Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for the baby. The hardest part about thinking a baby is going to come early is the waiting when she doesn't. She actually was due on July 8th, but I have been here at Stephen and Daphne's since June 29th. I'm hoping she has the baby sometime this weekend--if not before.

For several months I had been saving for a Digital SLR camera. Before I left for California, I made the big purchase. So for the last 3 weeks I have been having a great time taking lots of pictures. (I really wish I had purchased it a week before I left so I could have had my one-on-one lesson at the store where I bought the camera.

I have been fiddling with all the settings. (I wish I had the eye and the talent that my DIL, Macy, has--she has given me some advice--but advice only goes so far ; ) One day hopefully I'll be able to spend some time with her and have her walk me through some lessons. My friend, Gina, sent me a book that she bought--I really need to take more time reading and practicing.

Yesterday, the little ones and I went to the park and I spent some time practicing on these cute little models. I have to work on the lighting--I think that's my biggest problem.

Miss Hannah was very cooperative.

Unfortunately, my little Drew was not so cooperative.

Today he decided he wanted me to take pictures when he created a little house for his little Webkins. I have never understood the whole Webkin thing, but today Hannah and Drew were teaching me all about it on my laptop ; ) Here he is with some of them.

I realize I didn't write about how great it was to have Heidi here--even if it was only for a few days. We went out running together--well, kind of--she left me in the dust. On Friday night after we all went out for suishi, Heidi and I went to see Eclipse. It was actually pretty good.

SIDENOTE #1: I'm REALLY, REALLY missing my husband. I was supposed to be heading home on Friday, but no baby yet, so don't know when I'll be going home. Thank goodness we get to talk every day. (I left him with a card for every day, so he didn't miss me too much ; ) However, the cards stop tomorrow and I changed my ticket today, and I feel bad that he doesn't have any cards.

SIDENOTE #2: I'm having a tough time getting up in the morning and to beat the heat I have to run early in the morning. The other day Daphne, Drew, B and I went to the pool and I didn't get enough sunscreen on my right shoulder. OUCH. I really would love to go to the waterslides, but could do it only if I could wear a shirt over my suit--the last thing I need is more sun.


Nancy Face said...

I think your pictures turned out wonderful! :)

Hope the baby comes VERY soon!

txmommy said...

still waiting? that's a long time. I hope that little one comes soon!

Cherie said...

Wow! I am surprised the baby hasn't come yet. Taking it's own sweet time - showing part of it's personality already :-D
I can imagine that you are really missing your hubby but you are getting one fun vacation!! I love that you prepared and left him cards each day - I think it's romantic!!

Your pictures are wonderful! Love the fancy cameras but it IS so hard to figure out all the fancy schmancy things they can do! Have fun practicing!!

Hope that sweet baby arrives soon!

ShEiLa said...

Since Heidi was next to the last of your post... she is first on my mind. Heidi you are gorgeous! YOUR eyes just pop.

When the title said... Still Waiting I thought NO WAY. But I guess there is a way.

I love your models and your photo shoot and the fact that you are lucky and have a new camera.

Sorry that you are suffering from the heat and the effects of the sun with not enough sunscreen.

I can sympathize with you and your missing your sweetheart.


Klin said...

I like your pictures. I need pointers on taking pictures, too. But first I need to get a better camera.

I sure hope your grandchild decides to come soon. Waiting is no fun for expectant mommies at this stage. I'm sure she will be worth all the wait.

glittersmama said...

Come on baby!

Heidi said...

Hang in there mom;) You are so awesome to help out and I can only imagine how much you miss dad! Thanks for saying you were happy I came and could spend time with me! I see Drew got his platypus;) I love ya tons mom!!!

Heidi said...

Wow--thank you Sheila for your sweet comment! I always think I look weird;)

Heffalump said...

I hope the baby makes an appearance soon!

brown paper packages said...

Still no baby? That poor girl.

LOVE your new camera, and the pictures! I'm trying to save for one, too...

Suzanne said...

That's miserable to be so overdue! Especially in the summer. Hopefully you'll see that new little baby soon! And I love your pics!

aubrey said...

you left him a card for every day? awww..i love that. you are the best wife!

those pictures you took of the kids in the park look the new camera!

hopefully baby comes soooooon. :)

Sheri said...

I want that camera too!! Hope that baby decides to get her soon!! Like today!!

Valerie said...

What?!? Still no baby? I was sure that she'd be here by the time I got home from camp. How's Daphne?

CONGRATS on the new camera! My next door neighbor has a Cannon SLR and she adores it! I know you will love yours too... and you have a GREAT eye. Your pics are wonderful!

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures with your new camera!
Babies like to take thieer sweet time to get here! I hope labor and delivery has happened by now!

It will be good for you to be able to get back home!

Good on ya for running!