Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smiling from Ear to Ear

This trip has been filled with so many wonderful things:
  • Obviously the highlight of it all was the arrival of Georgia Capri and being able to spend all this time with my son and his family. Hard to believe she'll be one week old tomorrow.

  • Surprising my sisters and attending my niece's graduation party. It was great spending time with all of them.
  • Going with my sister, Linda, to meet our Uncle Jerry, and going to our beach
  • Meeting my cousins--a few days ago one of my Uncle Jerry's daughters called to ask if I could meet them for lunch so they could give me the book that my Uncle Jerry told me about.
We had lunch in Vacaville and I was so very happy to get the book. I could not believe the photos that were in the book. I have never seen a picture of my mom when she was a little girl.

I was also so excited to see this picture of my great grandparents at the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Don't you just love it.

There were pictures of old family homes--and lots of history. Not so many names, but lots an lots of stories. I would love to figure out how many of my relatives were administrators or worked at the different missions in California.

I'm so glad that I have been here so long and have had the opportunity to connect with members of my mom's family. I am sure many of you spend time with family whenever you have the chance--keep doing it. Family is so important. I'm going to tell you all a little secret--about 20 years ago my mom's family had a reunion and part of my family attended. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I didn't take a single picture and didn't really visit with anyone. (I think something must have been wrong with me--4 of the family were still alive and I didn't even talk to them ; ( I'm so glad I've been able to connect with these guys.

And--next week I'm going to see the Giants play--I haven't been to a Giants' game in years. In fact, the last time I was there they were playing at Candlestick Park, so I'm excited about going to I can't wait to see my little granddaughter in her Giants outfit.

Sidenote: I'm going home next Friday. It will be great to see my husband again--it feels like it has been A REALLY LONG TIME.


Natalie said...

I love the anniversary picture. It is awesome.

Yes, family is soooooooo important and I'm glad you are getting to spend so much time with yours.

Little Miss Georgia is just adorable. Babies are just great!


txmommy said...

she is beautiful! and I love her name.

What a fun old photograph :)

Doran & Jody said...

Love that you are making MORE memories!

How fun for you to be to new adventures and catch up on some others.

I LOVE that book!

Klin said...

This post just fills me with happiness. I love the stories about my ancestors contained in my Jolley Book. It is amazing to read that I am a lot like them in many ways that I didn't even know about before hand.

Your little granddaughter is so adorable. Fresh from Heaven and precious.

Heidi said...

Obviously seeing me was not a highlight;p
Glad you have had such a good visit mom and how special to connect with your mom's family and get those awesome photos!!!

Yvonne said...

Right, Heidi--You know how much I loved being with you and spending time with you. I wished it was LONGER.

Heffalump said...

What an awesome treasure!
I bet you can hardly wait to see your husband. It HAS been a long time!

Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you have had such a great time!
That little doll is so beautiful!

Glad you are enjoying your time with family and those old pictures are beautiful.

Sheri said...

Love her name and she is definitely worth the wait! I love the family photos and that you now have new fun things to learn about your family! What a great trip! I am sure Allan will be just as glad to have you home! Enjoy your remaining time with your cute family!!

Valerie said...

I am so glad you have had such a wonderful visit! Maybe it's a good thing that Little Georgia was late so you could catch up with so many members of your extended family!!

Cherie said...

What a darling little girl!! She is just beautiful and I love her cute flower headband!

You have had such a wonderful trip - you will take home such great memories.

I and in love with the old picture - Look at the room, the hairstyles, it is all so amazing!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and GO GIANTS!!!! (We are long time Giants fans!! Woot!!)

Connie said...

The trip of a lifetime! Looks like you're having a great time catching up with family and being a grandma! Beautiful baby! No wonder you're smiling from ear to ear!

aubrey said...

i love, love, love that anniversary picture. what an amazing photo to have.

and i love the name georgia. so sweet..she is darling! congratulations!

Nancy Face said...

What a wonderful treasure that book is! :)

ShEiLa said...

Nothing better than FAMILY!