we ever send one out. sniff

Valerie said...

Glad you made it home safely. Especially glad that you got your first email from your elder!
Can you believe I still haven't caught up on this season for both of those shows? I don't know if I will ever get to 24, but I'm determined to get through LOST.
Good luck with your 1/2 marathon! That is a wonderful goal!!

JustRandi said...

Ooooh! Thanks for not writing about 24. I am still stuck in the middle of the season because I missed a recording. :)

Sounds like you're doing great and keeping busy!

Heidi said...

Yea for family history!!!:) Thanks for helping me get started mom! I wish I was as good at it as you! You are amazing wanting to do a half marathon--I would offer to do it with you, but I don't think I would have the endurance;p

Natalie said...

You always amaze me, hiking to the Y, signing up for 1/2 marathon, WOW!
I'm glad you got safely home.
Your little elder will do great. I just know it.
Hey, we have something else in common. I spent every summer from the time I was about 7 til I graduated from High School going to to either Guerneville or Healdsburg with my family. We loved it and had a ball.
I also don't believe in the moral of the story. That is just wrong.
Hugs to you

Klin said...

I love catching up with you. You are amazing. Thanks Yvonne for being a great example to me.